Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 3 Episode 1

Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jun 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.
Numbuh 4 learns he is to be sent to a boarding school - but he isn't worried, as he's always escaped from them before. But then he learns that the school is being run by the evil child Madam Margie, a girl who is getting high-tech aid from none other than her future self! Madam Margie's abominable plan is to create a twisted utopia where girls rule the world, using a demonic weapon called the girlifying ray that can turn anything feminine! The team seeming doesn't stand a chance - until they receive aid from a strange source - Numbuh 4's OWN future self! Now the team must defeat this fiendish femme fatale and save the future, lest inter-gender relations between boys and girls perish forever!moreless

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  • Numbuh 4 is sent to an all-girl's bording school, led by a girl who wants to get rid of boys!

    This was an interesting episode, although since I'm a girl, I felt insulted a couple of times. (Did anyone else feel this way?)

    Still, I liked the concept that the episode jumped from the present to the fture, then back to the present (past).

    And the last part, which featured boys and girls playing togther was really sweet. Let's just hope this is what'll really happen in the future...
  • This is a great 30 min. episode

    Operation F.U.T.U.R.E.

    Numbuh 4 is sent to a boarding school.A girl one.There he meets the evil Margaret.Her sinister plan is to turn all boys into girls with the help of her future self and a time machine.He destroyes her robot and manages to escape, but for a short time.He finds out that Numbuh 1 and 2 have been girlifyed and he is captured.

    Then we see the world after 75 years.KND doesn't exist anymore and is replased with BND(Boys Next Door).Some of the heroes look like grandchildren of the Sector V operatives.There te future Numbuh 4 meets Sally Sanban(Numbuh 3's grandaughter)and with a little engeneering they manage to reverse the effect of the girlify ray.But Margaret turns all BND operatives into girls eccept Numbuh 4.using her time machine she returnes to the past just when Numbuh 4 escaped.Then, after some convinsing they rescue Numbuh 4 and destroy both time machines.moreless
  • This is awsome! Read N Agree with mine=)

    I love this episode this is great this is what made K.N.D. Good.This is the best episode 2 date. like those other one that arn't as good as but thier OK.this one Boys Vs. Girls. B.N.D. Rocks with thier leader with the eye thing. I hope this show comes with better episods like this one I like this one I hope U like it 2!
Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Numbuh 5/Delightful Child From Down the Lane #5

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Numbuh 1/Numbuh 2

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Numbuh 4

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Numbuh 3

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Girl Squad Member, Madame Margaret (Young and Old)

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Hoagie Gilligan IV

Recurring Role

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Girl Squad Member

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Girl Squad Member, Sally Sanban

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • If the "girlifier ray" only works on males, how come Numbuh 5 became girlified while Numbuh 3 wasn't?

      Response: Abby's more of a tomboy than a girly-girl like Kuki.

    • Response to first goof: They sometimes have secret opratives who don't get decomissioned.

    • Margaret's mole keeps switching sides on her nose.

    • Numbuh Four's "girlified" hand switches sides several times.

    • If almost all males are turned into females in the future, wouldn't it be almost impossible to have children? One possibility is cloning. Sally could be a second generation clone spawned from Kuki.

    • When Numbuh 4 is in the bus one of his sleaves is skin tone instead of orange.

    • How could future Numbuh 4 know anything about the Kids Next Door. Shouldn't he have been Decommissioned when he turned 13?

      Because of the threat of those girls working for Madame Margaret and Madame Margaret herself, the entire KND boys and girls and the Teens worked together for all those years and the because Teen treat was lessend, there was no need to decommission anyone, until all of the girls went over to Madame Margaret's side, then Numbuh 4 created the Boys Next Door.

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  • NOTES (18)


    • Margaret: No more sugar and spice!

      This is respectively a reference to The Powerpuff Girls.

    • Numbuh 4 had his hand gloved,like the one that Luke Skywalker has since Return Of The Jedi.

    • Blonde Leader: Cloud
      The blonde boy that lead the other boys next door looked similar to Cloud from the Final Fantasy series.

    • The Battle Scene: The Battle Scene
      The battle scene that pitts the Boys Next Door against Madama Margaret is remniscent of Star Wars's Battle of Yavin, as is the fact that the BND (The Rebel Alliance) is meeting in a hidden location, discussing the Super Girlifier Cannon (the Death Star) and how it's seemingly not yet operational.

    • Girl: More tea, Mrs. Nesbitt?

      This is an exact quote from the character of Sid's little sister in the animated movie, "Toy Story". Response: Actually, this is more likely to be a reference to Abigal Nesbitt, who is a storyboard operative for the show.