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  • Code Lyoko is still loved by its fans, forever.

    Let me just say that I was more a Disney fan growing up. From Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible and That's so Raven, the majority of the TV shows I liked was on Disney rather than Nick or CN. However, as I enter my 20's, I end up saying that Code Lyoko reigns the top of my list as one of the best shows that I have ever seen.

    I just have memories of racing home to watch Miguizi at 5pm after school and being the most exited person on the planet to see a new episode. I was devastated when I heard that CL wouldn't continue... and not until years later I found the epilogue and all the missing episodes on Youtube. The nostalgia, the corny jokes, and the creative world of Lyoko just dragged me in for another journey.

    To this day, I re-watch all the episodes on YT. I even watched the subtitles of CL Evolution (a season 5 of CL that is only live While it was a sincere attempt to continue a franchise based off continued support from fans (even 5 years later) - I think the show deserves more.

    I would 1000% support Code Lyoko to be returned as a children's TV show that is strictly CGI. Either as a continum of the original or have another spin on it. Code Lyoko has so much potential to be great, it's so hard to see something go to waste.

  • Code Lyoko- An anime to enjoy with your 10-16 year old kids

    The show has a slow development, yet its very entertaining. If youre not into plain action then youre probably going to get bored of it within the first season. But if you stick around to understand the plot and develop your relations with the characters then this anime sort of steals your heart away. There is a very interesting backstory behind code lyoko, but it takes a while for the crew to figure it all out.

    You either hate this anime by season 1 or you stick with it until the end and love it so much!

    As a kid, it taught me that I dont need many friends to be happy, I only need a few good ones that I can trust.

    It taught me that everyone in a family is needed and is an important note; you cant be XANA if someone is missing or is feeling down.

    It taught me that I need to learn a skill unique to me (Odd cheers everyone up with his jokes, Ulrich is strong and independent, Yumi is mature and selfless, Jeremy is smart and dependable).

    I believe around the ages of 10-16 its an important time in a person's development since they are entering adulthood and need to behave like an exceptional person. This anime makes one look back and and encourages them to work on their own character to be useful in life. This anime is very suitable to adults too when sharing with younger cousins or your own children. (it might be time consuming though; almost 100 episodes with a slow-ish development. season 1 is especially slow).

    Despite being slow and mostly action-packed, one can analyze the character flaws of each person in the anime and learn how to improve ones own character. The anime is a good reminder, often bringing nostalgic feelings or fantasies of what its like living in a world where you are constantly attacked. Its so rare to find an anime like this, in fact I dont know another anime like this because they are all "out there" and unrelatable; This anime has taught me many things, including to be a good person and it has left a flower in my heart that keeps growing every time I remember this show; it is a special part of my memory, definitely one of the things I will see flash before my eyes before I die.
  • Code Lyoko Rocks!

    This show was nothing but the best, it was everything I wanted to see. I remember being at school looking at the clock every time to see when it was 3 so I can rush home before 4pm to see the show. I was 7 years old at that point. I use to want to be like them, live their life, be with them all the time. I even copied some of Ulrich fighting skills lol which actually paid off (using it to defend myself not cause hurt). Now I'm 18 almost 19 I'm still very much in love with the show and still watch it to, on YouTube that is. Four kids stumble upon a supercomputer in a factory which give them the life they had. I'm sorry but I wish I had that. Again an awesome show!!!!!
  • This is the best animated show from our Canadian neighbors :)

    With likable and relatable characters, a very well developed story arc and a fantastic use of both 2D and 3D animation, this show makes me want to visit Canada some time. For those who are new to Code Lyoko, here's the gist of the overall story: 4 kids discover a virtual world in an abandoned factory where they fight and evil virus dubbed Xana. With the help of there new friend, Aelita, they put a stop to Xana's plans on a daily basis. As the show progresses, you learn more about Aelita's past and how Xana came to be; you're also treated to some really good action scenes involving the kids and Xana's monsters. I highly recommend you you check this show out on netflix when you have the time; it'll definitely be worth it.
  • The theme song!!

    I remember watching this as a kid. I really liked it then, and it's sorta mediocre looking back, but that theme song is amazing. Still gets me
  • My favorite cartoon TV show!

