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  • Awesome

  • Another Great Cartoon Series Cancelled Before its Time.

    I have just finished watching this entire cartoon series on Netflix, and I just want to say that this show is freaking sweet! :D It takes a bunch of pop culture references from the 1980's, animate it like 8-bit video games from the 1980's, and the whole thing is shot back out through the magic prism of the 21st century for viewers nostalgic for the simpler pleasures of a relatively more carefree time. The actors and actresses who provide voices for characters in this show are all hilarious, the music is spot-on, the characters are all very funny, and there are a lot of in game video game jokes that might require multiple viewers in order to see just how much retro video game goodness can be squeezed into one cartoon show! :) Sadly, it seems to be the destiny of many great cartoon shows to be cancelled before they can truly be appreciated, and this was one of those shows. "Code Monkeys" has provided me with many good laughs that I am truly thankful for, and I am proud to be a supporter of this show! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • The folks at Gameavisiondo things their own wacky way!

    Code Monkeys revolves mostly around Dave and Jerry, who are two video game programmers for the Gameavision company. They work for a crazy texan gun happy boss name Mr. Larrity. Dave and Jerry spend most of their time at work with their crazy and whacky co-workers. Todd is a fat game designer who is always playing nerdy computer games and role playing. Black Steve is an angry accountant, who pulls out his gun whenever he feels he needs to. Mary is the only female game designer, who Jerry is in love with. Mary is a very strong woman who always gets punked because of Mr. Larrity thinks women are objects. Clarance is the Gameavision audio guy, who is extremely gay and is always singing. Lastly Benny is a little asian game tester who is like a son to Mr. Larrity, even though he already has a stupid son Dean who is a drinking frat boy. The Show gets an 8.2 out of 10 for having old school graphics and being super funny!

    ok so this is one of my favorite shows as of now, i mean alot of people dont understand this show and therfore say they hate it because of all the classic video game humour in the show (which many people dont undertand) but i find this show incredibly funny not only because of the video game references because of the well done (mostly) humour in the show (i put mostly because sometimes (very rarely) the jokes arent that funny but they are usally hillarious) however some might not find the humour funny because of some racist and sexual jokes, although some may not like it this show is hilairous so as of now this is my favorite animated comedy
  • In a world of 8-bit proportions, two video game designers have many problems and misadventures. All of which take place in the 80's before 3-D Graphics.

    I first saw this while watching G4, and it aired a promo. My first reaction was not only did it look extremely rude; it also looked like a very bad idea! Throughout the next few months of seeing promos I still thought the 8-bit proportions were a terrible idea. When it finally aired I watched the show and thought "This is actually a great show, and very original!" While exploring the screen in the 8-bit world the first things I noticed was that at the top of the screen it read: Player(Dave, Jerry, etc), points which added during certain acts, and health that reminded me of the Legend of Zelda games. During the show the show the health meter would either go down when the "player" would get hurt or humiliated! It also changed to things like "pathetic meter" or weapon. The show itself is very funny and sometimes quite rude/offensive. Defiantly not for the whole family with sexual themes and drug and alcohol references. But a very unique, original, and absolutely hilarious show! Two 8-bit thumbs up!
  • Hysterical Humor!

    Basically, it smashes 8-Bit video games, cultural references, and mature humor all together to form a #1 slightly cussing comedy show. I love it because of it's video game layout and it's hysterical humor. I love the colorful cast including Dave and Jerry and their old-school video game coding-ness. Overrall, it is a funny want to see show but that's not all. G4's video game style puts it in center for a video game style comedy which may make people to be ROTFLOL. and the main characters, Jerry actually cares about his job! and Dave, he is a troublemaker oddly never getting caught.
  • This is one of the funniest shows ever made!

    Code Monkeys is a television show with 8-bit graphics that revolve around two video game programmers: Dave and Jerry. This show contains random humor, while still staying to the main storyline. Code Monkeys often makes fun of different races and cultures, such as the Germans and the Japaneese. This television show is based on old video games and contains humor that would appeal more to gamers. Throughout each episode there are two bars at the top and bottom. The top bar contains a score (which goes up or down based on situations in the episode) and a health bar that shows certain player's health when they are being attacked, for example. The top bar also displays various jokes and counters based on what characters say. The bottom bar usually says "Code Monkeys" and often displays jokes to answer questions or make fun of the characters. Overall Code Monkeys is a VERY funny show and (if you ask me) all you need is to see the first two episodes and you will like the series.
  • This show is the only good on G4.

