Code Monkeys

Season 2 Episode 3

Dave Gets Boobs

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 15, 2008 on G4

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  • Dave gets tired of having to pay to see Boobs, so he goes to the extreme and gets a pair of his own!

    This is my favorite episode of Code Monkeys to date. Only Dave would get fake breasts for personal pleasure. Not only does Dave go out and get fake boobs, He only pays 200 dollars and the doctor inserts Oranges for his boobs. When he returns to work, He gets special treatment from his boss, Mr. Larrity. Black Steve wants to date Dave. Jerry and Todd pay money to see Dave's new chest. Mary is extremely mad Dave is getting all the special treatment. Dave also feeds Benny Orange Juice with his fake boobs. This episode is extremely funny and the best Code Monkeys has had so far!