Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 6 Episode 1

Operation: I.T.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Aug 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Superb

    When 362 wants to resign her position as global leader of KND, it involves a game of "tag," where whoever is "it" at a specific time of day is the new leader. Numbah 2 accidentally tags father, who plans to now be the ruler. Will Numbah 1 and 362 be able to come up with a plan to get rid of father?

    It was alright, the first half is great but I think it got a tad boring when father became "it". I did not like that much nor much after, but it was still great, grade is a B-
  • A game of Tag nearly ends in treehouses of bracollie and fehter rulling the KND.

    This is a great episode that devls deep into the characters of the series. I loved that they finally gave Numbuh 362 more time and gave a credable, if only for the KND,reason for how the leader is selected. I was also happy to see Numbuh 1 and his rather grown up reasoning behind not wanting to be the leader. His rather personal interaction with Numbuh 362 gives that pairing great hope and shows that there is the possibility of future episodes with the two. The return of the code moduale and fathers sneeaky way around being decominished shows how kids can easily overlook the easiest answers to problems. The episode also shows the new moonbase, a giant ampatheater treehouse, and the Canadian kids next door. Numbuh 362's heroic deeds to save the day gave the episode a great ending. I also liked how most of the main characters were IT at one point or another. This brought back great characters like numbuh 1-love. Numbuh 86's panic at being named it was also quite houmerous and a nice change to her usuall hard attitude and anit boy demeaner.
  • I thought that episode was great! I really like numbah 362.

    I really liked that episode. It was awesome! I'm a mature ten year old girl who dreams of battling adults someday just like Numbah 362, so that's why she's my favorite character. If I ever played in that show, I would want to be Numbah 363 in the same tree house as Numbah 362. I think she's the best operative on the whole team. I really think that this website should put some pictures of Numbah 362 that I could print and put in my locker. It really needs some decorating. I also think that Numbah 362 is very hip and pretty. I wish I could be just like her.
  • Very adventurous episode.

    This epsiode is very funny.

    I loved how Father became it, and was trying to destroy the world using Broccoli!

    I loved how it was a Numbah 1 and Munbah 362 epsidoe, and that Numbah 362's name is Rachel. I like that name.

    I loved the ending...

    Numbah 362 sacrifices herself, by eating through the brocoli wall. She forces Father to tag her, and then passes out. She waks up a week later, with Numbah 1 by her bed. He told her they removed Father's and the Delightful kids boogers several days ago. She puts on a robe, and goes out to speak to the KND. A member acidently hits her with a frisbe. She yells, "As the comanding oficer of the KND, I order you to GO LONG!"

    Plus the credits scene with everyone laughing at Numbah 4 who is still hiding, was real funny.

    On the whole, I thought this was a very cool episode.

    KND! Battel stations!
  • Rachel (numbuh 362) is tired of being the supreme leader so she starts a game of tag and whoeve is it at noon is theb new supreme leader.

    KND members around the world flee there treehouses so they don't become "it" even members of the same sector like numbuh's 2 and 5 get into it, and with time almost running out numbuh 2 tags the first person he sees to bad its father.

    But instead of helping the Kids next door he infests all of the treehouses with broccli, something he even hates, so its up to numbuh's 1 and 362 to set things right.

    Great episode, its good that they used more of 362 in this episode she's not used enough.