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Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Apr 19, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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A student named Milly seeks the comfort of her teddy bear after being embarrassed and ostracized due to her young age by Sissi, the school's bully/diva. Milly believes that her teddy is the only one that she can turn to for comfort and support. A corrupted super computer known as X.A.N.A. enters the real world by possessing the bear. In a quest to strike and destroy his enemies, the X.A.N.A infected teddy bear increases to an enormous size. No one is safe as this monstrosity creates a path of destruction.moreless

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  • An OK Episode

    This episode just misses out on the adventure of the typical episode. Yes I know It's a pilot but it just doesn't fit in with the series (like all of season 1 really). The Graphics in Lyoko aren't that good (like all of season 1) but at least it has some tricks and enemies. This episode is about a girl called Millie who leaves her teddy bear in the gardening shed because she is sad that nobody will take her to the prom. But XANA possesses the teddy and it also grows to monstor size to terrorise the city. The trick I mentioned earlier was that secret cave to the tower and this episode included several kankrilats and a megetank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Very interesting, for a pilot....

    This episode was really very odd, for a beginning. They don't explain how they found Lyoko. They don't talk about Aileta, and who she is, and there's a giant teddy bear? They don't even explain who Xana is. If it weren't me having seen other episodes, I wouldn't have known what was going on. I think they could've done a lot better. However. It was nice to see that I didn't miss anything major by missing the very first episode. Of course, if I had seen it first, I probably wouldn't have given the show another look, despite the beautiful art.moreless
  • VERY strange episode!

    When you hear the title, it says it all. Teddygodzilla? It gives people who has never seen the show the idea that this shows a joke with only fillers. Most of the episodes are good, but some people read the titles and then judge the show. Not a very good episode though. A gaint X.A.X.A-fied teddybear? Thats the best they could do? But as for fillers go, it was...ok. Not the worst, certainly not the best. I feel bad for Milly though, that ***** Sissi being mean to a little girl! I wanna slap her in the face! I have a soft spot for little kids, so thats why. It didnt impress me, so I can only give it a 6.5.moreless
  • A good episode. X.A.N.A. posseses a teddy bear and tries to take out the lyoko team, especially Yumi and Ulrich. And all on the night of the prom! And Ulrich has some problems with that as well...moreless

    This is a good episode in my opinion. It has plenty of action and suspence, and they don't have to much Yumi/Ulrich kick buttery in the real world as they sometimes do. The episode is about a giant teddy bear that is attacking, but a certain group of friends know the real villan here is a super computer named X.A.N.A. But even more is going on than that. It's prom night, and Ulrich is having girl troubles. At some point he plucked up the courage to ask Yumi. (WHICH WE MISSED!) This you find out when Milly asks and gets rejected, all the while Sissi is trying to get him. After feirce battling and suspencful near-misses, the lyoko team save the day. And when Milly asks this time, Ulrich agrees, Yumi going with Odd.moreless
  • a good 1st episode

    This episode was really good! This series has a really good plot. This Xana guy sounds pretty cool. It's strange that he took over a teddy bear, but okay. I felt sorry for the little girl though. I know what it's like to get turned down by an older boy and made fun of by a popular girl. I liked the ending when Ulrich agreed to go to prom with the little girl. That was really sweet. I liked how Odd can be transported into a game. It was cool how he and Aelita were looking for that tower to stop Xana and they had to fight those things on the way there.moreless
Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Jeremie Belpois, Aelita

Mirabelle Kirkland

Mirabelle Kirkland

Yumi Ishiyama, Milly Solovieff

David Gasman

David Gasman

Jim Morales, Herb Pichon, William (Season 2)

Allan Wenger

Allan Wenger

Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas (The Principal/Sissi's father)

Barbara Scaff

Barbara Scaff

Ulrich Stern, Tamiya Diop, Kiwi

Christophe Caballero

Christophe Caballero

Odd Della Robbia (Eps. 1, 4)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Odd first sees Milly crying on the sidewalk, he's carrying a stack of CDs. Yet when he gets closer to talk to her, the CDs are nowhere to be seen.