    This show is the best. It is HILARIOUS. It is about Dave and Jerry, two "Code Monekys" (Game coders) who work at a gam company called Gameevision. With thier fellow programers, Todd, Mary, and Black Steve. The show has some of the best jokes ever, it's good stuff. My favorite episode is "Todd goes crazy". There is also this random guy who can fly, Clarence, he is the funniest, and always comes out at random times.
    Yep, this show is a complete examply of creativity. SCREEEEW the people that give this a score less than 8. Lol, once again i recomend this to anyone, it's too funny. Waaaay to funny to not be watched by all. Yeah, that means you. Watch it now! I mean now! NOW! To influence you further, let me tell you about the style. This game is meant to mock NES games. It is in 8-bit and uses a "frame" and a health bar, which can be hilarious at times, lol.
    Watch the show, or you will regret it. Alot.
  • Man this is a dam funny show that is easy to get hooked.

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  • Code Monkeys is a Terrific Animated Comedy show on G4 that uses 8-bit Graphic Probations that's maybe better then South Park, "It's like an Arcade game but with Potty Mouth!" (According to New york times)

    My 71st Review after a Abysmal Nick live action show, "just for kicks"

    This show is AWESOME!!! Some of the best Animations ever! It's about two dude boys named, Dave and Jerry and They work for a Company called: Gameavision. (parody of Activision) They face with other video game companies such as: Protendo (Parody of Nintendo) And the people that work for Gameavision are Todd, Mary, Clare, Black Steve, that little guy, and the Boss, Larry. They go on Funny Misadventures and have a Buch of Funny and Violent scenes and they curse with bleep words all the time and The Animation is what made the show so terrifc and funny in the first place! It's Classic! This show will truly get an A+!!! Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect. Defines the word!

    Animation: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect work on the 8-bit Probations! Maybe the Best Video game show, EVER!!!

    Graphics: A++ 10.0/10.0 Awesome!

    Sound: B+ 7.5/10.0 Good with great sound effects but come on. G4 can put much better music then this.

    Dialouge: A- 8.5/10.0 Funny and Loads of Fun factors!

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 9.8/10.0 Outstanding use of a Lasting Appeal.

    Overall: A+ 9.3/10.0 This is the Maybe Best video game show, Ever made. It has EVERYTHING! Violence, Blood, Gore, Bleeping on Cursing, Funny, Entertaining, Unique, and Totally Origianl. You have to give this show a chance, It's Terrific! You will love it! You'll love it more then South Park! That's all for now.
  • Two game testers work in the most insane video game studio ever.

    I finally saw an episode and wow, it was so much better than I expected. This show is 100% hilarious and I'm instantly hooked. Adam de la Pena is a great comedy writer and his talent really shines in this series. The characters are funny and the jokes are completely insane. I'll be honest and say that I was originally put off by the 8-Bit graphic look, but I gave it a chance the other day and it was seriously one of the best shows I have seen in a while. Watch this show! You will be glad that you did!
  • This show is about the misadventures of bong smoking stoners Dave and jerry, two pals that make video games at Gameavision.

    This show is an influentally amazing show. This show is made in the format of the lame 1980s video games. What makes the show so amazing is the creative structure with Dave and Jerry. Then theres the insane boss larrity that has done everything from embarrass the company with his insane prejaduice to sending them to a prison for a company retreat. But anyway this show does have potential. So hopefully we will be seeing this show in the future. So first we need a cult following; so anybody thats have cable and is free on wednesday watch this show at 9 eastern 8 central on G4.
  • Some of the best animation ever!

