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Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 3 Episode 2

Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T. / Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jun 18, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T. / Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R.
Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T.: The Team attempts to crash the Annual We Hate The Kids Next Door Barbecue, only to find that the party has far more villains than they can handle! The team flees in their M.E.G.A.R.A.G.E. aircraft, but Stickbeard and his band of buccaneers do not give up pursuit! When their craft is shot down by the Sweet Revenge, they land in the worst of places - in the middle of the ocean, in a disgusting sargasso of asparagus! Stranded, lost, with no edible food, a bad situation gets much worse when they are found by a great white aspargus monster! And when the vile vegetable seeks to make them its prey, all hope seems lost. Can there be any escape from this savage sprout? Operation L.E.A.D.E.R.: Nigel is exhausted and dirty after a hard mission, and when he takes a break, Lizzie intercepts a mission spec from Numbuh 65.3. Deciding to give Nigel a break, Lizzie tricks the rest of the team into thinking Nigel put her in charge, and assumes the role as leader. But Lizzie is well over her head, as the mission involves foiling a fiendish football team with plans to attack the Moonbase... lead by the traitorous Numbuh 274! Can Numbuh 1 rescue his girlfriend, and lead his team to victory on this ghastly gridiron?!moreless

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  • Great episodes.

    Operation A.F.L.O.A.T.

    Sector V goes to Mr.Boss's "annual"We hate the Kids Next Door" barbeque.But they find out that every supervilliain is there so they run to their M.E.G.A.R.A.G.E.But after they fly away they are shot down by Sticky Beard and fall in the middle of...a sea of asparegous.Numbuh 4 hadn't ate and he gets mad and thinks Numbuh 3's Rainbow Monkey is a cheeseburger.He tryes to get it, but the children arent alone.A great white asparegous manages to eat all operatives ecsept Numbuh 5.

    Finally they are saved by Sticky Beard.They managed to get all of the children out of the dead monster.

    Operation L.E.A.D.E.R.

    After a exausting mission Numbuh 1 meets Lizzie in his room.She wants them to go to a football match, but Nigel is tired and goes to get rid of the strawberry ice cream that falled on him.When he is doing that Numbuh 65.3 calles and gives Lizzie some mission specs.After she convinces the team to go on the mission Numbuh 1 finds out about the mission and goes to the stadium to find them.But the team isn't there.They are in a beauty sallon prepping up.

    In the stadium Numbuh 1 meets the traitor Chad.He has plans to destroy the Moon Base using a foot-bomb.Numbuh 1 is tied and put in a locker.The others crash their transport into the stadium-ship and a match begins.It ends with the foot-bomb exploding on a touchdown.

    In the end we see Lizzie promising never to do it again.Nigel leaves the room and Numbuh 65.3 calls for a mission again and Lizzie sais:

    "Why don't you transmitt those big, bad missionny thingies to me and I'll make sure Nigie gets them.(puts Numbuh 1's sunglasses)moreless
Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Numbuh 5/Delightful Child From Down the Lane #5

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Numbuh 1/Numbuh 2

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Numbuh 4

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Numbuh 3

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Teen Ninja

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Mr. Boss

Recurring Role

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In "L.E.A.D.E.R.", how could Lizzie open the lockers if they were locked?

    • How come Count Spankalot was there he was suppose to be in jail?

    • For someone who was worshipped as the greatest KND operative of all time, Chad is really a lousy fighter. In E.N.D. he was flattened by Numbuh 4, and in this episode he was bested by Numbuh 1. Also, he didn't seem to be a very effective leader in this whole scheme. Either he really let his skills lax, or his skills were always lies or exaggerations (i.e. He was never really a hero to begin with)

    • Chad claimed that the footbomb would have totally destroyed the entire Moonbase; however, when Numbuh 4 spiked it, it only made a big enough explosion to make the stadium-ship crash. The ship was likely smaller than the Moonbase, so clearly whoever built the footbomb didn't make it strong enough.

    • In "Operation L.E.A.D.E.R.", Numbuh 2 still has his pilot's cap on when he's getting his hair done at the salon. Shouldn't he have had it off before going under the overhead hair drier?

    • At the end of the episode, when Lizzie receives another transmission, she puts on Numbuh 1's sunglasses. However, Numbuh 1 was wearing them when he left the room.

      Numbuh 1 may have had an extra pair of sunglasses.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Numbuh 3: This is not good! I'm gonna need more than one Happy Barbecue Rainbow Monkey to make this many people happy!

    • Numbuh 5: (After Numbuh 3 was eaten) Numbuh 3!
      Numbuh 4: The cheeseburger!
      Numbuh 5: Numbuh 4, that thing just ate Numbuh 3!
      Numbuh 4: But it didn't get the cheeseburger! Look! Numbuh 3 would want me to have it!