    • When Odd finds Milly and Tamiya outside of the school, Odd's pants legs are the same color in one shot. They change back to having two different colors in the next shot.

    • The color of the back of the polaroids changes from black to white, and then they return to black.

    • When shots are seen through the camera it is clearly recording, but the time counter doesn't change.

    • Jim is shown putting a padlock on the garden shed door. Immediately afterward, the edge of the door is in plain view. There is a mortise lock in the door, but neither a padlock nor any device used with a padlock (i.e. latch, hasp and staple, chain, etc.) is to be seen anywhere on the door.

    • Odd's arrows look different in this episode than in later episodes. Here, they look like regular arrows you shoot from a bow. But later on, they are nothing but simple arrowheads.

    • When Odd attacks the Megatank, he yells impact not laser arrow. Impact is Ulrich's attack, not Odd's.

    • Odd's voice is different in this episode because they switched Voice actors.

    • In this episode and many other early episodes of the English version, Odd says "Laser Flash" while "Laser Arrow" is used for the remainder of the series.

    • When Jeremie is selecting Odd's Lyoko card, there are no cards for Yumi and Ulrich.

    • The face cream that Sissy was wearing wasn't there when she fell to the ground, but when she was shown back outside it was back on.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sissi: Quiet! Quiet! Shut up! All of you! You bunch of idiots! Can't you see what he's trying to do? It's a trick I tell you, a trick to keep me from winning again this year! A gigantic teddy bear, come on! Why not King Kong while you're at it!

    • (As the gang searches through Sissi's room)
      Ulrich: What do you think?
      Jeremie: A simple short circuit. Too many appliances plugged in at the same time.
      Yumi: Yeah, the high fine lights, lady shaver, curling iron, altogether. What do you expect to happen?
      Odd: Not to mention the brain stimulator.
      Jeremie: Although she probably never figured out how to use it.

    • Sissi: (to Hervé and Nicolas) I hope you two aren't gonna follow me all day long. As far as I know, you're not beauticians. So stop sticking to me like glue. I don't need you, understand? So scoot.
      Hervé: Uh, Sissi, we thought...
      Sissi: Take this advice. Don't think, it doesn't suit you.

    • Odd: Houston, we've got a problem.

    • Odd: (regarding Sissi) Who would have believed it? Soon she'll be playing with dolls.

    • Sissi: (to Milly) Don't forget you have to have a date. I don't know anyone who'd want to go with a jerk like you.

    • Sissi: Ulrich, you're gonna go with that--that silly baby?
      Ulrich: That's right, I sure am, but don't worry. When your brain gets another neuron or two, maybe I'll go out with you too.

    • Yumi: Well, I've gotta go now and get ready for the prom tonight. Sometimes being a day student can be a total drag.
      Ulrich: Don't complain. No one wakes you at 6am, you have hot water, and you don't have to sleep next to smelly Odd.

    • (The team is planning how to handle this attack)
      Odd: Okay, guys! Who goes and who stays here?
      Jeremie: We can't have a solo mission. It's too dangerous without Yumi. If you go alone, you never know what you're gonna find over there.
      Odd: I volunteer!
      Jeremie: What did I just say, huh?

    • Milly: Ulrich, would you, would you be my date tonight?
      Ulrich: Uh... I'm sorry, Milly. It wouldn't be a very good idea, I'm too old for you. And uh, well, you see I promise to go with Yumi.
      Sissi: You see? (laughs) What did I tell you? But don't worry, Milly, I'm sure you'll find a boy for the Sandbox Dance. Meanwhile, why don't you go play with your dolls?
      (Milly runs to the door and starts to cry)
      Tamiya: Milly? Milly, wait!

    • Ulrich: If meanness is one of the qualities of a beauty queen, then she'll get re-elected all right!
      Jeremie: That's true, but try getting "Miss World" to see that.
      Odd: Miss World, eh? (talks into microphone) Miss In Her Own World is more like it!

    • (First lines of the show)
      Milly: O.K., are we rolling?
      Tamiya: (giggles) Yeah, but we're upside down!

