Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 3

Opening Act

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Opening Act
The drummer of the Subdigitals, Chris, has come to Kadic looking for new talent, and everyone wants a chance to be famous. However, trouble arises when X.A.N.A. creates a clone of the drummer in order to capture Aelita.

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  • great but not perfect

    I think that this episode is really in my opinion the best episode made for the 4th season of Code: Lyoko so far. Even though it is the best so far, I think an even better episode will rise. It was pretty cool because a lot of things we're revealed in this episode. New clothes, new ways to get around, and new weapons and I gotta tell ya. Aelita and Yumi's new outfits make them look HOT! This is pretty much what I have thought of the 2nd episode of the 4th season. I'm also looking forward to the next 28 and like I said in my 1st Code Lyoko review: I can not wait for the finale.moreless
  • In this episode a drummer........!

    In this episode a drummer comes to Kadic to find a kid that can play well!

    The drummer turns out to be Jim's cousin!

    (Nobody saw that coming)

    So Odd tries to take a shot at it and dosen't do so well!

    Aliata decides to give it a shot and shes was excatly what the drummer waz looking for!

    Meanwhile, Xana makes a clone of the new drummer and sends the clone to go and get Alita!

    The clone returns to the factory with Alita knocked out in his arms!

    He sends Alita where the new possesed William is waiting for her!

    And again Xana tries to dump Alita in to the virtual sea!

    But his attempt fails when the gang comes to save the day!

    I thought this episode was just another GREAT episode to add to the collection!moreless
  • jim's cousin is in a rack band but he rather not talk about it.

    adudtions are bring held in the school for a new opening act. jim cousin is doing it and not finding a thing. aelita comes to late but puts her cd on anyways. he heards it and comes running but missing her. xana makes another clone (i swear if there's a clone in the next esipode i'm going to pull my hair out. i have a lot of it so i rather not do that) grabing aelita he takes her to lyoko. yumi goes after her and get there first to help/ william-xana sends the crabs after aelita. yumi is the first to ever cause damage to william. aeilta goes tot he tower and the clone is destoryed. a return to the past and odd gives him aelita cd. and he come to get her to listen to it in person. jremie is not annoyed anymore.moreless
  • A drummer from a band comes in and he is looking for new talent. He gets Aelita's CD and likes what she has.

    This was intesting like all. I wonder what wreck room will be like. I liked how Aelita was able to get her CD in and it was great. I totally think it was great and I wonder if she has to do anything else for it. well, how much do you guys like code lyoko? I think they should keep making more. the game that is coming out on DS is worth trying and I will buy it. No matter how, I will get it. I love code lyoko. I want to add some quotes and such but i have to wait. bye. thanks for reading my post.moreless
  • omg

    o my god people did you see the way they made the fight seanse i mean we never had the fights move so fluntly and Yumi hardly ever went phisical on her oponnents and over here she combins her gymnastics with an attack and gets Williom in the back (wow that rimed, sweet) and i got to say the new outfits are WICKED but it's too bad only two of them got new abilaties and weapons but to sum it all up great episode.

    p.s. did you guys know Jim was an ex-special forces? we should ask him how was it but he'll probbly say "i'd rather not talk about it" lolmoreless
Allan Wenger

Allan Wenger

Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas (The Principal/Sissi's father)

Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern, Tamiya Diop, Kiwi

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

Jodi Forrest

Jodi Forrest

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas

Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Yumi doesn't know who the Subdigitals (formerly the Subsonics) are, despite the fact that she previously referenced the band and their music in the episode, "New Order."

    • Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are shown wearing their new Season 4 outfits in the scanners although they don't actually appear until the episode, "Maiden Voyage".

    • When Jeremie sends Yumi to Lyoko, he says scanner before transfer.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jim: Counting on you all not to tell anybody, especially you, Della Robbia. I don't want this getting around.
      Odd: (rest his right fist on his heart) I promise not to tell a living soul, Jim.
      (Scene shifts to screaming girls chasing Jim)
      Jim: Hey, you've all got the wrong guy! I don't know any Chris. I never heard of the guy. You hear? Go away, away, I say!

    • Jeremie: How are you guys doing? We've got our hands full here, and if this keeps up, the Subdigitals are gonna need a new drummer.

    • Jim: (referring to Aelita) Take us to her immediately unless you'd rather settle this in the Principal's office.
      Ulrich: Uh... okay, then. Come with us, but let me warn you about two things. Try to avoid asking any questions and get ready for a work out.

    • Jim: Belpois, I want an explanation right now. What is going on? And what in the world is all the equipment for?
      Jeremie: I would, but I'm getting tired of explaining it to you, Jim, 'cause in 10 seconds you won't remember any of it anyway.

    • Jim: Well now, kid, have you found a future star?
      Chris: I'd rather not talk about it, Uncle Jim.

    • Yumi: (to Milly and Tamiya) You look like you're in shock. Did Sissi say something intelligent for once?

    • (After William devirtualizes Yumi with his sword)
      Ulrich: If you're trying to get a date with Yumi, I'm not so sure that's the right way.

    • Yumi: You may be possessed by X.A.N.A, but you're still a rookie on Lyoko, William.

  • NOTES (6)