    • Numbuh 1: Is everyone okay?
      Numbuh 5: Define "okay."

    • (At the beauty salon in "Operation L.E.A.D.E.R."):
      Numbuh 2: Um, I'm pretty sure Numbuh 1 wouldn't take us here to prep for a mission.
      Lizzie: Well Nigie and I have different leadership styles---SO BACK OFF!!!!
      Numbuh 2: OK, OK, Sheesh! (Licks ice cream cone)
      Numbuh 3: (Licking ice cream cone) Mmmm, goody!
      Numbuh 4: (With hair curlers on) Numbuh 5, you've got to do something about this!
      Numbuh 5: (Getting a manicure) Nuh, uhhhh! Numbuh 5 hasn't had her nails done in ages!

    • Numbuh 3: (To Lizzie) Don't you tell Numbuh 4 to shut up!

    • Numbuh 4: Four! Four! He's our man! If he can't do it, no cruddy teenager can!

    • Numbuh 5: Aw, put a pop in it, Stickybun!

    • Mr. Boss: Stupid kids, you can't hide in my garage! Wait a minute... I don't have a garage!

    • Numbuh 5: Why'd you save save us, Sticky-bum?
      Stickybeard: Heh, heh. I might be out ta destroy ye Kids Next Door, but I'll be dipped in chocolate before I let a blasted vegetable do anyone in!

    • Stickybeard: Um, ye wouldn't mind keepin' this business of savin' ye secret from the other villains, would ye? They wouldn't invite me ta next year's barbecue if they found out...

    • Numbuh 4: (Hours after they crash in the sea of asparagus) Food, food, everywhere, and not a bite to eat!

  • NOTES (17)

    • We learn that Toilenator likes vegatables and hates meat.

    • Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T. is a team episode. Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R. is a Numbuh 1 and Lizzie episode.

    • We learn that Numbuh 1 doesn't like strawberry ice cream.

    • Among the villains at Mr. Boss' annual We Hate The Kids Next Door barbeque are Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, Toilenator, Knightbrace, Father, Stickybeard and his Candy Pirates, Miss Goodwall, Count Spankulot, Gramma Stuffum (and her liver and onions), a Cheese Ninja, Professor XXXL (in his turtle shell), Professor Bob, the Ice Cream Men, Big Brother, Crazy Old Cat Lady, Mega Mom and Destructo Dad, The Parent Teacher Organization of Eradicating Youngsters, Great Lenny Puttinsky, Common Cold, Mr. Mogul and Simon, Chester, Cuppa Joe, The Proper Patrol, The Senior Citizen Squad (in teenage form), an unknown lightbulb themed villain, an unnamed purple and yellow costumed villain, and an unknown "Sheep in the Big City"-resembling villain.

    • We learn the kids hate Asparagus.

    • L.E.A.D.E.R. is the 10th Numbuh1 episode of the series.

    • If you look closely in the "We Hate the Kids Next Door" Barbecue, you can see Count Spankulot. This Operation has to take place before Operation S.P.A.N.K because Count Spankulot is currently in jail because of accidently spanking a judge & his wife.

    • Each KND member in this episode goes crazy at some point in the episode. Numbuh 4 is obviously crazy because he's hungry, Numbuh 2 goes crazy because he is in the engine room with something swimming around, Numbuh 1 goes crazy because numbuh 2 got eaten, numbuh 3 goes crazy because numbuh 4 wants to eat her toy, & numbuh 5 goes crazy because she is alone.

    • The ending theme song was from the clip after Numbah Four makes the "touchdown" insted of the normal "5-4-3-2-1 clip".

    • On Monday, August 23rd, Operation L.E.A.D.E.R. showed along with Operation U.T.O.P.I.A.

    • Operation A.F.L.O.A.T is a Team Episode and L.E.A.D.E.R is a Numbuh 1 episode.

    • Numbuh 65.3's real name (if Lizzie isn't mistaken) is Herbert.

    • Chad's first official bad guy scheme.

    • Lizzie knows the real name of a high-level KND officer - just how much does Global Command trust her?!

    • KND Technology M.E.G.A.R.A.G.E. (Mechanical Extra Giant Airship Resembles Aged Garage Excellently)

    • A.F.L.O.A.T. stands for Agents Feared Lost On Awful Tide; L.E.A.D.E.R. stands for Lizzie Enthusiastically Assumes Daring Executive Role.

    • First appearance of Numbuh 274 as an official bad guy.


    • A scene where Lizzie tricks Numbuhs 2, 3, 4, and 5 into thinking Numbuh 1 put her in charge is similar to when Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles into thinking Sonic and Tails are after the Floating Island's Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.