    Code Monkeys joins the Greats like Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, South Park, and Drawn Together. Code Monkeys joins the league of Adult Cartoon Programming. The inurigual season has shown a wide variety of plots and character direction. Adam De La Peya is a creative genius who leads the show by Directing and Voicing one of the main characters Dave. The overwhelming majority of the show is the subtle and not so subtle throwbacks to video games and the tech world. Different episodes feature Steve Wozniak, Nolan Bushnell, and David Jaffe. Watching (rather listening to) these outstanding walk-ins makes me believe that Code Monkeys is going to continue producing great episodes for seasons to come.
  • An honest review from a fan.

    Code Monkeys is G4's latest attempt at its sick comedy routine. That is not a bad decision on their part. The first thing you will notice is that the whole screen is turned into an 8-bit Nes game. This is where about seventy-five percent of the comedy comes from. There are many jokes about classic games, such as Double Dragon. Also, the Heads Up Display is where a lot of the funny comes from. The only problem with this is you really have to pay attention to the screen and the dialog if you hope to hear most of the jokes. The comedy is similar to South Park and The Simpsons. So if you liked these shows or classic gaming you can't miss this show. It is very easy to start watching as G4 constantly airs it. As in, this show is on half the time. Which can lead to a problem when so far there's only seven episodes. Either way, Code Monkeys should not be missed by geeks, nerds, or frat boys.
  • Love how it immerses itself into the gaming world with the eight bit look and the screen details, a little funny at times, but the whole thing is hard to sit through.

    I liked this idea at first. It all looked so cute and creative for like five minutes. And then it got super boring very quickly. I mean I am just a casual gamer and many of the references just flew right over my head. But since the references were infrequent, the whole thing would've have sucked even if I invented every game on earth. I also can't stand the sheer stupidity of the show. Everything about it is just really dumb. And always with the racial jokes, the show just does not know how to handle its jokes about race at all. I'm not normally offended by such jokes, but when an entire character becomes a stereotype/black joke, it's pretty annoying. This waste of time gets no love from me. Tasteless fun for the mildly geeky at best.
  • This is by far the funnist show on G4 now of days, its funny and original the the 8-bit format is just super sweet.

    From the first episode I knew this show was different and that it would soon be a personal favorite. The show is done in 8-bit like the old console games where and takes place at a game company, as the show says they are code monkeys working around the clock to make the next big game. This show is not for everyone, as a matter of fact I can see why people don't get it, but you would have had to lived though the 80's and love gaming to get some of the jokes and references they make in the show. ______________________________________________________________

    Along with a good cast of chararcters comes the guest stars from David Jaffe the mind and force behind the God Of War game to Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple. The cast of character is as unique as the show itself. The shows charm comes from the fact of how it is made, with the 8-bit theme it brings you back to the old school days of gaming when you had to go to arcades to get your fix, the show is one of the most original programs on cable so far, I could see Code Monkeys being here for a while.
  • Garbage.

    G4TV started off with excellent shows, but now it's joined Tech TV, and the shows now, like Code Monkeys, suck - it kind of reminds me of what's happened to Nickelodeon. Code Monkeys has an 8-bit look, and it's about game programmers. There's the occasional video game reference here and there, but it doesn't matter - this show is just super boring. Anybody could have came up with this show. It's just painful to watch. Save yourself the time and just watch another show instead... like The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, South Park, TMNT, Futurama, Ren and Stimpy... or even Full House. Code Monkeys is just abysmal. At BEST!
  • simply great

    code monkeys is one of the best shows on tv right now and it is one of my favorite shows i like it and my brother likes it and it is an amazing show that everybody can enjoy my two favorite characters are Dave and Larrity then there's jerry but i just can't simply get enough of code monkeys it is very funny and hilarious even though the story lines are crazy that is what simply makes it entertaining to watch and hopefully we can expect to see more craziness in the up coming episodes which hopefully there will be a lot of episodes.
  • Mindless sophomoric humor with the occasional nod an wink to the video game culture and industry.

