Code Lyoko

Season 4 Episode 4

Wreck Room

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • they try to bring william back. the program gets bugged. Aelita can't enter the tower right away. william suddenly gets competitive. he tries to get ulrich and sissy off the roof. he gets elected the room moniter in the begining and back in time sissy is.

    I think I like this episode. Can't wait for the 2 new ones to come out. I want to watch the new ones really badly. I loved Code lyoko since the first time I saw the Teddygozilla episode. Well, do you like it as much as I do? If so, post more comments and put videos on you tube for everyone to watch. I know people will watch them. I put some on too. But I won't tell you my username. I like Aelita the best. She is always there in the nick of time to help save her friends from Xana. That's a true friend. She saves the virtual world and the real one.
  • When Jeremy tries a program to bring back William, he bugs up Aelita's identification, making it so she can't deactivate the tower. Now, Odd, Yumi, and Aelita must fight the possessed William while Ulrich and Sissie fight the William clone at school.

    It was funny how Odd was depressed at the beginning of the episode because of the nightmare he had about not eating any kind of potato at school anymore. I felt bad for Jeremy when he was declined food because Odd took his portion. That William clone is so stupid! When he won the election, he didn't even know what he won and he thought democracies was a person. Ulrich's comment to Jeremy about the William clone being as smart as Kiwi was funny. Odd turned around in his seat and started yelling at Ulrich. This only resulted in him getting into trouble with the teacher. It was funny how Sissie, Nicholas, and Herb were arguing over the TV. Sissie kept yelling at them to shut up because she had the remote and she would decide what they would watch. That's scary how the tower didn't recognize Aelita and wouldn't allow her to enter it to set it right again. Because of this, XANA was able to take control of the tower and use the William clone on Earth to fight Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich. Poor Ulrich. When he was trying to run away from William, Sissie grabbed his arm and begged him to take her with him because she was scared and didn't want to be left alone. He tried to warn her though. He told her that she okay and that William was after him, but she still insisted on going with him. Sissie's face when Ulrich asked for her hand to help her up the vent was funny. She looked pleased and ecstatic. Aelita is such a dork. She fought the crabs when they were chasing William because she thought the program worked and William was good again. It was all a trap though. He still had the XANA sign on his chest and his weapons were still "XANAfied." I'm glad the writers threw in Ulrich's vertigo problem. I thought they would forget it and never mention it again. It was funny how Ulrich looked down and said, "Oh no, why me?" It was funny how Sissie tried to fight off William to protect Ulrich. She also refused to leave him when he told her to go and save herself. The fighting scene on the roof was really good, so were the fighting scenes on Lyoko between Yumi and William and Odd and the tarantula. The stunt Odd did with his overboard while fighting the tarantula was pretty awesome. It reminds me of something Ulrich would do. It was funny how Sissie slid down the roof and pushed William off it and then fell off herself. It's a good think Ulrich caught her before she fell off completely. Ulrich's comment to her about not being as light as she says she is was hilarious! I liked the scene where Odd ran into William to prevent him from throwing Aelita into the digital sea. When they crashed, Odd told William sarcastically that he was sorry he forgot to put on the brakes. It was funny how the five elected Sissie to be the monitor of the recreation room in the end. At first Sissie couldn't believe it. She asked them what they were up to and why they were saying that. Overall, this was a really good episode.
  • Yet another great episode!

    The animation from the rooftop scene was impressive, you can see the city! Any way, the clone stuff is starting to get old, but what happens in Lyoko is getting better with the battles! William's clone going berserk, Aelita not being able to get into the tower, wonder what will happen next for the gang, and how they will get William back to the real world? But now, the battle rages on to save William and to stop X.A.N.A. once and for all! Don't regret watching THIS episode!

    I give at a 10 out of 10

    As usual

    Thanks for reading!
  • When William's clone goes beserk, it's up to the Lyoko gang to save the school, and bring back the -real- William from XANA's grip.

    Wow. The twist on the 'clone attack' with XANA really sent me into a fit when the commericials came on. This episode really 'is' a must see, and clone-William is absolutely HILARIOUS. I especially enjoyed seeing how Ulrich's Vertigo was brought up again when he was on the roof with Sissi. He was unable to stand up without striking the disorder, and this brought of character development inside of Sissi. Not only was she able to keep her 'OMGULRICH.ULRICH?ULRICH!!!' character, but she was able to keep strong and save her love, nonetheless. This is very unlike her, seeing as how in the episode 'The Trap', where Ulrich, once again, was the defenseless one with a broken arm...Sissi only continued to complain and Ulrich even had to keep the shaft from falling in with one arm. I think we'll see some more of his 'development' in Sissi, very soon.
  • again the clone angle

    william's clone is really dumb. too dumb. trying to fix it all kinds of bugs form. xana takes adventage. the fighting is greatly improved in this season but the stroyline is starting to falter a bit. xana-william tries to throw aelita into the digtial sea as she is the only one who can put in the code. frankly i think it would be easier to kill her in the real world. xana is suppose to be void of feelings so if i were him, i take control of a person (jim, one of the other students, anyone really.) get a knife and take her head off. if she not alive in the real world then she can't go to lyoko and the return to the past won't help as it can't bring people back. and what's with william's one hit kills? and yumi been the only one to hit him the entire time. does william have life points? in double fake he take aelita's enegry field straight on seemly undamaged (unless the sword can stop the attack, which is possible) the animation looks great, it all flows nicely together. there's a lot of one lines and not all from odd either. a slight sissi/ ulrich moment and slight humor with jim actually wanting to talk about it. a 9 out of ten.