Code Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 4

Super Prison Breakout

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on G4



  • Trivia

    • At the start of the episode, Blue Team Leader sounds more like Caboose, but near the end of the episode, he sounds more like Church.

    • When the GameAVision crew boards the bus, Black Steve is absent from the group. However, he's seen in jail being beaten up and even later when he's seen boarding the bus to go back to GameAVision.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: I thought you were part of special forces, not special ed.

    • Mr. Larrity: Son hand me my gun so I can put a bullet in it's head.(Dean hands him a gun) Let this be a lesson for ya. Always take to the higher ground.

    • Hondo: You know, you cool for a little white dude.
      Dave: And your cool for a large, threatening, sociopathic black man. So there.

    • Hondo: Aw, you don't have to dig anymore little buddy.
      Jerry: Really?
      Hondo: Yeah. You can dig or...GET SOME! (grapples Jerry)
      Jerry: I'll dig!

    • Hondo: If I wasn't such a peaceful man, I'd kick some ass!

  • Notes

    • Gag Disclaimer:

      This Show... A) Contains content that may not be suitable for all audiences. B) Might use the word (beep) a lot. C) Rocks. Viewer Discretion is advised.

  • Allusions

    • Operation Revenge takes place in Shady Acres. This is a nod to a radio commercial in GTA3.

    • One of the prisoners resemble Mario. He was arrested for killing a red gorilla who was trying to have relationships with his girlfriend Pauline. This is a parody of the game Donkey Kong.

    • During the "contra" scene, there is also a play on Ikari Warriors.

    • While the camera is going down to Larrity and his son at the vault, you can see a Koopa on a pipe.

    • Hondo's face tattoo is like Mike Tyson's.

    • The warden's enjoyment of hunting humans is like The Most Dangerous Game.

    • The warden tells Dean and Larrity that he is sending one of his inmates to the Shawshank prison. The inmate himself sounds like Morgan Freeman. This is a parody to the critically acclaimed, yet very unpopular, movie The Shawsank Redemption, that starred Morgan Freeman.

    • Title:
      The title Super Prison Breakout is a play on the Atari game Super Breakout.

    • At the end of the episode when you see Todd with his dolls, you can hear him call them "lettuce-patch", this is a play on the once extremely popular Cabbage Patch Kids.

    • The little Monday Funday transition earlier on in the episode is a play on how disgruntled employees urinate in a coffee pot and then give the urinated coffee to their employer.

    • When you see the frog in the sewers infested with toxic barrels, and it transforms into a samurai, this can be considered a joke on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    • When Dave And Jerry are digging out of prison, the underground area looks a lot like the area from Dig Dug ,an arcade game from the 1980's.

    • The dog that appears when Larrity is looking through the scope, resembles the dog from Duck Hunt.

    • Obvious the ending sequence was a homage to Contra(a video game), it even had the backgrounds.

    • When Larrity and Dean pass through the room with the ramps and marbles it resembles Marble Madness, an old game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

    • Red & Blue Leaders sound familiar to Sarge and Church, who are apart of the Red & Blue Teams on the popular web series Red vs. Blue.