    The first time I saw Code Lyoko was when I was 9 years old. We have a local TV channel for kids where I live and Bratz got replaced by Code Lyoko. At first, I was absolutely disgusted that something as "awesome" as Bratz could be replaced by something as "awful" and "for boys" as Code Lyoko. But, my friend made me watch an episode (the one where Ulrich and Yumi are in the steam room sorta thing) and I absolutely fell in love with the show. I watched it every day and would cry on the days that I missed it. They stopped airing it when I was 11. Now, 3 years later, I searched for the episodes on YouTube - and found all of them! I can't wait to get home from school to watch this amazing cartoon! I remember being so in love with Ulrich (I still am a bit) and Yumi and Ulrich used to be my OTP (still are a bit). Now, let's see why I like this show:

    Plot - The overall is so damn original and unique. It's fun to watch and can please everybody. The plots of individual episodes are also very intriguing. I guess the only reason I didn't give this show a 10 is because you can't watch 3+ episodes at the same time, because every episode is the same with a different plot. But this isn't a big deal to me. I still adore it and watch 3+ episodes despite that.

    Acting - Well, there's voice acting, which is pretty good. I just wish that Ulrich and Jeremie weren't voice by girls... on top of that, the same person that voiced Aelita voiced Jeremie, which I didn't like much. But, the voice actors are pretty good, apart from Yumi's at times, but I can pass over all of that and don't consider it a big problem.

    Characters - All of the characters are so different and so unique and I love all of them, even Sissi and her minions! The only character I can't really stand sometimes is Aelita - she was so annoying at times, just like her voice, walked inside the tower so slowly and was so whiny and helpless. But, there were still a lot of times that I absolutely enjoyed her. I don't consider this a problem either. The show wouldn't be the same without Aelita, no matter how annoying she can get.

    Romance - Ulrich and Yumi I love the two of them! I also love how Odd flies solo and is kind of a player and the gentle relationship between Jeremie and Aelita. I know that Ulrich and Yumi didn't officially end up together, but I like to think that they did, and they probably did, so.

    Drama - This show is perfect when it comes to drama. It isn't as dramatic as Mexican soap operas, but still sticks me to my screen, which is amazing.

    Humor - Considering the whole plot of this show, you'd be surprised to see humor, but it's there. It's funny, it's subtle and there isn't too much of it - most importantly, it's realistic.

    Overall - Best cartoon TV show ever! Sure, there were a couple of minor plot, voice acting and character issues, but I'm willing to get past all of them! I'm rewatching the whole series right now (including Garage Kids), I play online games all the time and I would also like to read the books/comics based on it. The new show, Code Lyoko: Evolution started up recently and I do plan on watching it. I'm not the biggest fan of live actors, especially because I don't like the ones playing Ulrich and Jeremie, but it's still Code Lyoko and I love it!
  • I miss this show

  • Creative, clever, and all around excelent.

    A group of school children stumble upon a supercomputer one day and discover a beautiful girl living inside. However there is also an evil entity within the supercomputer that influences things in the real world to take it over. So the children must fight off this evil entity while attempting to virtualize the girl while dealing with day to day life. You see its this level of creativity that a lot of new cartoons are missing. A lot of new cartoons have shallow plots with no real creativity or effort put in. But in this show you can tell that the writers are using their brains. A lot of new cartoons also have bland, one dimensional characters. But this show has well developed characters. You have your tech savvy nerdy kid (Jeremy), Your "keep to himself" kind of guy (Ulrich), You have your voice of reason (Yumi), Your laid back fun guy (odd) your sweet, innocent girl (Aeileta) Your stuck up diva girl (Sissy) and your watchdog "big brother" type character (Jim). These are all characters I can understand and appreciate because they all have well defined personalities and aren't just plot objects. This show, like teen titans does a good job at balancing action and comedy. You get just the right amount of both. While a lot of new cartoons rely on low brow jokes such as farting, pooping, or sex, this show has a more intelligent and creative type of humor. Overall I think its an excellent show. It amasses me with its shear level of creativity and I can really tell that this is a show that the writers put a lot of effort into instead of just throwing together garbage for small, ignorant children and making a quick buck.
  • A decent show, yet it has many flaws

    The show is about four kids who find another kid trapped in the supercomputer in an abandoned factory, they have to keep it a secret, but in doing so they must find a way to slip out of their classes sight unseen. The flaws this show has (despite it's interesting plot) are

    #1: Scene Reusage: As in reusing scenes from previous episodes so they don't have to spend too much money.

