Code Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 1

The Woz

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on G4
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The Woz
The GameAVison staff's lives are turned upside down when Steve Wozniak, their CEO, sells out to an oil tycoon, Mr. Larrity. Now, GameAVision must make a choice: either stay and work with the crazy Texas man, or work at Bellecovision. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak guest stars in this episode.moreless

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  • 8 bits make me happy.

    I admit when I heard the premise back in April, I thought it was stupid. I have changed my tune. I love you Code Monkeys. This is my new favorite. How can you say too much good about this one little show? This being the pilot it does a good bit of character building, and that is necessary, but the feel is more comfortable than other series. You see characters in situations that outline their whole character quickly and accurately without clunky introductions that make what is going on 'too obvious'.

    Especially with guest appearances from people like the Woz I really expect good things from Code Monkeys.moreless
  • The start of what I hope turns out to be another great cartoon series! :idea:

    I can safely say I might be one of the few people who has gotten to live through six different video game system upgrades! I was raised during the 8 bit N.E.S./Sega Master System/Game Boy/Game Gear cycle, than came the 16 bit TurboGraphix 1600/Sega Genesis/Super N.E.S. cycle, than came the awkward 24 bit cycle with the Sega C.D. and the Japanese-only WonderSwan that didn't last too long, than came the 32 bit 3-D.O./PlayStation/Sega 32X/Virtual Boy/ Atari Linx cycle, than came the awkward 48 bit cycle which only had the Sega Saturn to it's name, than came the 64 bit cycle with the Atari Jaguar, the Nintendo 64 & the 12 bit Game Boy Color, than came the 128 bit cycle with the Sega Dreamcast, the 8 bit Neo Geo Pocket Color, the P.S.2, the 32 bit Game Boy Advance, the X-Box, the Nintendo Gamecube, the unsuccessful 24 bit N-Gage, and the even More unsuccessful 28 bit Gizmondo! Finally, we've come to the most recent 256 bit cycle with the 96 bit Sega Dreamcast emulating Nintendo D.S., the very sucky 48 bit P.S.P., the X-Box 360, the Playstation 3, and of course the very successful Nintendo Wii. Of course, being a person who wants to play Good, Quality games and not a lot of games that are nothing except (&@&t@$t!(, I went with Nintendo every time and proved to be the winner every time! So with the N.E.S., the Game Boy, the Super N.E.S., the Virtual Boy, the Nintendo 64, the Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo Gamecube, the Nintendo D.S. and eventually the Nintendo Wii, will prove to make me the winner every time! And I'm glad there is now a cartoon series that takes us back to when it all Truly started for video games: at the 8-bit generation where all video game greatness was started and nothing's been the same since! A lot of funny stuff in this episode to! I never thought I'd live to see the day when I'd see an 8-bit character get naked! :lol: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak


Guest Star

Tommy Busby

Tommy Busby

Suit Guy

Guest Star

Keith Lal

Keith Lal

Whip Master

Guest Star

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder


Recurring Role

Lionel Tubbins

Lionel Tubbins


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Jerry: Hey Mary! How's that game you're working on going?
      Mary: Great! I think Red Ronda is really going to teach girls about their periods and be action-packed so boys will want to play too...

    • Todd: He's a witch, I tell you! He consumes baby skulls and fear!

    • Larrity: Gosh Darn it! That's the second time I've eaten **** this week!

    • Larrity: Too much fun killed the hooker. So they say...

    • Todd: The horn of consensus has sounded! The great and wonderful Woz has arrived!

    • Dave: Yes, but have you seen a man microwave a turd?

    • Larrity: Listen, I don't know anything about video games, but I heard you two were my star programmers. So I am hell bent on having you boys continue to do what's really important.
      Dave: Making Sweet ass video games and getting messed up on hooch? Yeah!
      Larrity: No, you goofy looking cow turd! Making me money! I love money. I've got a blow up doll made of money that I make sweet love to, every night.
      Dave: That's messed up.
      Larrity: My love of money has helped me succeed in women's coats, novelty items, and now video games! There are three things Big T don't cotton to. Bats, turtles, and people who **** with my money!
      Clarence: Hey boys, its me Clarence. It's your best friend in the world, who happens to be gay. Oooo!
      Larrity: Whoa! And whatever the hell that thing was.
      Dave: That's four.
      Jerry: Shut up Dave!
      Larrity: So if you boys **** up, then we got ourselves a little "problema". Looking forward to working with you two gentlemen. Excuse me boys, those bats is good eating. YEEHAW!
      (Larrity jumps off screen)

