Code Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on G4
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Episode Summary

Larrity buys the rights to the movie E.T. from Steven Spielberg, and Dave and Jerry have one day to make it into a game.

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David Dameshek

David Dameshek

Darth Vader

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Jessica Meyerson

Jessica Meyerson

Truck Stop Gal

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Rachael Sipes

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Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder


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Lionel Tubbins

Lionel Tubbins


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Certain details, like music, differ from the release and the series premiere.

    • When episodes start, if you look at the health bar, you can see that the points meter is at 0, but when the episode ends, the meter is usually filled with some points. How the characters interact change the meter.

    • When shows start, they have a player one "start" screen pop up, and when they end, they have a "game over" screen start.

    • The show's tagline is "Its a comedy of 8-bit proportions", but certain scenes are indeed 16-bit.

    • When characters get mad, sometimes to the point of wanting to have physical confrontation, their eyes will turn red. This is seen when Larrity yells at the boys when they take his car and in the opening music video when Mary and Dean are shown.

    • Usually, the characters have their own special health bar that changes when they have a good bit of dialouge. For example, when Todd talks, his health bar turns into a Jerk Meter due to his ability to continuously brag about his so called genius, and when Dean talks, his meter sometimes turns into a "Masculinity Meter" due to him sometime being more feminine to certain things, ET for example, his bar will go back in forth turning pink and then turning blue due to his sexual characteristics.

    • When time needs to progress, say when a character is in a car and is about to go somewhere, a pause screen will come up and it will disappear when said character reaches the destination.

    • Look closely at the little boy who dies because of the bad ET game. When he does, he urinates himself. There is proof that says when you die, you soil yourself.

    • Right after Dave sells his ticket and goes of screen to "Boobyland", you can still see only his eyes and mouth on screen.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • E.T.: (computerized voice) Hey Lloyd, spilled juice! Hey Lloyd, spilled juice!

    • Jerry : Dave go back I think a lot of those people might dead!

    • (Jerry is typing on his computer while Dave is asleep on the book shelf in their room.)
      Jerry: And I am done!
      (Dave falls off the book shelf)
      Dave: Aw! What the hell? Oh I fell on my keys.
      Jerry: Big Ass Dolphin, the video game, is done! Another successful all nighter. Dave, why are you naked?
      Dave: Oh. I get hot when I'm programing, and as you know, my balls need to breathe if I am to do my best work.
      Jerry: Get your stupid ass off my chair!
      Dave: How long was I out for?
      Jerry: Well about two hours after you finished your game, Floating Space Rocks, you took a celebratory hit from the Dagobong, and passed out.
      Dave: Must have been that new weed I developed. One more question. Why is my penis green?
      Jerry: Well I can explain that too, because around 2 A.M. , high out of your mind Dave, you painted it so it would look like, and I quote, "A sexual serpent, capable of spitting its venom everywhere."
      Dave: Dammit, I knew I was a genius.
      Jerry: Okay, man, its about 9 A.M. lets just head home.
      Clare: Um, disgusting boys. Mr Larrity would like to see both of you.
      Jerry: Great.
      Dave: Well where the hell are my pants? Screw it!

    • (Dave gives the staff a summary on ET while Jerry hops around on the conference room table)
      Dave: Um right so ET is about this awesome alien who comes to Earth and, thats pretty much it. Lets go people!
      Jerry: Okay, whats the kid's name? I need a name, a need a name, a need the kid's name.
      Dave: Um Herman. Yeah Herman.
      Larrity: Now, Are there any snakes in this movie?
      Dave: Yes. In one scene, ET invites a snake to save the jews.
      Mary: So what does ET do on Earth?
      Dave: Um well, I mean he fights kids with a light saber, so that's good.
      Mary: Why?
      Dave: Um, because he's searching for the lost ark of the Covenant and he has to melt the Nazi's face off. Thats, thats how it works
      Clarence: Does he find the Arc of the Covenant?
      Dave: No, instead he dresses up like a woman so he can get an acting role on a soap opera.
      Black Steve:Wait, who the fuck is ET?
      Dave: So then he has to fight the Russians, because they won't let Herman dance in the town where he lives, because Russians hate dancing.
      Mary: That doesn't make any sense and why do you smell like whores?
      Jerry: It takes one to know one bitch!
      Mary: Jerry.
      (Jerry punches Clare and Clare screams)
      Clare: My nose! I paid good money for this nose
      Jerry: Alright everyone! You heard the man! Alien goes shopping, Arc of the Covenant, dress like woman, lets lets rock and roll! Lock and Load!

