Code Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 4

Super Prison Breakout

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on G4

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  • Can Video Game Company workers survive at prison? It won't be easy! :idea:

    This is one of the most tense episodes of "Code Monkey" made so far! Larrity loves his money and gets absolutely Mad if even One of his sacks of money goes missing from his vault! Yet that is precisely what happens! Larrity doesn't like anybody that steals from him and demands to know who's been stealing! Of course, nobody confesses to the deed whether or not they did do it, so Larrity instead decides to try something different. Hoping to give his employees a lesson in never stealing for him, he forces them to spend some time in jail not as convicts, but just to scare them straight so that they'll hopefully learn a moral from all this! Nobody likes this setup however and Dave using the help of a big, scary, African-American, thinks up of a way to get out! Ironically enough, the one who Was responsible for stealing from Larrity, Todd, thinks that prison is going to be great because both the women And the men will want him, but a convict grows so sick of listening to Todd's pathetic life story that he actually hangs himself so that his misery will be over! Boy is Todd such a loser! Anyways, this series is turning out to be great fun for me and it's only four episodes old, so who knows what other kinds of twists and turns await to be seen in the future! That's why I'm adding this show to my favorites! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Another great reason to tune in!

    Super Prison Break Out has so much to it. Code Monkeys as a franchise is starting to really get on my nerves for having so much that I have to pay attention to! Seriously, can't I just *relax* and watch TV? Code Monkeys is a totally engaging show and SPBO is no exception. Just keeping up with each character off screen was hard enough without the barrage of funny side-bars. So Boss Hog...I mean Larrity wants to find out who stole money from him, and he packs the entire crew away to prison to scare them straight...Dave and Jerry wind up with Hondo who helps then break out, and meanwhile Larrity and Dean are hooked up with the Warden who shows them his have a prison based theme park. The end shows these tow plots running full force into each other resulting impact brings everyone back to where they were in the beginning of the episode. I am constantly finding new laughter related pain from this show. I love you Code Monkeys.