Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Jul 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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The group goes to explore one of X.A.N.A.'s Lyoko replicas. At the same time, Odd and Aelita get into a fight over Odd's selfishness, and in their bickering accidentally lead Hervé and Nicolas into the factory.

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  • The gang find a replika forest sector created by X.A.N.A.

    This episode has odd and aelita in a big fight. Odd stayed up playing a game all nightand had to skip gym class. Aelita made up an excuse, but jim found out. After all of them arrive in lyoko they continue to argue and herb and nicholas follow them to the factory. Taking the submarine out, they discover that their is a replika forest sector and William and some megatnks come to mess around. William easily breaks through aelita's barrier and nearly send odd into the digital sea, but aelita devirtualizes him luckily. After that, odd and aelita go to the elevator and kiss in front of herb and nicholas, and then in front of them at school argue.moreless
  • When Odd stays up all night playing video games, he tells Aelita to make up an excuse for him to miss gym, but the excuse fails and they both get into trouble - resulting in a huge argument. Meanwhile, Herb and Nicholas nearly find out about Lyoko.moreless

    This episode was pretty good. I never expected Odd and Aelita to be the ones to get into a fight though. They always seemed to get along so well. Odd was really mean to her though. He forced her to come up with an excuse for him to sleep instead of going to gym, but her excuse wasn’t good enough so they both got four hours of detention. It was funny how Ulrich and Yumi left them together to guard the Skid while they explored the replika. Aelita and Odd looked taken aback when they left them there. I laughed every time Nicholas asked a girl if they wanted a fantastic, breathtaking experience in the moonlight. I thought I was going to choke on my water when he asked Herb to go with him. Good thing he was talking about fishing and not making out, lol. It was funny how Herb was freaking out about everything in the factory. He was afraid to climb down the rope because he might get stuck and die and never get to tell Sissie he loved her. He was also afraid to get into the elevator because they might get stuck and get eaten by rats or the cable would break and they would fall and die. It was funny how Nicholas and Herb thought Odd and Aelita were using the factory for witchcraft or because they were industrial spies. The scenes on Lyoko were pretty cool. Aelita’s shield was awesome! Too bad William was able to destroy it in just a few seconds. Odd’s fight with William was cool too. Odd ran out of arrows, so he had to keep jumping to avoid William’s sword. He was doing a pretty good job, but William pushed him into the digital sea. Aelita saved him just in time though. The best part was when Ulrich and Yumi came back to help and Ulrich used his overbike to push the megatank over the edge and into the digital sea. I can’t believe Odd and Aelita made out in the elevator! I know it was only a diversion to keep Nicholas and Herve away, but it was still weird, especially since everyone is supposed to believe they’re cousins. Jeremy’s expression when he heard what they were going to do was funny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jeremy so angry before, lol. The ending was funny. Herb told Sissie Odd and Aelita were going out, but when she saw them fighting, she realized Herb must be lying, so she punched him.moreless
  • Aelita and Odd have a big fight. The group goes to explore the Replika and find it is a copy of the forest sector. Herb and Nickolas almost find the super computer but don't from quick thing from Jeremie, Odd, and Aelita.moreless

    This was an interesting episode. It was revealing, knowing what the Replika was. It was silly that Odd and Aelita were fighting over the exuse Aelita made for Odd so he could get more sleep, having spent the whole night playing a video game and Odd became to tired to do Gym. I wish that Yumi and Ulrich would have some romance and I hope William will be okay. I wonder if his father suspects anything? I also wonder if there are even more Replikas of Lyoko and where is the other supercomputer Jeremie talks about? I hope we can find out soon. I think the next episode will be very interesting. {The one called "I'd rather not talk about it."}moreless
  • herb ans nicklas find odd and aeilta are at the factory.

    in a nutshell . . . odd askes aelita to cover for him, the cover is blown, they get mad at each other, herb and nicklas sees them going to the factory, they follow, william escapes battle, aeilta and odd are no longer mad, they pretend to kiss to get herb and nicklas to go away, at school they verbal fight to stop rumors that they are together. personally, i could have skipped this episode. don't get me wrong, i glad i saw it but no replay value to me. i'm not a A/O shipper. i suprized that no one even mentioned the fact that they are cousins. (pretending to be but no one except the group.) i find that kinda weird.moreless
  • Totally out of character and missing the great fighting action that's become one of CL's best attributes.

    This is, in my humble opinion, the worst episode of season 4 so far. Very little actually happened in the episode other than discovering what the sphere was in "Skidbladnir".

    That combined with the fact that Nicholas and Herve got a lot of on-screen attention without Sissi fluttering around are the only reasons why I rated as I did.

    First of all, Aelita seemed out of character. Sure, she did have every right to get after Odd for trying to blame her for his laziness, she still didn't seem Aelita-ish. She basically stood up Nicholas in order to get at Odd.

    The episode itself left a huge plot-hole that is really going to need some explaining in later episodes. In order to keep Nicholas and Herve from discovering the lab, Aelita and Odd plant a fake kiss in the elevator right in front of them. Sounds foolproof except for one minor detail...Odd and Aelita are posing as cousins!

    The fighting action was, well non-exsistant other than Aelita blasting a megatank with her energy field and Ulrich letting the Overbike plow into the other. XANA-William had a very, very brief appearance; basically staying around long enough to break down Aelita's defenses of the Skid. That and the fact that we didn't even get to see a glimpse of Yumi piloting the Skid was disappointing.

    Overall, I just am going to pretend this episode didn't exist. This is by far the worst episode of Season 4 and of Code Lyoko in general. I'll relish the fact that the upcoming episodes will be much better (at least that's my hope).moreless
Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Moralés, Hervé Pichon, William Dunbar

Jodi Forrest

Jodi Forrest

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas, Yolande Perraudin

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