Code Monkeys

Season 2 Episode 12

Car Robber Sunnyvale

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2008 on G4



  • Trivia

    • Characters that are similar to the Trailer Park Boys characters Julian, Ricky and Bubbles are featured in the episode. Dave and Jerry have a conversation with them that leads to a car chase between the two groups.

    • Jerry's missing hand keeps switching sides, depending on which way he is facing. In theory, Jerry is missing his right hand. But in practice, he is missing whichever hand is closer to the audience.

    • Mr. Larrity's father's name is the Honorable Prescott Daniel Appomattox Larrity.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: You know what would help you to chill out?
      Jerry: Oh what could possibly chill me out after a gangster blew up my car?
      Dave: If you took me to your house and watched me smoke all your weed.
      Jerry: Actually that would just chill you out.
      Dave: Hey Jerry, if you weren't such a selfish bastard it would help you too.

    • Dave: Stop being such a pussy. Oh did you forget to put on your seven thousand maxi pads today? Where's your car, crybaby?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The person Dave and Jerry meet at the diner, Z-Boy Play, is a spoof of the character Playboy X from the game Grand Theft Auto IV.

    • Trailer Park Boys
      The gang of Canadians that attack Dave and Jerry are the three protagonists of the Canadian comedy/mockumentary series Trailer Park Boys.

    • Boris is a spoof of the character Niko Bellic from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He has the same accent, wears the same jumpsuit, and is voiced by Jason Zumwalt, the voice actor who performed Roman Bellic's lines in the game.

    • When Dave and Jerry are sent on missions by Boris, the title "The Real Car Robber Sunnyvale" appears on the screen. In that title, "The Real" has a blue and red glow, much like the title logo of the animated series The Real Ghostbusters.

    • The game they created is a reference to the Grand Theft Auto series. When Dave and Jerry are running Boris's errands the appearance of the screen is very similar to the first two Grand Theft Auto games.

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