Code Name: Eternity

(ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • The Shift
      The Shift
      Episode 26
      Tawrens tracks down Saunders (see "Underground") daughter, Sasha, because the group thinks that he may have left the prototype of his machine that can defeat Banning with her. While Tawrens tries to gain her trust Kard reappears and attacks Sasha. He to wants to find the prototype. Tawrens saves her and takes her to the yacht and Ethaniel and Laura. She thinks that they are all mad, wants nothing to do with them and walks out. Tawrens goes after her to try and persuade her otherwise. He also wants to be near her in case Kard reappears and tries to capture or kill her. Meanwhile Laura and Ethaniel search for the weapon that Banning has built that would shift the Earth's axis and destroy all earth life on the planet before he is ready to activate it.moreless
    • All Fall Down
      All Fall Down
      Episode 25
      An informant tells Ethaniel and Laura that Banning is producing a new drug that will cause humans to collapse and go into a deep sleep, at his command. As he is telling them about this drug some of Banning's men activate the drug and their informant collapses. Tawrens fights of their attackers as Ethaniel and Laura get their now unconscious informant away. The only clue they have to try and find out more is a small picture of the man who has created the drug, Laura's father!moreless
    • Chameleon
      Episode 24
      Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens watch as Banning's men pick up some item, wanting to know what he is up to they attack and appropriate the item and get away quickly. When Ethaniel and Laura get back to their yacht they examine what they have and discover that it is a device that enables anyone to look, talk and act like anyone else... a chameleon machine. When Tawrens doesn't return, he met up with Myroc and was captured, Ethaniel decides to use the device to disguise himself as Dent and rescue him. At the same time Banning manages to track down the location of the yacht and sends Dent to deal with his enemies. This lead to confusion all round as Banning thinks Myroc has the device, Ethaniel thinks Banning has Tawrens and Myroc just wants money for handing over Tawrens. With Banning thinking Ethaniel is Dent and Laura thinking that Dent is Ethaniel using the device thinks just get even more confusing!moreless
    • Underground
      Episode 23
      Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens meet up with a scientist who thinks he has discovered a way of defeating Banning. As they are talking to him Banning's men, led by a man called Kard, turn up. To escape the four of them enter some unused underground tunnels that were once going to be part of the subway system of the city. Kard follows them and kills the scientist, causing an explosion that brings down the ceiling on Ethaniel. With Ethaniel badly injured and unable to move Laura and Tawrens talk to him how they met each other and about the trials and tribulations they have been through together, trying to keep his mind off the situation they are in while they try to find a way out. Meanwhile Kard and his men are trying to find a way through the rubble to make sure that no one survived.moreless
    • The Box
      The Box
      Episode 22
      Laura and Ethaniel infiltrate the compound of the Militia Volunteer Force. They are a group of 'Freedom fighters' who have been working for Banning. Ethaniel has discovered that they have a Therian bomb and wants to disarm it before it is used. By coincidence Dent is visiting at the same time. He is there to pick the bomb up for Banning. The militia commander refuses to do this and his men wipe out all of Banning's men with Dent. When Ethaniel and Laura are discovered in the compound the militia now how three enemies to hunt down. It doesn't take long for Ethaniel and Dent to bump into each other and decide that they need to team up if either of them is to stand a chance of getting out alive.moreless
    • Not a Bite to Eat
      Not a Bite to Eat
      Episode 21
      Laura and Ethaniel drive to a small farming community called Granville. Information supplied by Byder tells them that Banning is searching for some kind of mineral deposit there. When they arrive they soon realize that whatever Banning is up to here it certainly has nothing to do with minerals. The only clue is a new breed of wheat being designed by Steelcut Farms, a company that seems to have a very high level of security for a simple wheat-producing farm.moreless
    • Dark of Night
      Dark of Night
      Episode 20
    • Dark of the Night
      Dark of the Night
      Episode 20