    #2: Bad Dialogue: The kids' voices are sometimes unbearable and some of the line delivery is weak.

    #3: Being Repetitive: The show is sometimes infamous for reusing plots from previous episodes, even using scenes like I mentioned above.

    #4: Being Inconsistant: There are many facts about some episodes that are sometimes ignored in following episodes.

    #5: Fillers: As in importing un important details in order to fill out the episode.

    However if you can get past these facts it's an enjoyable show that one could easily get attached to (like myself).
  • An Underrated Classic

    Plot: Four young Kadic Academy students: Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd, discover an abandon factory that contains a super computer. Within this computer, lies a virtual world called "Lyoko," and they meet a program named Aelita. However, in doing so, they wake up a dark virus named XANA, and is capable of destroying the world. Now the gang have to help Aelita deactivate the tower in Lyoko causing trouble in the real world, all the while Jeremy tries to come up with a materialization code to get Aelita out of Lyoko, so they can shut down the super computer and stop XANA for good. Luckily for them, if a tragedy does happen, they can go back in time and reset the events, but it can only work properly if no one dies.

    Verdict: After the first season, you really get into the development that comes with how theses characters are in their strong battle against XANA, revealing more about the supercomputer and Aelita. If people should get the chance, they should definitely check out Code Lyoko. It's not only one of the best shows to have ever been made, but as a show with much more potential that some would think.
  • Awesome show!

    I love this show so much that I made my username, Lyoko88. Long story short, this was awesome.
  • my childhood

    man, i can't put into words how awesome this show was for me over the years. i still can't believe that an anime show form France would be so huge in the . all the characters have a distinct personality which makes them already likeable. if i remember correctly, my first encounter with code lyoko was in late 2004;but pretty much 2005 at age 11 on cartoon network is when my obsession began. the graphics and the ultimate plot of virtual transportation to another world made me a fan for life. i do miss it along with alot of other . classic favorites. around 2008 is when i think i just stopped watching it due to other interest. but, recently over the past few months, i've heard of a new sequel. which will be great. even at 19 still a die hard fan. i do miss it and i am sure millions of fans worldwide are just as Happy. can't wait for 2013.
  • Perfect.

    Cant get better.
  • Intellectual.

    Plot: It's about four students who discovered a dimension inside a supercomputer called "Lyoko" a cyber-computer space. However, that dimension contained one entity, a very smart program that is very capable to destroy the whole universe named "Aelita". A very strong computer virus not just bent on destroying files, but also the world as well.

    Characters: They have real nice personality and very dark, and also on their own back stories too. They're also dark. I like dark themed characters and storylines.

    Action value: Not the brawny action, but it's action relies on brains and smartness. They fight their enemies using brains, their computer abilities.

    Art: Really dark, could have used an improvement on characters, but it's up to them. The animation is excellent.

    Overall: 10.1. I like cyber themed shows, and I will like them more if they had dark elements. If only Megaman X got it's own show..... It could make a killing.
  • code lyoko rocks!!!

    code lyoko is da best show ever i cant wait till da 2012 series by da way it comes on on kabillion


  • One of my favorite shows of all time

    When I first saw this show, I was amazed with what I was seeing. a 2D cartoon with a CGI virtual world, I never seen anything like it. However the show was more than just a gimmick, it was a really creative and innovative show. I just love that with each season, the writer tried something new with these characters and this story. For example, Season 2 introduced Sector 5, a sector of Lyoko that looked like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, The vehicles like Odd's overboard and and Ulrich's overbike and new monster like the creepers and the Scipazoa. Season 3 gave Aelita an offensive attack and almost made William a Lyoko member. However William was possessed by XANA, the show's silent villain, and became an antagonist during Season 4. However, the writer's made up for this by giving the characters new outfits both in Lyoko and the real world, the Skid, a Submarine that can travel through the Digital sea, Replikas, XANA copies of Lyoko sectors and the Specters which enables the Lyoko warriors to use their powers in the real world.The writer's ability to keep the show fresh with new scenarios and concepts really made this show stand out. The characters are great and very relatable. Ulrich's my favorite because of his cool personality and his bad-ass fighting abilities. I also have a soft spot for Yumi, my favorite female character who very similar to Ulrich, but has a more down to earth personality. Jeremy is also a great character. He's like Professor Xavier but without the telepathy. Aelita during the first two seasons, was basically a damsel in distress, but went she got her energy sphere powers, she became more interesting, humorous and smart character and a great love interest for Jeremy. Surprisingly, Odd is my least favorite of the Lyoko bunch, He's not a bad character but his role as the team's joker comes off as stereotypical. My only complains about Code Lyoko are that some of the humor is hit or miss. the best jokes, in my opinion, are the reactions (For example I love in "Hard Luck" when Jeremy explains this complex glitch and Aelita, who is Jeremy's equal when it come to computers, goes "Huh" and her facial expression is priceless.) another complaint is the English dialogue is, at times,very flawed, the voice actor either say their lines too fast or they say something that's a little too silly. The English voice actors are great but dialogue can be a little hackneyed. Still, with its flaws, I think Code Lyoko is one of the best shows I've ever seen and I warch my favorite episodes frequently.
  • The best show that ever was on cartoon network

