Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 2 Episode 13

Operation: E.N.D.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jun 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: How could the Moonbase have been ahead of Chad when he took off in the shuttle pod long before the kids even thought to construct the fishing rod?

    • Numbuh 1 asks for Numbuh 5 to explain how to reel the base back to the moon when it was Numbuh 3's idea.

    • When Numbuh 4 breaks into Chad's shuttle pod, neither Chad nor Tommy, who have no air masks or space suits on, aren't affected by the immediate loss of oxygen to the pod when Numbuh 4 breaks into it. In addition, when Numbuh 4 breaks into the pod, the vacuum in space would suck everyone out of the pod, but it didn't.

    • While Numbuh 1 is explaining what KND is you can see the decommissioning machine in one of the shots, even though it was destoyed when Tommy ran into it.

    • Shouldn't Cree have been covered in garbage after coming out of that garbage disposal unit? She couldn't have been able to clean it out in the middle of outer space...

  • Quotes

    • Numbuh 274: (after Numbuh 86 reads his invitation) I told my parents I didn't want a stupid party!

    • (Numbuh 1 and his team have been captured by Numbuh 86)
      Numbuh 274: I'm sorry Numbuh 1, I tried, but the jig is up.
      Numbuh 1: Oh that's too bad, Chad, I guess I'll have to miss your party!
      Numbuh 274: I...I don't know what you're talking about!
      Numbuh 1: Oh really? I wondered why someone would go through the trouble of wrongfully decommissioning every kids next door in my sector, I was stumped, until I looked at my mail!
      Numbuh 86: What is that?
      Numbuh's not mine!
      Numbuh 86: Give me that! (snags the envolope from Numbuh 1 and reads it) This is an invitation to Numbuh 274's...13th birthday party!

    • Numbuh 3: Hey, Numbuh 4.Good luck!(she blushes)
      Numbuh 4: What...Yeah, I'm just doing my job.(also blushes)

    • Numbuh 274: Need some help.
      Cree: Sure kid, hop in.
      Numbuh 274: (Evily) I'm not a kid, I'm a teenager.

    • Numbuh 1: Okay, quickly! You are all crack operatives in a top secret organization of highly trained kids sworn to defend the world from the tyranny of adults. You are known by your code names: Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5. I'm your leader, Numbuh 1. You assist me in our battles against kid hating super villains utilizing our incredible 2x4 technology. Right now, we're at the KND Global Command Moon Base because we've been falsely scheduled for decommissioning. I failed to rescue you in time, which is why your memories have been erased. So now our mission is to defend our honor and our lives and discover the author of this insidious conspiracy against us!
      Numbuh 5: Right...
      Numbuh 2: So, when do the men in white coats come to take you to the happy hotel?

    • (Tommy and Numbuh 1 are nearing KND Moon Base)
      Tommy: Remember those flaws I mentioned?
      Numbuh 1: Yes... ?
      Tommy: I never designed a breaking system.
      (A noise is heard)
      Numbuh 1: What... was that?
      Tommy: Steering malfunction.

    • Numbuh 86: Hands up!
      (Everyone puts their hands up, except Numbuh 3)
      Numbuh 3: You can't fool me! You didn't say Simon Says!
      Numbuh 86: I said hands up before I blast ya into deep space!
      Numbuh 3: Okay, right. Hands up. What's next?

    • Numbuh 86: You made a mistake by underestimating me Nigel, but I don't make mistakes!
      Numbuh 1: You just did... you made me angry!!

    • Numbuh 274: I hope you all have sunscreen SPF Eleventy Kajillion, because I've just set this base on a collision course with the sun!

    • Tommy: What's it in for me?
      Numbuh 1: I'll- I'll buy you an ice cream cone!
      Tommy: I was thinking more along the lines of joining the Kids Next Door!
      Numbuh 1: You know I can't do that!
      Tommy: Well, have fun skatebording to the moon!

    • Numbuh 1: Come on team, let's get up to the observation deck!
      Numbuh 3: Why should we?
      Numbuh 1: Because the sun is very hot, and you don't want to hit it!
      Numbuh 5: Works for me...

    • Numbuh 274: It's a very special birthday present... to ME! (Laughs maniacally)

    • Numbuh 5: Whatever you say psycho, anythings better than playing around with these laser happy freaks.

    • Numbuh 86: Since you won't remember anything that's been said, I'd like to say something on a personal note. (Turns to Numbuh 4) I, um, I always thought you were kind of cute, Numbuh 4.
      Numbuh 4: Cute enough not to be decommisioned?
      Numbuh 86: Not even close!

    • Tommy: I'm Numbuh T!
      Numbuh 3: But T isn't a number.

    • Numbuh 86: Get them! Set your weapons to "ouch"!

    • Numbuh 86: Well, I've never said this to anyone before, but... thank you...

    • Numbuh 2: (Looking at the controls) So... I know how to do this?
      Numbuh 1: Yes, you're the smart one, that's why you're not on the pole.
      Numbuh 4: HEY! What's that supposed to mean?!?!?

    • Cree: At last, now I can detach the moon base and let it drift toward the sun! (Laughs maniacally)
      Numbuh 274: I tried that... (Cree looks over) ... and it didn't work.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • D.O.H.D.O.H.: AT-ST

      The D.O.H.D.O.H.s used by Numbah 86 bare a close resemblance to the AT-STs of Star Wars, haivng been used to defeat rouge Rebels in Star Wars, where as the D.O.H.D.O.H.s serve a similar objective.

    • Decommissioning: "Men in Black"
      It is apparently revealed in this episode that when an operative is decommissioned, he or she has his or her memories of their KND activities erased. This is reminiscent of how the agents in the "Men in Black" movies retire - they are subjected to the memory wipeing neuralizer device. (It makes sense, as both the KND and Men in Black must keep their secrets even from former members.)