      Ethaniel and Laura steal the Therian equivalent of a computer memory chip from Banning. It could hold important information about Banning and his plans. They manage to get away from Dent and his men and make their way to an airport. They board the plane, pleased to have escaped with such a valuable item. Unknown to them though someone working for Banning managed to spot them at the airport. Banning arranges it so that the plane crashes in the wilds of Canada and sends Dent out to find them and the memory 'chip'. With Dent closing in on them Ethaniel and Laura need to help save the surviving passengers, get to safety and find out who has stolen the 'chip' from Ethaniel.moreless
    • Project Midas
      Project Midas
      Episode 19
      The Midas Prototype, an experimental cold fusion device, is stolen from an armored security van. Byder tells Ethaniel and Laura that all his information leads him to believe that Banning must have been involved. Banning had been trying to get the prototype's inventor, Sylvia Deschamps, to come and work for him and she had refused. If he really wanted to get hold of the machine her refusal would not have stopped him from getting his hands on her invention. Knowing that Banning will not stop at having just the machine Ethaniel and Laura track down Sylvia and warn her that Banning will be after her next, she doesn't believe them but is soon convinced when Dent arrives with some of thugs to grab her. Ethaniel escapes with Sylvia but Dent captures Laura. Banning offers to trade Laura for the machine, but if he hasn't got it who has?moreless
    • Laura's Story
      Laura's Story
      Episode 18
      Laura talks with Tawrens about her life and work at the Institute before she met Ethaniel. She tells him how she first met Ethaniel and Banning and how her life was forever changed by Banning's actions.
    • All the News
      All the News
      Episode 17
      Bill Finn is sitting on death row waiting to be executed in two days time. He was given the death sentence for killing his partner, a fellow policeman. A reporter believes he was innocent and claims he has evidence that proves Banning set Finn up. Banning is worried that this reporter may be telling the truth and forces Myroc to hunt down Laura before the reporter manages to contact her. The last thing Banning wants is for the reporter to clear Finn and wants this possibility stopped, permanently!moreless
    • Sold Out For a Song
      Banning discovers that Senator Caraldo, whose campaign for president he is paying for, has been having an affair with a female rock star. With the election coming up soon he warns the Senator and hires a hitman to kill Mona Knight, the rock star. Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens see a photo of Banning and Knight together and decide to find out what Banning could want with a rock star. It doesn't take them long to find out that it is a president that he really wants, the question is what can they do to stop him from achieving that aim?moreless
    • Fatal Error
      Fatal Error
      Episode 15
      Following up information supplied by Byder Ethaniel, Laura and Tawrens set up surveillance on a missile base. Byder told them that he thinks Banning is going to try and take it over. The attack starts while they are watching and a 'super-robot' controlled by Dent leads Banning's forces. Laura and Tawrens infiltrate the base and join forces with an American officer to stop Banning, Dent and Nivik, the super robot, for gaining control of the missiles. Meanwhile Ethaniel tries to design a way to either disrupt the radio transmissions controlling Nivik or create a virus to infect him with.moreless
    • Deep Down
      Deep Down
      Episode 14
      While retrieving an object from a plane that crashed into a lake a female diver, Robin Morley, is lost as a tremor strikes. The plane belonged to one of Banning's corporations and Byder tells Ethaniel that there must be something important on board if he wants it back. Ethaniel and Laura head of to the lake to help look for Robin and to find out what was onboard the plane that Banning is so eager to recover.moreless
    • 24 Hours
      24 Hours
      Episode 13
      Ethaniel goes to meet Thorber alone. He returns with a high fever and is almost uncontrollable. Thorber realizes that he is not ill but is reverting back to his true Therian state and if he does that the atmosphere on Earth will kill him! Thorber takes him and Laura to a friend of his, Dr Tremblay, who may be able to help. While the doctor tries to keep Ethaniel alive Laura and Thorber follow the only clue they have, a matchbook and a name written on it. To save Ethaniel from the virus that is causing his change they need to find out who infected him in the first place, and do it in the next 24 hours.moreless
    • Lose Your Dreams
      Lose Your Dreams
      Episode 12
      Ethaniel dreams that Banning is going to kill him. He believes that this is a certainty and Laura tries to persuade him differently. To help do this she tells him that her old friend from university, Rosalind, is a dream specialist and has her own center where she helps people. If they go there Rosalind may be able to tell Ethaniel what his dreams mean and separate his real memories from them. When she does this what she uncovers is a big surprise to both Ethaniel and Laura.moreless