    • (Larrity walks up to Dave and Jerry who are smoking)
      Jerry: Hey! Mr.Larrity, uh what are you doing back here?
      Larrity: I might ask the same of you boys.
      (Dave throws the Dega Bong he's holding and coughs a little)
      Dave: Oh nothing. Nothing!
      Larrity: Alright boys. I know you two can keep a secret. Because if you don't, I'll have you skinned and mounted on my wall. Come with me.
      (They walk into the warehouse)
      Larrity: Almost every single ET game got returned, over 3.99 million of them, and this is where they'll stay until the end of time.
      Jerry: But what about Steven Spielburg?
      Larrity: Yeah! He he! What about him? Right George?
      (A man with a Darth Vader mask walks up to Larrity, Dave, and Jerry.)
      Larrity: I don't believe you boys have met my good friend George Lucas.
      George: Hey guys.
      Dave: Holy crapola! George Lucas!
      Larrity: George here made a little deal with me. For 30 million dollars, I told him I'd stop ET.
      George: You said 20
      Larrity: I said 30 you son of a bitch
      George: You said 20. WRESTLE!
      (George and Larrity fight and George wins.)
      Jerry: But why?
      George: Just a friendly little prank
      Dave: Wait. So what you're saying is, I did a great thing when I skipped the movie and went to the strip club, therefore helping you to rob Spielburg of millions of dollars and the good will of his fans.
      George: Like I said, a friendly little prank.
      Dave: I'm not judging. I'm Just here hanging out.
      Jerry: Well we have work to do so.
      (Neil Diamonds runs up to Jerry, Dave, Larrity, and George.)
      Neil: Take me with you please, he's insane!
      Larrity: Get him, guards. He's got to make that music video for me. Lucas, you direct.

    • Larrity: Now, I have one pass to a super secret screening for our program.
      (Todd walks up to Larrity.)
      Todd: I am flattered Mr. Larrity, and I assure you I will give the film my full attention
      Larrity: Not you! Why the hell would I give it to a gay viking? And now, I'm think of a number from 1 to 10. The person who guesses it will get the ticket.
      Mary: Uh, 6?
      Larrity: No.
      Jerry: 8?
      Larrity: No.
      Jerry: Come on!
      Clarence: 69?
      Larrity: Uh, No.
      (Black Steve walks over to Steven Spielberg.)
      Black Steve: Who the fuck is Steven Spielberg?
      Larrity: Negativo.
      Dave: Alligator.
      Larrity: Dave's got it, now the rest of you get back to work!

    • (Dave enters his and Jerry's room and finds Jerry hyped up on Pixie Stix and punching a wall.)
      Dave: What the fuck are you doing? Holy Crap! How many of those Pixie Stix have you have?
      Jerry: Thats not your concern, my friend.
      (Jerry jumps on the table)
      Jerry: Your concern is arming me with enough knowledge about ET so I can create the world's greatest video game
      (Jerry jumps off the table)
      Jerry: with extreme prejudice.
      Dave: But your hands are bleeding dude!
      Jerry: You Will take me to the Conference Room right now and you will tell me about ET!
      (Jerry kicks Dave out of the room.)

    • Mary: Well If it isn't the team who brought us the Ishtar of games.
      Clare: Ha! Ha! Ha! That's funny! Because Ishtar was a big failure.
      (Dave goes to get a drink.)
      Dave: Not to worry ladies. We stole the truckload of games. All 100,000 of them. High-Fives all around, and then Mary and uh Clare I'm gonna need a B.J. from the both of you.
      Mary: Truckload? 100,000? That was just the first batch, you jack holes! We shipped over 4,000,000 of those things. Its the biggest video game shipment in history!
      Jerry: Maybe the kids won't notice that it sucks, I mean they're just kids right?

  • NOTES (12)

    • Gag Disclaimer:

      Warning!!! Danger!!! Watch Out!!!

