Code Lyoko

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Apr 29, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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When all the student's cell phone goes off in class, it starts Sissy on a petition to save her cell phone--but it's goes awry when Odd breaks into the school's office's locker to get his, Ulrich, & Yumi's cell phone. It turns out that X.A.N.A. is trying to get out board a highly powerful military satellite in space. X.A.N.A.'s target turns out be our heroes.moreless

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  • it keeps me guessing.

    all cell phones ring in the middle of class which makes the teacher take them all away. sissi starts a protest group even though her father runs the school. yumi stays behind in the groupo as ulrich and the others take back their phones. meanwhile Xana is taking over a space satellite and is aiming for one thing. Yumi. before they can stop it Xana fires off shots at her. she is able to miss them until her trips and can't got out of the way in time. aelita sacves the day in the nick of time and jeremey does a return to the past. where the gangs puts up a sign about to no phones in class incase that even happens again.moreless
  • X.A.N.A. plans to take control of a satellite with a super powerful high-tech weapon that will be used to destroy the kids...

    That was cool how XANA was in their cell phones. I think it’s kind of weird that Jeremie and Aelita couldn’t find him though. I know this is mean, but it was funny seeing Jim get electrocuted when he tried to disconnect the cell phone tower. I also liked the comment Odd made about him smelling like roast chicken. I can’t believe the kids refused to go to class until they got their cell phones back. If I had done that in my school, I’d have been suspended and had my cell phone destroyed right before my eyes. I liked the scene where Jeremie got off the shaft to the main computer, and Odd and Ulrich continued down the shaft to get virtualized. The camera angle showed just how the factory was laid out. I started laughing when Sissie stood up and started calling her father the dictator and yelling “Free Yumi!” I thought it was funny when Odd sacrificed himself in order to save Ulrich and Aelita and Ulrich stared at Odd for awhile, and then said “he’s nice” and took off running with Aelita. It was strange seeing Yumi and Sissie working side by side in order to get their cell phones back. The accuracy of that satellite is pretty awesome. It knew exactly who Yumi was and where to find her. I was so afraid Yumi wasn’t going to make it. That laser was really really close.moreless
  • X.A.N.A. takes over a satellite...oh, by the way, did I mention that it has super precise lasers?

    After everybody's cell phones ring in Mrs. Hertz's class, the phones are taken away. Sissi, obviously angry about this, starts a protest to try to get their precious cell phones back. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. has plans to attack Yumi with a military satellite. It's extremely precise and even more so dangerous!!!!!!
  • A fine example of what´s Xana all about!!!

    Xana, that crazy, nut computer, has made it: he has became even crazier!!!! Tonight weapon was a militar sattelite used to kill one-by-one every Team Lyoko member. Scary and shocking epi. We just need (and want) more of this cool episodes, and not so much posessing thingy. Just watch it!!!
  • A military laser has Yumi as its locked target! Can you say intense!!

    This episode was awesome and a half! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I loved the plot when the laser was locked on Yumi and she had to run away from it, and of course trip. I couldn't believe how close she was to dying when Aelita deactivated the tower. It was so exciting and tensionising. The Lyoko scenes were cool as well and I liked how Odd played the decoy so Ulrich could escort Aelita to the tower. It was even better when she couldn't find the tower because it just added to the suspense. The sub plot about mobile phones was quite good and linked well to the theme of the satellite. This is one of the best episode's i've seen!moreless
Matthew Géczy

Matthew Géczy

Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff

Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

Jodi Forrest

Jodi Forrest

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas

Allan Wenger

Allan Wenger

Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas (The Principal/Sissi's father)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The word, "signature" is misspelled as "signatore" on the petition when Sissi shows it to her father. It's very quick, but you can see it then change to the correct spelling when she pulls the petition away.

    • During the pan of Odd and Ulrich's class, Milly and Tamiya can be seen among the other students, despite being two years younger.

    • Mr. Delmas's mouth doesn't open when he says "What in the world is happening?"

    • When Odd and Ulrich arrive in Lyoko, Aelita calls out to them. The problem is that you hear Sissi instead of Aelita's voice.

    • XANA's flying monsters, Hornets, are referred to as "Waspsters" in this episode.

    • When Odd threw the cell phones on the bed there were three; Odd's, Ulrich's and Yumi's. But Jeremie had to turn in his cell phone as well as the others when they were confiscated but his was not there on the bed nor did he go to get one. Did Odd not retreive his? It would seem odd to not have retrieved his other friends mobile especially being that Jeremie is the main person who contacts the others.

    • When showing Jeremie and kiwi leaving the elevator after coming out and going to the chair you do not see Kiwi, only Jeremie.

    • If the gang has to slide down on coils to get to the elevator how did Kiwi get down to the floor because to have jumped would have been to high.

    • When Jim fell, he had already fallen about three stories before the gang caught him. How could they have caught Jim when he had already been that far down and still have pulled him up?

    • Why did the last hornet fly away? It should of checked down there where Ulrich fell to make sure he was gone, or strike at Aelita.

    • Through out the parts where Aelita is looking for the tower you don't see the red behind the waterfall where the tower's hidden yet when she's kneeling next to Ulrich you can see it.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (After bringing Jim to the nurse)
      Ulrich: Hey, Jim, can you hear me?
      Odd: Smells like roast chicken, huh?
      Ulrich: Jim? Hey, Jim! Yoo-hoo!
      Yolanda: Odd, Ulrich, What are you doing here? Jim! What happened to him?
      Odd: Oh, you know how Jim is. He's a regular live wire!

    • Yumi: You're gonna take back your cell phone? That's called stealing, you know that!
      Odd: No, it's not. Taking back what belongs to you in the first place, is not what I would call stealing.

    • Odd: Ha, ha! Mission Accomplished!
      Yumi: Let's hope that nobody finds out.

    • Ulrich: He's nuts! (stands there for a moment) Okay, let's go.

  • NOTES (5)


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    500 Questions
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    The Messengers Metamorphosis
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