Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 3 Episode 9

Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Aug 06, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The twin Numbuhs 44 turn into kangaroos, with one small kangaroo in the pouch of a larger kangaroo. The twins are male. But only female kangaroos have pouches to hold their children.

    • Numbuh 86 is turned into a female dog. One of the Kids Next Door says "That figures" referring to the fact that Numbuh 86 acts like a "female dog".

    • While the others were accurately colored when they changed into animals, the animators went with having Numbuh 4 with orange fur when he turned into a koala bear, matching his sweatshirt. Technically, these animals have either gray or brown fur.

  • Quotes

    • KND operative: (to Tommy) "T"'s not a number, loser!

    • Tommy: (To the delightful Children) I wish I could stay and chat, but I can't talk to animals!
      Delightful Children: What are you--(The field engulfs them)
      Tommy : Tommy, you are some kind of---what?! (sees Children still human)
      Delightful Children: Oh? You didn't know? The ray only effects Kids Next Door Operitives... (begins walking towards him with the ray still surrounding them).
      Tommy: But-but how could it know the difference?!
      Delightful children: Who cares?! Father has thought of everything! Now then.....let's talk Turkey....(evily) TURKEY!

    • Numbuh 2: What... Its not my fault he is my brother!

    • Tommy: So what are you waiting for? Turn your kids back to normal!
      Father: Hmm... Naahhh. Those kids of mine can be really annoying. This whole sheep thing is probably an improvement!
      Tommy: Man, you are evil!
      Father: Yes... I know.

    • (Tommy just crashed into The DCFDTL)
      Tommy: Well, well, well, if it isn't The Delightful Children From Down The "Block."
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: It's "Down The Lane."

    • Random KND Member: (To Tommy) T isn't a number, you idiot.

    • Tommy: I work alone. I am the Tommy!
      Numbuh 5: "I work alone, I am the Tommy". He's definitely your brother, Numbuh 2.

    • Tommy: Welcome to the Kids Next Door, Father.

    • (After the Delightful Children are unchanged by Father's ray)
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: Oh, didn't you know? The animalization ray only effects Kids Next Door operatives!

    • (Numbuhs 1-5 activate their birthday suits)
      Numbuh 1: Tough luck, Father. Our 2x4 technology makes us immune to any ray-based age changing effects.
      Father: I'm impressed... or rather I would be, IF I wanted to change your ages!

    • Numbuh 3: THATS HORRIBLE! Yet adorable.
      Hey! That rhymes! Horrible, adorible! AHHH!!!!!

    • Numbuh 86: Who did you send in the mission??
      Numbuh 362: Secter V, Numbuhs 1 -5!
      Numbuh 86: Were... DOOMED!!

    • Numbuh 44: That figures....
      Other Numbuh 44: So, wanna run away then?
      Numbuh 44: Okay, AHHH!!!!

    • Numbuh 2: He meant THIS birthday suit, TOMMY!
      Tommy: Well, how am I suppose to know? I'm new here!

    • Tommy: Be brave, Tommy! Remember, the Kids Next Door never quit! ...Or do they...?

  • Notes

    • G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S. stands for Gargantuan Ray's Advance Decimates Unprepared And Terrified Escaping Soldiers.

    • Numbuh 362s nose changes shape after a while.

    • From this episode onward Tommy will refer to himself as "The Tommy" and wear a cape and hat.

    • This is a Tommy episode.

    • Father mentions that Tommy is the one who humiliated him. This is probably a reference to Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G where Tommy, with the help of Sonia and Lee, keep Father from getting the Code Module.

    • The "Birthday Suit" is designed to prevent any ray based aging acceleration.

    • Once a Member removes their DNA information from the Module Database they cannot be reinstated into the KND.

    • Father's "dog" is the same dog from Operation: T.R.I.P. And just like in T.R.I.P., it's really a KND operative in disguise.

    • Numbuh 86 was wrong about Numbuh 362. If 362 didn't like boys as much as 86 then she wouldn't have given Tommy any respect at all. Reply: Maybe Numbuh 362 has changed her mind about boys after Numbuh 86 had captured her instead of the fugitive in Operation F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.

    • There are two Numbuh 44's. The reason: they're twins.

    • The Delightful Children and Father join the Kids Next Door.

    • Tommy is permanetly removed from the Kids Next Door.

    • All the Kids Next Door Opratives (except Tommy) turn into animals.

    • New operatives are indicted to the Kids Next Door by inserting their boogers into the Code Module.

    • When the DCFDTL got turned into sheep, the middle one looked just like sheep from another Cartoon Network series Sheep In The Big City.

    • This episode follows up from events from the short Operation: S.L.U.M.B.E.R.

    • Here's what some of the operatives turn into (Also the DCFDTL and Father):

      Numbuh 1 -- Seal;
      Numbuh 2 -- Hippo;
      Numbuh 3 -- Crane;
      Numbuh 4 -- Koala;
      Numbuh 5 -- Gazelle;
      Numbuhs 44 and 44- Kangaroos
      Numbuh 86 -- Dog;
      Numbuh 362 -- Monkey;
      DCFDTL -- Sheep;
      Father -- Panther.

    • Numbuh 362 plays a major role in this episode.

    • During the Graduation Ceremony, if you look closely, you'll see Numbuh 86 sneeze. Apparently, she's still getting over her cold from Operation: P.I.N.K.-E.Y.E.

    • Tommy actually gets to be Numbuh T.

    • Sonia and Lee were seen briefly but had no active role or line to speak at all. Tommy was the focus of the episode. Maybe the other two graduates will appear later on.

  • Allusions

    • Numbuh 88's interrupted message:

      There is a Cuban shortwave radio station, called Atencion, that was filled with lots of mistakes in interruptions, one of which was a rooster crowing (like in 88's message). It was also sending messages to Cuban spies living in Florida during the 1990s.

    • KND Agent: Yu-Gi-Oh!
      One of the KND agents with 362 during and after the attempt to penetrate the transforming field has a hair style very similar to that of Yugi Mutou, the main character in "Yu-Gi-Oh!". Specifically, he has purple hair with blonde trim.

    • Father: Fantastic 4
      When Father flies after Tommy while "fired up", he resembles the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4.

    • Tommy: The Tommy!
      In the end, the way Tommy spoke and was dressed was sorta like "The Shadow". "The Shadow is the hero of an old radio broadcast. He has the ablity to cloud men´s minds so he couldn´t be seen. He uses that skill for justice.

    • DCFDTL: Sheep in the Big City
      When the DCFDTL are turned into sheep, the foremost sheep walks on its hind legs and is a spitting image of Sheep from "Sheep in the Big City". The show was created and produced by KND writing operative Mo Willems.