    • Thief
      Episode 11
      Banning and his people discover a way to regenerate their bodies, stopping them from reverting back to their true form for a longer length of time. Tawrens discovers the location of this equipment and breaks in to sabotage their experiments. Inside Banning's laboratories he comes across a thief who has beaten him to the prototype, a human female, who gets away from him and Banning's security. Knowing that she doesn't realize what trouble she has got herself into Tawrens, Ethaniel and Laura try to find her before Gant does.moreless
    • Bounty Hunter
      Bounty Hunter
      Episode 10
      Byder discovers the location of Ethaniels brother, Thorber, and Ethaniel goes to the airport to meet up with him. He arrives at the same time as Myroc, a bounty hunter hired by Banning to find Isaac Lobel. Isaac has a computer disc full of information about Banning's contacts and is going to sell it to Thorber. Myroc manages to capture Ethaniel and tells Thorber he will trade his brother for the disc. Laura, Thorber and Isaac join together to try and find Ethaniel and Myroc while Byder gets left with the job of looking after Emil, Isaac's brat of a son.moreless
    • Death Trap
      Death Trap
      Episode 9
      Louis, a friend of Byders', is killed while trying to break into a new corporate building. He and Byder had traced its ownership to Banning. Ethaniel and Laura go to the building to investigate and discover that not only is the building alive but it is an actual death trap. The man in charge of the building, Lethan, decides to test out it's traps on the two of them, against Banning's orders.moreless
    • Making Love
      Making Love
      Episode 8
      Ethaniel sees an advert for a new perfume on the TV and immediately likes the model in it. Later news broadcasts show the model and her boss, Michel Couprie world famous fashion designer and creator of the perfume, at a party of some kind, with them is Banning. Laura and Ethaniel want to know what Banning is up to and why he would want to be involved with a new perfume.moreless
    • Tawrens
      Episode 7
      Banning wants to get his hands on a formula that will enable him to make the chemicals that he needs to continue his experiments. His people attack Plaxico industries, the only place where he can find them. Ethaniel and Laura try to warn the owner of the company but are too late. Leading the attack group is a man called Tawrens, Ethaniels best friend. Ethaniel captures Tawrens and tries to find out what Banning has done to him to turn him from a fighter sent to stop Banning to someone who is now his number one soldier.moreless
    • Never Go Home
      Never Go Home
      Episode 6
      Banning and Dent kidnap a friend of Laura's who is also a 'remote viewer', someone who can 'see' other places from a distance, to try and locate her and Ethaniel. They also visit Laura's parents, to warn them about Ethaniel and about how dangerous an individual he is. If they turn up there Banning gives them his number so that they can come and 'help' Laura.moreless
    • Watery Grave
      Watery Grave
      Episode 5
      Byder gets some information about the theft of the Stone of Sorrow from a museum. The interest to Ethaniel and Laura is that a guard swears that the two men who stole it carried it out themselves. This would be impossible for humans, as it weighs 3 tons. Banning and Gant are their main suspects, but what would they want with an old relic?moreless
    • The Long Drop
      The Long Drop
      Episode 4
      While watching the news Ethaniel sees his brother proclaiming that a businessman just seen committing suicide was pushed. Ethaniel and Laura head down to the scene and they find themselves ending up as the police's main suspects. Gant captures them and after they escape they try to follow his brothers trail and find him before Banning does.moreless
    • The Hunter
      The Hunter
      Episode 3
      Ethaniel and Laura meet a new ally while investigating one of Banning's company buildings, a conspiracy theorist who seems to know more about the truth Banning and the Eternity group than he actually realizes. Banning sends a fellow alien, Breed, to hunt down Ethaniel and Laura, hoping for better success than he has had so far.moreless
    • The Mission
      The Mission
      Episode 2
      Ethaniel and Laura, having been wrongly implicated for murder, are forced to flee from the authorities, as well as Banning and Dent, while trying to clear their own names.
    • Ethaniel's Story
      Ethaniel's Story
      Episode 1
      An intergalactic assassin arrives on Earth to stop a fellow alien bent on destroying humanity and remaking the world for his own species. He meets up with, and is helped by, a beautiful psychiatrist.