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The world is in danger! Only five ten-year-old kids and 1 who loves show are our only hope! Problem: Adults have become tyrants over kids. Solution: five kids decide to change that for themselves and the world. Join these five kids and 1 lover of knd (known by Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, and so on) as they battle evil ranting (yet determined) grown-ups, candy pirates, their arch Nemesis, the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, their Father, a man of fiery powers and that was once known as "Mr. Wigglestines" and his many minions (such as Numbuh 5's older sister, Cree and ex-operative Numbuh 274, Chad). But they also have to deal with havoc amongst themselves... Characters: Numbuh 1 (Nigel Uno): Numbuh 1 is the bold leader of the group, hands down. With a fear of bugs and hate for the beach, he still can be the ultimate leader (he does have a girlfriend, and skill of thinking up great tactics and defense) and spare some time for an ice cream! He is the second youngest of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 2 (Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr.): With a skilled mind and knowledge of a buhzillion, Numbuh 2 is definitely the master in the building department. Also, with puns and jokes like that, what's not to love? He is the third oldest/youngest (In the middle) of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 3 (Kuki Sanban): Hugs and Rainbow Monkeys are just as sweet as Numbuh 3 herself! Known as "The Flirt", this Asian does seem to hit the soft spot of most. However, she may be out-of-it at times, but when you mess with something she loves, you have to pay the price with a she-devil. She is the youngest of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 4 (Wallabee "Wally" Beatles): Yes, his nickname ("The Tough Guy") does serve Numbuh 4 well. He sure has a knack for letting his actions speak, therefore making it easy as to what he's about to do. Though, underneath the hard shell, he has that soft spot (though doesn't show it) for people he cares for most. And some would say the person really up there is a certain happy girl. He is the second oldest of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 5 (Abigail "Abby" Lincoln): Numbuh 5 would be put in a different crowd from the rest... This laid back girl always keeps her cool, yet sometimes can get a little impatient. All else aside, she is probably the guardian angel of the group, guiding the others, while not getting in the way of everyone's jobs. She is the oldest of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 86 (Fanny Fulbright): Head of Decommissioning, defeat teenagers and adults, boss some kids around, this girl could do it all. Numbuh 86 is sure not only hardcore, but like Numbuh 4, soft on the inside. She may have a love for Rainbow Monkeys and thinks Numbuh 4 is pretty cute, but don't let that get to you. No matter what, she'll do her duties as decommissioning teens. Lizzie Devine: Lizzie is the infamous girlfriend of Numbuh 1, her Nigie. She was annoying at first, but the team has realized it could be much worse. Lizzie is the over-protetive type of her boyfriend and sometimes, jealous, but, she always is there to help Numbuh 1, even if she has to crash a couple of ships. Tommy Gilligan: Tommy looks up to his brother, Numbuh 2, and wants to be just like him. Of course, his love for his brother matches the amount of how much he annoys everyone... On the upper hand, he would make an excellent operative! If he can, that is... After a battle, he had to sacrifice his own membuhship to defeat the adults. Mushi Sanban: This little girl is almost exactly like her older sister, Numbuh 3. With the cuteness of a bummillion, she can just as easily get guys as her sister, "stealing" her "man", King Sandy. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane: The Delightful Children From Down The Lane are the KND's arch nemisesses. Working for their Father (see below) they are raised (or made) to give and serve the adults. But most kids, however, think they're creepy, for they talk and walk, and do just about everything as one. Father: Probably the most evil guy on the earth to attack the KND. Father is a conniving and scheming grown-up who happens to be the father of the DCFDTL (the Delightfuls'). He is bent on destroying the KND for interrupting his plans on adults ruling the world. However, he is no match for the KND! Cree Lincoln: Numbuh 5's sister, ex-operative Numbuh 11 (the best of her time), and one of Father's top worker is all Cree. She has it all, skills, knowledge, and a very suductive kiss, which Hank (who is Numbuh 2, teenagerized) has experienced first hand, she is an amazing teenager. But that's just it.. she's a teenager, working with the other side. Chad: Like Cree, Chad is an ex-operative (Numbuh 274, who, also, was the best), and he is also working with Father. He, too, has the skills, and the perfect kid--now teen--(in an adult's eyes), but he gets made fun of once in a while... for wearing a bra, which is really BRA (Battle Ready Armor) that can help him beat up any one and change into any one. Numbuh 362 (Unknown real name): She's the girl with the class and everything. Highest ranking, she is like president of the KND. And of course, she is one chick that Numbuh 86 admires. Of course, she tends to be rather annoyed with 86 easily. The Kid: Not much is known about this guy, but he sure makes Numbuh 2 want to beat him at everything, making him...basically, Numbuh 2's rival (even if he had to work with him). It also seems he likes to make other kids want to rival him, because he sure has Numbuh 4 on a knot for having a "fling" with Numbuh 3... Various Villians: Here's where you could start snoring because a long list of people ((Cough-Adults-Cough)) are coming your way! The list includes Mr. Boss (sort of the "Villian Leader", other than Father), The Toilenator (who just tries too hard and yet gets nothing), Sticky Beard (sort of Numbuh 5's rival, due to the candy-stash), The Cat Lady (self-explanatory), The Common Cold, Count Spankulot, and a whole lot more! They just keep on comin'! DNK: The Destructively Nefarious Kids. They're totally the opposite of the KND! Living in the opposite world (which entrance is through Numbuh 4's pool), everything and everyone in there is quite opposite of the KND's world. All the DNK are known as the "negatives" (i.e. Negative Numbuh 1, Negative Numbuh 2, etc.), and their names backwards. Luckily, by the end of the KND's journey to their world, they agreed to a truce that resolved their answers. Although, it makes you wonder if there would be more of the DNK... Rainbow Monkeys: Yes, they may not be characters, but are very important to the KND in many ways. Every girl couldn't live without them, and Numbuh 3 certainly wouldn't have her stuffed-animal filled room. Also, they are just as real as the KND themselves, but only a certain Asian girl would know. The Hamsters: The KND wouldn't, and couldn't sustain themselves with the power from the hamsters! They provide energy (like electricity) and can help with moving big things.moreless

