Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 2 Episode 13

Operation: E.N.D.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jun 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • My review for Operation E.N.D.

    Operation E.N.D. is about numbuh 1 being a falsely accused of being the age of 13 when infact he is still 10 years old. Numbuh 86 tries to capture numbuh 1 but fails to do so. The episode in my view was well written in alot of aspects of the story line I enjoyed watching it and I also could not take my eyes off it all in all the writters did a good job on this fine written episode. And to the people who have not seen this episode yet you're in for a treat from this good episode.
  • Best episode, nuff said.

    This is possibly the best episode of the Kids Next Door to ever be created! I love anything adventurous and action packed like this episode, its absolutely excellent! I hope the dude who made this show makes many other episodes for the series much like this one, there are a bunch of other episodes in this series I enjoy, but not as much as this episode!!! Keep up the great work
  • "Character development",guess who's a traitor?

    i don't like this ep but i can't help but have an opinion.

    Someone is trying to decomision all of KND.Numbh 1 is the only one who got away,shock.He has to get help from Tommy,Numbh's 2 geeky little brother.

    Numbhs 2-5 are about to lose their memories.
    89-i'd like to say something on a personal note...i always thought u were kinda cute Numbh 4...
    4-cute enough not to get decomissioned?
    89 mad-AS IF!

    they lose their memories just when Numbh 1 finds everything out.2-5 are clueless about everything.
    Numbh 1-i knew that the problem was coming from the moon base,and i was right!
    5-what is he talking about?
    2-shh,this is getting good.

    Famous Numbh 364 was gonna turn 13,meaning he's out the KND but he wasn't going without a fight.He plans to lanch the base to the Sun(sounds fimliair)
    89 and her team were scared,so didn't do anything,so it was up to Numb 1...and Hoggy,Kookie,Wally and Abby...
    they didn't know alot about KND but stopped Chad(346),saved Tommy(yes he was kidnapped by chad)and Numbh 2-5 got their memory back.

    Chad meet Cree.
    Cree-finally,i'm at the Moon Base,and now i'm gonna send these twerps to the Sun!
    chad-tried it,didn't work.
    Cree-aww,i guess i'll go plan for another attack,
    Chad-need some help?
    Chad-i'm not a kid,i'm a teenager