    Code Monkeys a show developed from the "genius" who brought us adult swim's biggest mistake since Robot Chicken, Minoriteam, brings a new show for a new day. What network do they decide to hop on to, G4TV, a channel that is globally loathed on the Internet that has completely lost their focus and core demographic. Now I won't turn this into a G4 rant because this show is actually a good thing, original programming that actually has something to do with video games. Not a show about trailer trash running from a shaky camera, people cheating on their significant other recorded by a shaky camera, or Jamie Kennedy. The premise revolves around two twenty something slackers who get a job with game developers, Gameavision. Sounds a little original it even boosts the visual treatment of an NES game. So far so good, right? Well the downer for any show, more specifically a comedy, is the writing is horrible. When I mean horrible I mean cringe inducing bad. So bad I can't even come up with a witty phrase to back my statement up. All I can say is it's time to break out the chalk board and try to equate how many times the character mutter the line "douche" and "bag." It's almost as bad as counting all the f-bombs in a Tarrantino film. Although there is the occasional homage layered in all the "dude that's gay and "punch to the crotch" that gamers will undoubtedly pick up on if they are aware of the basic outline of video game history. I also forget to mention that there's a reoccurring gag that is the video game menu "commentary" which is moderately clever. For example when the D&D geek (one of many caricatures) Todd is talking with his beloved mother about the best types of nacho cheese and one could notice the "creep points" adding up, but other than that it want amuse anyone with a standard IQ. Overall good underlying premise, acting talent is top notch (Gotta love Dana Snyder), and the rest is to be desired this is just another bad show among many in G4's repertoire. I award Code Monkeys with a 3 out of 10, no calculations needed just felt like it wasn't as bad as a two and no where near deserving a 4.
  • Simply hillarious to all people, and especially those who play video games.

    Every once in a while, a show that is so stupid that it's funny comes along to make us laugh out loud once a week. Code Monkeys is that show. I watched the ET episode on the internet before it premiered, and I could not stop laughing. I also watched The Wizard of Woz, and I cracked up. Yes, Code Monkeys brings to the table a comedy finally designed for gamers. Set in the mid-80's, it deals with the beginning of the gaming generation. I know I can't give this show justice with an explanation. The characters are what really make the show though. You have 2 buddies who are different as can be, and one has such a short attention span he does things that have no reason, like installing a Urinal in the meeting room so his breakfast burritos can be cooked to profection while he goes to the bathroom. Guest stars make many appearances, like Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Atari Co-Founder Nolan Bushnell. The jokes in it may not be sutible for everyone though, as Dave decides to paint an appendige of his green, and their is drug use. Although you never see it, they mention and are seen holding bongs. Many jokes are also centered around gamers, like the reason E.T. was so bad. Overall, this is a funny show that has lots of potential.
  • I had mixed feelings about this show when I first saw the commercials, but now Code Monkeys joins other shows such as Psych, The Simpsons, and House on my list of must-see shows.

    First, let me just say that I thought this show would be horrible when I first saw the commercials on G4. But now, I have completely changed my mind. 'Code Monkeys' is one of the greatest new shows I have seen since last year's 'Psych' on USA. Gamers who watch G4 will appreciate all of the skillfully placed references to video games, while non-gamers will enjoy some of the best plots and storylines to grace an animated show since 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' started to go downhill. This show contains more vulgar language than 'The Simpsons' but uses it much more hilariously than 'Family Guy', who uses it often, but only for shock value. Everyone gamer or non-gamer should at least watch this show twice before deciding if they like it or not, but I knew that this show was for me after only ten minutes. This show has a lot of potential, and I hope that G4 keeps it going for as long as it can before losing its hilarity.
  • Code monkeys seemed like it was going to be a good show from the previews shown on the commercials,but it was a huge dissapointment in my opinion.

    The first time i saw this show i was hoping to laugh my ass off,but unfortunately i did not utter a single peep.I dont think the show is targeted for a wide audience but only the "hardcore" or "computer geek" gamer that finds the jokes funny.The 8-bit idea is good in theory but when u actually watch one or two episodes of the show your eyes just get tired of the ugliness.Im not saying the show is bad but people that like south park or family guy type humor wont find this show very interesting.
  • i love this show

    this show is so great and becasue its 8-bit i beleve they can get a new episod in one week on wensdays every week the show is going to go far.i love the comedy this presents i love to watch this show.i dont no any body who as said it isnt how this show the live of a game a way lol.i want to watch this show over and over agen and i wouldnt get tierd of it.i cant wait for the new episods i even look for our old vhs player and recorder so i could record this
  • Much like the others, the best show G4's had in years.