    I thought the show was fantastic and never lost its originality. Even towards the end it was still a fantastic show. i am glad to hear it's coming back and hope its as good as it was before. That is the thing with remakes, there almost never as good as the original.
  • best show

  • The best show that never bored me.

    I was a little girl when I started watching this show. This show allowed me to have fun and be great about it. I love this show so much that it really was the best.

    My favorites are a little hush-hush. But I guarentee you this. If you are ever bored and need to do something, pick up a website with a Code Lyoko Episode on and you will be amazed. Code Lyoko started off a fanfiction line as far as the eye can see. It is above 4000 fanfictions on FanFiction.Net. I totally dig them. I even wrote some myself.
  • A fantastic show about four teens who discover a virtual world, with a lost girl inside it... as well as an evil, deadly virus.

    Code Lyoko is an amazing show that I got hooked onto almost as soon as I started watching it! It has great animation, a story line that grabs your attention, and all of the action, Sci-Fi, and suspense you can get, with some romance to spice it up!

    It shows the lives of Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi, as they attend Kadic Academy, and at the same time, try to save the world by fighting an evil supercomputer virus called X.A.N.A. who is trying to take over both Earth, and the virtual world of Lyoko. They discover a girl named Aelita in Lyoko, a seemingly virtual being who doesn't remember anything about her past except for her name... As time passes, and the group continues their war against X.A.N.A. and his monsters, while dealing with boarding school life at the same time, Jeremy finds a way to materialize Aelita into the real world, and more is discovered about her past, Lyoko itself, the creator of Lyoko... and X.A.N.A.

    This is most certainly a show that I recommend, and if you're into supercomputers, evil viruses, and virtual worlds, that's even more of a reason to watch this awesome show! I love Code Lyoko a lot, and it's definitely among my top favorite shows!
  • "code:lyoko rules"

    code lyoko rocks the characters are cool and the action is very close to perfect its perfect for all ages to me its the coolest show next to others on my list its absolutely otrageious i mean code: lyoko is awsome to watch keeps you entertained and wanting to watch more usually shows are predictable but there something in this show that keeps you guessing i can personally recommend anyone who has not seen this to give it a chance youll either love it or at the least think its interesting its the best anime they show on cartoon network aside from others its original cool and did i mention awsome!!!!!!!!!!
  • good effects

    in this is about a group of kids that enter a world call Lyoko and entering the world is like playing a video game and they have to save the world from an evil computer call XANA and we met Jeremy the smart guy but geeky and not that cool, Odd the crazy one and in Lyoko is like some cat warrio that shoot laser, Ulrich can't describle him and in Lyoko he is a ninja, then Yumi she is all right but sometimes annoying and in lyoko she is like a woman samurai something and last is Aelita who is like very hot first they though that she was born in lyoko but she was be trap in there for a long time and this show rocks
  • Eh...not a big fan of it.

    Code Lyoko is about 4 kids who try to stop a deadly, powerful and dangerous computer virus known as Xana. This is one fo these shows that are quite popular, unfortunately for me, i just can't seem to catch on with it, it bores me and makes me want to change the channel. It is not that bad though for me to want to change it every time though, i have managed to see about 10-15 episodes of this, but i don't really get it, i mean, it is the same thing every time, at some point in the episode something eerie happens, the gang go to their secret hiding place, they have themselves except the computer wizard go in and get to the end of a certain level and area in the computer, the Pink haired girl (sorry i forget her name) goes into the main source, shuts it down, and finally, the gang have themselves return to the past. Just the stuff that goes on in most of the episodes i guess i can never really get not bored with. But it is not that bad, maybe i would give it another chance but i haven't seen this show in ages, probably because i hardly watch CN anymore.
  • Code Lyoko, I will miss you.

