Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 4 Episode 9

Operation: K.N.O.T. / Operation: C.L.O.S.E.T.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM May 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Numbuh 3: How are we supposed do find him in this mess?!
      Numbuh 1: Simple! By climbing!

    • Numbuh 3:Maybe this guy can tell us where Billy is.
      Numbuh 5:That IS Billy!
      Numbuh 3:Really?Well, we can't except to get an answer from him then.

    • Numbuh 1: Numbuh 3! Are you okay?!
      Numbuh 3: Of course I'm not okay! My Rainbow Monkeys Pretty Parka is ruined!

    • Moosk: That is a maybe... But while Moosk may have gotten rid of your tie today, tomorrow there will be a new one waiting for you! And the day after that! And the day after that! But not the day after that, because that is the Saturday, and then there is the Sunday, when you may...
      Numbuh 1: OKAY! I get your point!

  • Notes

    • Villains: Abominable Snowsuit, Windsor, and the Queen Tie

    • Operation: K.N.O.T. is a Numbuh 1 episode.
      Operation: C.L.O.S.E.T. is a team episode.

    • This marks the second time an adult wants to help one of the Kids Next Door since Operation C.O.W.G.I.R.L..

    • Numbuhs 3 and 5 do not appear in "Operation K.N.O.T." It was the second time since "Operation L.U.N.C.H."

    • The operative that had the clipboard in C.L.O.S.E.T had hair like Yugi's on Yu-Gi-Oh.

    • When the KND roll out of the closet, two operatives are shown playing in the bedroom as they wait and a toy dog is shown, also. The toy strangely resembles "Spike," the dog from the Nickelodeon show, Rugrats.

    • This is the first instance of Nigel truly befriending an adult (other than his father).

    • Sector V must be somewhat of celebrities among the KND - the other operatives in "C.L.O.S.E.T." seemed excited to see them.

    • "K.N.O.T." stands for Kids Necks Overwhelmingly Tied; "C.L.O.S.E.T." stands for Child Lost On Seriously Elevated Tundra.

    • Judging by what Moosk says, "K.N.O.T." takes place on a Tuesday.

    • Credits: Billy and the snow suit are on a rollar coaster, at a baseball game, in front of Romance Burger, playing Ding-Dong Ditch, watching a movie, playing in the park, and then his mom washes the suit and the suit shrinks so when Billy takes the suit out and notices it, he starts crying.

    • This marks the first appearance of Numbuh 1's mother.

    • "K.N.O.T." and "C.L.O.S.E.T." are both Numbuh 1 episodes.

  • Allusions

    • 'Froggy' is obviously a joke about Golum from "Lord of The Rings" trilogy/movies.

    • The scene were Billy is suspended upside down from the ceiling in the Abominable Snowsuit's lair is reminiscent of Luke Skywalker in the Wampa Cave in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.