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    Fan Reviews (256)

    • Looking back this show is a tad bit sillier than I remember...

      Sure the show never put much emphasis on character or story. Sure the writing wasn't exactly Shakespeare. But the show knew who its audience was and how to entertain them with endless fun, action and creativity.
    • This is Awesome!

      I love that show when I was kid.
    • Not bad.

      I hated it when I was 7 years old. Liked it when I was 12.
    • I used to love this show, but not anymore.

      I remember when the pilot for Codename: Kids Next Door aired when they were letting the fans vote for the next Cartoon Cartoon. When it won I was happy, I was ecstatic, I was...10. Then a year later the show premiered and it was pretty good at first. But like I said, I was 10 when this show was out. Then I grew up and realized how dumb this show actually is.

      Kids Next Door is just average. It's not the worst Cartoon Network show ever made, oh god no, but its not that good either. My main problem with KND is that it may send the kids who watch it the wrong message. For its about a group of kids who wage war against adults and teenagers. Kids can sometimes be impressionable, and if those kinds of kids saw how the KND treated adults, I don't know, maybe they'd be disrespectful to their parents. Especially considering that most of the show's characters don't trust adults at all. Especially Number (or Numbuh) One. He takes what he does too seriously, to the point where he had his whole team kidnap babies from the hospital because he thought they were being trained by the adults to take them down. Hell, he sometimes shows disdain toward his kind, not-evil-in the-slightest father. God kid! What is wrong with you?

      As for the rest of the KND members, apart from Numbahs Two, Three and Five, the other KND members aren't very likable to me, and so are some of the bad guys. Though admittedly, Father is pretty awesome. But the Delightful Children creep me out, Count Spank-You-Lot seems to enjoy spanking children WAAAY to much, and Toilenator... Complete fail. Though admittedly, he has some pretty funny moments.

      Kids Next Door doesn't have very good plots either. Also, the general setting of the whole show is just ridiculous. How are a bunch of 10 year olds able to build a large base on the moon? or build all of the ships and battle vehicles? It's like Phineas and Ferb, how the hell can they do all of this? They're like child McGuyvers.

      The show does get some points for action, and it can be funny at some times, but apart from that this show is a mixed bag. It almost seems like it's sending the kids who watch it the wrong message about adults. And with that, there are only some entertaining aspects about Codname: Kids Next Door really. I can't really say I like it. Sorry if your a fan.moreless
    • ignorant show

      It just teaches little kids to be uneducated spoiled brats and not listen to anyone but kids of their same age. Teaches kids to not care about anything, not knowing about future responsabilities and lack of obedience. Teaches kids to hate older people, making them think adults and teenagers are bad people, they try to make children think they can make their own rules. Who made the stupid idea to divide kids from adults making everyone a rebel even if its just a cartoon? Pointless.moreless

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