    When I first started watching his show, I thought that it was absolutely excellent. Though the plot of its first season was mainly freak of the week and I utterly hated this type of storytelling, I still found that I loved Code Lyoko. And let me tell you, I was rewarded. Not only did the second season eliminate most of the freak of the week type formatting, it also did something that I have only seen done by a few other television programs: outdid the first season in terms of being well-produced. There was more character development, the fight scenes were improved upon, the storyline was almost flawless, and I simply loved Aeileremy. What's more, seasons 3 and 4 expanded the storyline even more and did so without making the show too bloated or unreasonable. I have to say, it was definitely a fun ride while it lasted. The only things that I think could have been done diferently are ssome more chemistry between Aelita and Jeremy and Ulrich and Yumii, as well as perhaps uniting Aelita and her father. Butt, all in all, everything was handled well.
  • Code Lyoko is no doubt one of the greatest anime shows to be made. It mixes action, drama, and on a couple of rare occasions romance(Ulrich+Yuimi, Jeremy+Alieta) to make everything work out.

    Code Lyoko is no doubt one of the greatest anime shows to be made. It mixes action, drama, and on a couple of rare occasions romance(Ulrich+Yuimi, Jeremy+Alieta) to make everything work out. A computer virus as the constant enemy is something unique about this show and unique is the best thing to have in any kind of television show or movie. The characters Ulrich odd alieta and Yumi are cleverly created with an extreme eye to detail in lyoko and their real world. Another great thing about the show is the monsters in lyoko which are constantly becoming bigger and better. I give this show a perfect ten out of ten.
  • This is definately the best kids show. I'd say that it's better than the Simpsons

    Seriously, this is an amazing show. They hardley ever show season 4 any more and they have stoppedshowing it that frequently but this is probably the best kids show ever (I hate the Simpsons and Spongebob is kinda boring now). It is made by the same people who made galactic football (which also is an amazing show but they still haven't made a season 3 after about 3 years). It's about 4 students (later 5) that stay at Kidic school (well 3 of them do) but they have discovered a super-computer that leads to a video game like world called Lyoko. This is where the true greatness comes in. There is a super-virus called XANA (pronounced zana) who tries to take over the world. He has these fighters which are all different and super-cool. The 3 students who enter Lyoko (1 mans the super-compueter) have powers like in a video game and they have to get a girl trapped inside Lyoko (who later gets freed)to a tower where she can de-activate it and save the world. but the 3 Lyokan heroes have to protest the girl from XANA's monsters in order to do this. Sorry if this is a bit long.
  • A childhood fav.

    I remmeber when i was a little girl i found this show and i didnt know what it was called but i still loved anyway!! As i got older i found out what it was called(lol Code lyoko)So this show is really really really complicated to describe so im giong do the best i can.This show is about this group of kids that go in this virtual world called code lyoko and they try there best to save the world! This show was really interisting and i was always addicted to it! Sadly i didnt get to see the last episodes of the show and i hope i can see them soon.
  • Code Lyoko is an anime about high school kids who travel to a virtual world called "LYOKO" where they try to stop an evil virus "XANA" from distroying the kids, and the world...

    Code Lyoko is about a gang of kids that can travel to a virtual world called Lyoko where they fight an evil computer virus Xana and stop him from distroying the kids, and the world... Ulrik, Odd, and Yumi can transport themselves to Lyoko and fight Xana, there they get incredible weapons and whatnot to stop this virus. Along with the most important character of all, Aieleta. Technically, she's a Anti-Virus Software, when she get's to the tower, she can stop Xana and Jeremy, (the brains of the group who helps them out on his computer) trasports the kids back in time, and peace is restored... untill the next episode at least!:) Code Lyoko is one of my favorite shows and is a great influence for allmost anything!
  • best show ever

    i would have to say that code lyoko is the best show i have seen in a while i didnt watch it from the start but i got right into it i wish they didnt stop making them on dvd because i want it all on dvd but i only have the first 12 eps on dvd so yer i liked the ending i didnt see it coming i thought that they wouldnt have shut down the super computer but they should have done a spin off show of it wear some other kids found the super computer that would be soo cool. well bye for now
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