Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 6 Episode 1

Operation: I.T.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Aug 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Numbuh 362 doesn't want to be the KND leader anymore and has all operatives reunited to announce her decision. Before she does, Numbuh 4 asks permission to go to the bathroom. While he's out, she starts a tag game to choose the new leader and tags Numbuh 86, who doesn't want to be the leader but can't tag anybody because everyone fled from the auditorium. Numbuh 4 comes back from the bathroom and she tags him. While in hiding, Numbuh 1 finds 362 and tries to convince her to resume her role as leader. She says nobody likes to be leader and that's why they use the tag game to pick one. After his attempt fails, Numbuh 1 says he was it and leaves, refusing to tag her. Later on, Numbuh 3 was it and uses her robot rabbit to tag Numbuh 65.3, who later tags Numbuh 13. Because he's a jinx, all operatives nearby forced him to tag one of them. Several operatives were tagged along the way, Numbuh 2 was in a spaceship on his way to a secret place when Numbuh 5, who was tagged, says everyone knows he goes there to read comics of Rainbow Monkeys in love(he claims to only read the ads about video games). After much effort, she tags him and leaves. With only a few seconds before noon, he uses the code module to find the closest operative nearby, who turns to be in the moon base. He finds him in the other side of a door and tags him before seeing who he was tagging. It turns out he tagged Father. At the auditorium, nobody was happy about Father being the leader and he was told only KND operatives could be made leader. He then reveals he's an operative and shows a videotape made by Evil Adult Industries. After showing how Tommy defeated him, which made Numbuh 2 proud, this pride was over as it was revealed Tommy enlisted Father in the KND. Numbuh 86 shows up to decommission him, as he's not under 13, but he fixes things creating a rule against decommissioning the leader. 86 was about to ignore it when Numbuh 362 tells her about the KND traditions force them to accept Father as the leader. Father announces his plan to eliminate broccoli when he's asked about why should the KND trust him. father says adults also hate broccoli and that's why they force kids to eat it. After gaining their trust, he orders the operatives to take a rest in their treehouses for the operation. all they go except Numbuh 1, who is trying again to convince Numbuh 362 into resuming her role as leader. Father tells his real plan to the DCFDTL. He created a virus to make broccoli grows from every KND treehouse so they can't leave them without eating it. Numbuhs 1 and 362 escapes from the trap, but Father had anticipated this and gave the codemodule to the DCFDTL so they could track anyone who escaped the trap. Upon being brought to Father, Numbuh 1 tricks him into tagging Numbuh 362 so she could resume her role as leader. She still wasn't ready to it so she tagged the DCFDTL, who also don't want the role, so they tag Father. 362 also tries to trick him but fails. Father decides to run away and see if they can catch him. With some help from the codemodule and the DCFDTL, who also hate broccoli, they find him. not before 362 eats broccoli on her way. After that, she successfully forces him to either eat broccoli or tag her leader. father tags her and moans about his childhood when his dad forced him to eat broccoli. After staying unconscious for eating broccoli, Numbuh 362 wakes up and resumes her role as the leader of the KND.

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