Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 4 Episode 5

Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Feb 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

As the episode starts, Numbuh 1 is telling Numbuhs 2 to 5 about the Delightful Cake and how they will force the Delightfuls to share it, but 2 to 5 became unwilling to help as they learn the DCFDTL's birthday is in the same day of the Tubathon (all Sector V but Numbuh 1 cares more about the Tubathon rather than the Delightful Cake). The DCFDTL contact the KND and tell they will share this birthday cake. Numbuh 1 asks if they licked the cake. They like the idea but say they'll give the cake to whoever wins the Tubathon. Numbuh 2 believes his dad's old tube, Betsy, will win the Tubathon and uses his father's motto, "Farfegtubing". Nobody believes it as Numbuh 2 never won and everybody tells him to build a modern tube. At the race local, everyone is preparing for the race and, as the commentator says, the Delightful's cake makes it the best Tubathon at all and everyone can win, except Numbuh 2. As the race starts, the Delightful Tube reveals itself as a huge submarine with lots of cannons. During the race, Numbuh 4's "Tubezilla", a giant tube, is pushing other tubes out of the race until he tries to do it to Muffy Jenkins's tube. Muffy had hidden spikes in her tube and they destroyed Tubezilla leaving Numbuh 4 struck in a desert island in the middle of the river (he didn't want to swim). When Numbuh 3 arrived, he asked for her help but she didn't recognize him as he now has a beard. The Kid then flirts with her and the commentator says how Numbuh 4 is a loser in the race and in love and leaves Numbuh 4 still asking for help. The Delightful Children's attempts of taking Numbuh 1 out of the race backfired as their tube was destroyed by their own weapons. After the commentator tells about their defeat, the Delightfuls tell Father they are out of the race, but none of them was upset about it. As Father destroys the dam, a flood takes all of remaining racers out of their way, except for Numbuh 2, who had taken a detour and lost hope until his dad's voice came out of nowhere and reminded Hoagie about the "Farfegtubing". In a construction site, there's a sign of a skate park being built there by Evil Adult Industries. When a skateboarder asks Father if the skate park is open, he says is actually a giant cake mold where he's going to bake the Delightful's cake and throws the skateboarder there. Right after that, the kids caught on the flood arrive at the mold, where Father starts to bake the cake with all kids in there. At the finish line, everybody was thinking nobody would win the race until Numbuh 2 shows up. He was about to win until the commentator tells him about the other kids being caught by Father and Numbuh 2 gives up his chances of victory to save them. As Numbuh 2 arrives there, Father recognizes Betsy and says it never won any race and Numbuh 2's dad was a big liar. Father was about to throw flames on Numbuh 2, whose faith on Betsy allowed it to throw the fire back at Father and released all the kids, who took the cake mix to the finish line and all arrived first except Numbuh 2. As 2's little brother, The Tommy, gets a trophy, their mom says that for the first time ever a Gilligan wins the Tubathon and tells Numbuh 2 he shouldn't believe everything his dad said and that he once said Betsy would save all the kids (which it actually did on this episode) thus reassuring his faith on his dad.