      This show may have content that is not suitable for all audiences.

      Viewer Discretion is Advised.

    • When Larrity wrestles with the different people, the status bar changes to a Wrestlemania theme.

    • When Todd is telling Larrity about the book he is reading, The Color Purple, you can see Steven writing something on a note pad. The reason for this is because he was the director for the movie adaptation of The Color Purple.

    • Neil Diamond had a song named Heartlight, that came out around the release of ET, which is why he appears in this episode.

    • This isn't the actual series premiere. The one that aired on is the pilot.

    • GameAVision not only is the name of the company Dave and Jerry work at but is also the company that aired fake game commercials on G4 leading up to the release of the show.

    • The scene when Dave and Jerry chase after the truck containing the ET games is a parody of the Spy Hunter game. You should be able to see this when Dave uses Larrity's car to shoot out smoke screen

    • During the part where Dave goes to see the screening for E.T., there is a moment where a guy in a Darth Vader costume comes up to Dave and tells him to give him his ticket. During this, the usual health bar is replaced by a force bar, which is a reference to the video game Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back which was released in 1993.

    • The theme song to "Code Monkeys" is a song from Jonathan Coulton named "Code Monkey and is about the life of a junior programmer.

    • At the end of the episode , when Dave and Jerry find out Laritty is working with George Lucas,the hiding spot of the "ET" games is exactly like the US government Warehouse that the Arc is taken to in "Raiders of the Lost Arc".

    • Belleco Vision is a pun on real game console Colecovision.

    • E.T the game was actually produced in as little as five weeks and is said to be the worst game ever made of all time. It was also responsible for the video game crash of 1983.

  • ALLUSIONS (14)

    • When Jerry is hyped up on pixie stix, which seems to be the only candy around, he changes to a more agressive persnon who wants to fight. While he's like this, he hops around and jumps and punches. The way he does this is an homage to old fighters like River City Ransom and Street Fighter.

    • The key that Dave falls on is the same as many games that involves keys in the 80s, like The Legend of Zelda.

    • Dave: Um, because he's searching for the lost ark of the Covenant and he has to melt the Nazi's face off. Thats, thats how it works

      When Dave says this, he is referencing the ending to the 1981 film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Dave: No, instead he dresses up like a woman so he can get an acting role on a soap opera.

      Dave is referencing the movie Tootsie in this line.

    • If you look at the posters of ET in the GameAVision building, you would see a grocery cart. The reason for this is because in posters of the real ET, there were bicycles.

    • When in Larrity's office, you can see that on his table there are three items: a bottle of soda, a steak, and a hammer. This is a reference to The Legend of Zelda.

    • When George Lucas is talking about his "friendly little prank" towards Steven, a "Dark Side" meter shows up. This is a parody because not only was George the creator of Star Wars, but his intentions were indeed evil.

    • When Dean and Todd are about to be abducted by aliens. Todd shows he has proof of aliens by showing Dean this obviously terrible picture of a flash of some kind. This is a joke talking about the paranoid photographers of the past who took pictures of lights and thought they were aliens.

    • Benny, the little Asian man who gives Jerry candy, could be considered a little bit of an Asian Mario. As seen when he makes his appearance, and in the opening music video, Benny runs around through the vents and plumbing. Mario, although he doesn't do vents, uses tubes to get around as well.

    • At the beginning of the episode, when you hear about the Dega Bong, look at the book shelf or on the health bar meter. You can see the Dega Bong and it looks like a green light saber. This is a reference to Star Wars.

    • When characters jump, they jump with their leg bent and one fist in the air. This is a reference to how Mario jumps.

    • While waiting for Larrity's special guest, Dean opens the cupboard and we can briefly see a pair of cherries, which is a reference to the classic video game Pac Man. In the game, various types of fruit appear occasionally in the middle of the maze and are worth extra points if the player can get them before they disappear.

    • The pale-looking kid that Dave had do annoying things is the childhood version of M. Night Shyamalan. The joke in this is that Dave is the one who actually came up with the idea of "The Sixth Sense."

    • The joke of this episode that Jerry has only two days to make E.T into a game is alluding to the fact that E.T the game only took five weeks to produce.