    • Mary: Well Jerry, who's it going to be? Dave or me?
      Dave: Don't Listen to her dude. She's using her vagina to confuse and amaze you.
      Mary: Don't Talk about my vagina!
      Woz: You're in a safe place Jerry.
      Black Steve: Unless you pick wrong. Then we'll have to **** you up.
      Woz: Steven, we talked about your anger issues.
      Black Steve: Sorry Woz, I need to learn to express myself in less angry ways.
      (Steve Looks at Todd)
      Black Steve: What are mother****ers starting at? ****, I did it again. I'm going to my mother****ing pool of shame.
      Jerry: I guess I'd have to choose, uh, Larrity?
      Dave: Yes! In your face Mary!
      (Mary kicks Dave in the nuts)
      Mary: Sorry Woz.
      (Mary also gets into the pool of shame)
      Black Steve: You've got anger issues girl.

    • Dave: He rocks and he sucks.

    • Dave: I got syphilis from a turtle once.. not from a Mexican whore.

    • Woz: Dave do you mind wearing pants for this meeting
      Dave: No problem Woz and I'm sorry Mary because the free show is over.

    • Dave: Who names their company after a fruit?

    • Larrity: Now go make me money dammit.

    • Dave: Hey it's the wizard of Woz.

    • LARRITY: He is R-E-TARDED.

    • Woz: I want to move on and make the world's greatest computers!
      Dave: Aw! Dude, please, not this again.
      Woz: These devices are gonna take people to places they never imagined! Anyone who can use a computer is going to be more valuable than a CEO!
      Dave: No offense Woz, but home computers are going to be a passing fad like MTV.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the start of a running gag in the show. The gag disclaimer.

      Gag Disclaimer:
      This show contains content that is crazy good, but may not be suitable for all audiences. So, the suits are making me say the following:

      Viewer discretion is advised.

      There. Are you happy, suits? You robots.

    • Technically the series premiere, but due to releasing the "second" episode instead of the series premiere, it was thought to be the second episode.

    • The episode title refers to Steve Wozniak's nickname. It also has to deal with the fact that Steve guest stars in this episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • While in the break room, before Woz resigns, there's an arcade game called US Fest, this a play on the festival Wozniak himself put together in 1982 and 1983.

    • When Steve talks about a book title, called iWoz, he's talking about his 2006 autobiography, titled iWoz.

    • During the scene where Woz puts on the Majora's mask, look to the left of the mask before Woz puts it on. The mask next to Majora's mask is a Shy Guy's mask, which is another Mario game reference.

    • When Mr. Larrity and Dean break a wall in the Girl's bathroom, the two objects that come out of the boys bathroom are Needleman and Drillman from the Megaman game series.

    • The apple that Steven throws to Dave is the same as the Apple logo.

    • Right before the last break, when Dave leaves and The Woz throws him an apple, you can see that the "pause" screens has changed from the original pause to a pop up that is common to old school Apple products.

    • During their conversation, Dave Jerry and Larrity go into this area of snakes and vines. This is an homage to pitfall.

    • The mask that Woz wears is Majora's mask.

    • When Dave, Jerry, and Larrity make their way around GameAVision, you can see that that Dave jumps on a turtle, then jumps on it again to shoot it at Larrity and Jerry. Another Mario reference.

    • When Black Steve shoots his gun at Dave and Jerry, if you look close enough, you can see a mean little face on the bullet. This is similar to the Bullet Bills from the Mario franchise.

    • When in the "Mega Man" area of GameAVision, Jerry tries to jump the gap with spikes. His jump style, and the way he dies, looks like Mega Man.

    • When Dave and Jerry make their way to the main room, the area they are in is in a Mega Man style.

    • The donkey Dave cuts open was a reference to Star Wars. You can even see Dave use a light saber and hear Dave say "tauntaun" the creature that was cut open in the fifth movie in the series, The Empire Strikes Back.