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Code Monkeys

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Code Monkeys uses old-school video game animation to tell the story of Dave and Jerry, two video game designers at a company called Gameavision in the early 1980s. Follow Dave, Jerry, and all the other inmates... er... employees of Gameavision every Wednesday at 9 on G4TV.
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  • Awesome

  • Another Great Cartoon Series Cancelled Before its Time.

    I have just finished watching this entire cartoon series on Netflix, and I just want to say that this show is freaking sweet! :D It takes a bunch of pop culture references from the 1980's, animate it like 8-bit video games from the 1980's, and the whole thing is shot back out through the magic prism of the 21st century for viewers nostalgic for the simpler pleasures of a relatively more carefree time. The actors and actresses who provide voices for characters in this show are all hilarious, the music is spot-on, the characters are all very funny, and there are a lot of in game video game jokes that might require multiple viewers in order to see just how much retro video game goodness can be squeezed into one cartoon show! :) Sadly, it seems to be the destiny of many great cartoon shows to be cancelled before they can truly be appreciated, and this was one of those shows. "Code Monkeys" has provided me with many good laughs that I am truly thankful for, and I am proud to be a supporter of this show! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • The folks at Gameavisiondo things their own wacky way!

    Code Monkeys revolves mostly around Dave and Jerry, who are two video game programmers for the Gameavision company. They work for a crazy texan gun happy boss name Mr. Larrity. Dave and Jerry spend most of their time at work with their crazy and whacky co-workers. Todd is a fat game designer who is always playing nerdy computer games and role playing. Black Steve is an angry accountant, who pulls out his gun whenever he feels he needs to. Mary is the only female game designer, who Jerry is in love with. Mary is a very strong woman who always gets punked because of Mr. Larrity thinks women are objects. Clarance is the Gameavision audio guy, who is extremely gay and is always singing. Lastly Benny is a little asian game tester who is like a son to Mr. Larrity, even though he already has a stupid son Dean who is a drinking frat boy. The Show gets an 8.2 out of 10 for having old school graphics and being super funny!moreless

    ok so this is one of my favorite shows as of now, i mean alot of people dont understand this show and therfore say they hate it because of all the classic video game humour in the show (which many people dont undertand) but i find this show incredibly funny not only because of the video game references because of the well done (mostly) humour in the show (i put mostly because sometimes (very rarely) the jokes arent that funny but they are usally hillarious) however some might not find the humour funny because of some racist and sexual jokes, although some may not like it this show is hilairous so as of now this is my favorite animated comedymoreless
  • In a world of 8-bit proportions, two video game designers have many problems and misadventures. All of which take place in the 80's before 3-D Graphics.

    I first saw this while watching G4, and it aired a promo. My first reaction was not only did it look extremely rude; it also looked like a very bad idea! Throughout the next few months of seeing promos I still thought the 8-bit proportions were a terrible idea. When it finally aired I watched the show and thought "This is actually a great show, and very original!" While exploring the screen in the 8-bit world the first things I noticed was that at the top of the screen it read: Player(Dave, Jerry, etc), points which added during certain acts, and health that reminded me of the Legend of Zelda games. During the show the show the health meter would either go down when the "player" would get hurt or humiliated! It also changed to things like "pathetic meter" or weapon. The show itself is very funny and sometimes quite rude/offensive. Defiantly not for the whole family with sexual themes and drug and alcohol references. But a very unique, original, and absolutely hilarious show! Two 8-bit thumbs up!moreless
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