    Awwwww G4, you once stood for something great, with shows like Portal, Cheat, Judgement day, Cinematech, Filter, Sweat, Game On!, Pulse, Arena, the list goes on, being on 24/7. Good times, Good times. But now look at you, you're barely what you stood for, you have what, only 2 shows thats on Video games, Cheat and X-play, but even those suck now. Cheat got rid of Corey Rouse, who is the best host the show got and gave us an annoying girl instead. X-play, which started out great just kept going with the same jokes that take a portion of their entire reviews, that VGcats comic tells it all perfectly. It's been so long since G4 got a good show, but Code Monkeys broke the silence. Though it first started like a mix of Man show and reality, I'm sure theres a better combination but I can't think of any. After the first episode though, I fell for the show, the jokes are quite good but aren't something like Monty Python. I now have a reason to watch G4 again.

    One more thing to say. Neal Tiles Ruined G4!!!
  • The Best Show on G4 for a ling time.

    This is far the best show on G4TV right now. I kinda like AOTS but this show got me laughing hard when it premier on G4 right after E307 coverage. I was like it looks good on the ads but when i finally saw it i was laughing very hard and i hope G4 keeps bringing shows like this to its network tv lineup.
  • Finally something good on G4

    I glad G4 finally air something good after they did the unforgivible (Cancalling Anime Unleashed & Battle D-Daman)

    So far there's decent Animation & Voice acting as well as plots

    The charater are less chidlsh than in other shows in action blast show like beast wars & cybertron & even G.I. Joe

    G4 make more good adult shows like this & Happy Tree Friends
  • I watched the episode online and all I got to say is, why didn't they make a show like this years ago?

    I have to say that this show is truly awesome. I have watched at least 5 times already and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Like most people are saying though, it's only for a select group of people, manly people who play video games, or have knowledge of early videogames. Either way, if you have ever played a video game, or watched a videogame and thought that it was awesome, then you have got to check out this show. The content is a little low brow, but otherwise, the humor is just funny as hell. The characters all have there little quirks and I love how the top of the screen changes all the time. Like for one, it will switch from a health bar, to a jerk-alert. Or a creep meter will appear. Either way, the show is just great and funny and if you like videogames, then you have got to watch this show.

  • Fricking hilarious!

    I just watched the pilot online. That show is great! Just imagine South Park, with game programmers instead of 9 year olds. That's basically what it is.
    I will admit, it's not as intelligent as South Park, but it's not bad if you want to turn off your brain for 20 minutes. I certainly can't wait for the new episodes. I HIGHLY recomend it. Seriously. Watch it. Now. Go. Do I have to hurt you? Okay, I admit it. This is just filler. It really isn't fair that they require you to use 100 words in your review. I mean, a perfectly decent review can have 50 words. Sheesh.
  • Okay show but..

    It lacks the true gamer comedy quality in it,but it does has somewhat good potential.The first episode itself is pretty good but not great.You'll only get it if you understand all the parodies in it so any one not familiar with old school games will probably hate this.The first episode's plot could very well show us the truth about History's worst game and the community's reaction to it.Everyone thought ET sucked majorly, and being that it does make sense for a bad company to make a bad game and then blame it on another company.Furthermore,some of the jokes were pretty funny in the dirty sense while some ,the "Wrastlemania" bit,couldn't really make it.So really sense the show hasn't had enough time to develop it'll take some time so I would wait before making a decision about it.
  • The funniest show ever!

    This show is funnier then Futurama & Scrubs mixed togeter. The theme song is great and that allong with its humor and graphics is what really makes this show the best show of all time. G4 has done great with their TV series may this show live on forever. CODE MONKEYS is the greatest 80's based shows in histroy I mean c'mon there is no way to make this show better because there is nothing you can add because tis show has every thing a boss 2 game makers celebrites and everything else you could ask for. Keep up the good work G4.
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