    • Odd: (encountered a Megatank) Just give me a minute to say hello to an old buddy of mine.
      Jeremie: Cut the courtesy, you only have 50 life points left. You can't let him hit you.

    • (After the mega-tank fires its first shot)
      Odd: Talk about a warm welcome.

    • (Yumi comes over a hugs Ulrich)
      Ulrich: Ready for a trip into the past, Yumi?

    • Jeremie: Odd, hurry up, Teddy's getting really angry.

  • NOTES (22)

    • This episode was published in the Cine Manga Code Lyoko: The Adventure Begins.

    • International air dates:
      France: September 3, 2003
      Canada: September 11, 2004 on YTV

    • Throughout much of the earlier episodes of the first season, Christine Flowers would provide the voice for "Sissi Delmas." Jodi Forrest would take over later in the season and voice the character for the rest of the series. Christophe Caballero would serve as the voice of "Odd Della Robbia" for the first and fourth episode of the series before being replaced by Matthew Géczy.

    • The title of this episode is exactly the same in both the French and English translation.

    • The Roachesters and Megatank are the first monsters to appear onscreen in the series.

    • Falling into the digital sea can be deadly.

    • The Return to the Past trip can´t bring dead people back to life.

    • This is the first episode where Yumi is wearing different clothes.

    • The Desert Region is introduced in this episode.

    • This marks the first time on screen that Odd uses his special Lyoko power of clairvoyance. In a vision, he sees Aelita falling into the digital sea.

    • The sign on the infirmary shows a red cross, and then 8:30-17:40. These are probably the hours of the infirmary. Also, 17:40 is 5:40 p.m.

    • Though Yumi and Ulrich were probably virtualized and had adventures in Lyoko in the past off screen, Odd is the first one to be shown virtualized on screen in the series.

    • One of the cars damaged by the teddy bear is clearly identifiable as a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, both by its distinctive shape (the car was not crushed) and by the Mercedes symbol on each of the visible hubcaps.

    • The series, Code Lyoko has been mistaken by some for being Japanese anime. In reality, CL is a cartoon that originates in France. The mistake is understandable because the animation of the series is inspired by anime.

    • Some viewers were worried that the first episode has two different scenes involving Yumi and Sissi that they deem inappropriate and explicit for younger viewers, but in actuality there are none. The girls aren't nude in these scenes. Sissi is in her underwear (Not more revealng than a bikini) and you can only see 1/16 of the side of Yumi's naked body for a second, then she covers it with her towel.

    • This is one of two episodes in the first season where Odd uses both arrow guns against his enemies. The other is "Amnesia."

    • Odd has a picture of his dog on his virtual costume.

    • In Japanese, Yumi's name means "bow" as in archery.

    • It is first hinted in this episode through their intense blushing and the way they look at each other in certain situations that Ulrich and Yumi share hidden romantic feelings that they are not willing to admit yet.

    • We find out that Odd turns into a cat-type creature in Lyoko, and that his weapon of choice is the Laser Arrow, which are fired from his wrist. Jeremy sits in a large chair with the supercomputer and advises the people in Lyoko.

    • The kids are are in a collége, which is France's equivalent to Junior High School in the U.S. (the term Junior High is used in this episode). Odd and Ulrich share a dorm together. Jeremie lives in a dorm by himself and Yumi lives off campus with her parents.

    • This is the only episode of the series where writer Frédéric Lenoir is credited as Fréd Lenoir.


    • Odd: Houston, we've got a problem.

      This line is play on the famous quote, "Houston, we've had a problem" from the Apollo 13 mission when the crew experienced major technical problems. It is now used in pop culture when people are having major problems with a situation.

    • Sissi: Why not King Kong while you're at it?

      Sissi refers to King Kong in this episode. King Kong is the name of the giant gorilla that ran loose through New York in the 1933 classic film of the same name. The characters would appear through subsequent movies including the 1976 and 2005 remakes of the original.

    • The name Teddygozilla is derived from the famous Godzilla films of Japan.