Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 4 Episode 11

Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Part 1: The episode begins 3 years ago. It starts at Maurice/Numbuh 9's house. Three Teen Ninjas break into his house and aim a gun at him. Maurice wakes up and yells "Kids Next Door, Battle Stations!" and Numbuhs 5 and 11 attack the two teenage boys while the girl wonders how the KND knew she and her friends were coming. Maurice attacks her and then the girl says it's time to play chicken, and then, the Numbuh 8 twins attack the Teen Ninjas. As the teenage girl aims the gun at Numbuhs 8A and 8B, Maurice tries to interfere with her aim by shoving her out of the way, unfortunately, the gun hits 8A and 8B. The Teen Ninjas run away in fear and the other KND operatives show up. Maurice and the others mourn the loss of the Numbuh 8 twins. Numbuh 86 tells the team the Teen Ninjas poxed them-- in which they infected them with Chicken Pox. While mourning the loss of Numbuhs 8A and 8B, Numbuh 5 gives Cree her hat back, but Cree tells Numbuh 5 to keep it. Maurice gives a speech that he will not rest until he totally, utterly, completely destroys the source of the Teens' pox. Maurice tells the Sector V team he couldn't live up to his promise. Numbuh 5 tells him not to fell bad about it and that the Sector V team will keep his promise for him. When Numbuh 86 tells Maurice he can blow out his candles, Maurice tells the KND it has been an honor fighting off adult tyranny by their side and blows out his candles and gets decommissioned. All the KND operatives are going to miss him so bad. Part 2: At the KND treehouse, Numbuh 3 asks Numbuh 5 what she wants for her birthday next week. Numbuh 5 says she doesn't want anything for her birthday and tells the team that no matter how hard they work, they'll all turn into teens one day. Numbuh 5 tells them that Maurice was the greatest of the great and thinks the Teenagers are recruiting him right now. Numbuh 1 says they can make sure the teens don't recruit Maurice, but Numbuh 2 tells him that KND regulations require operatives let decommissioned operatives live without interference. Numbuh 1 insists they protect Maurice. During surveillance, Numbuhs 4 and 5 see Maurice talk to a cheerleader and get attacked by Cree and the Teen Ninjas! Numbuhs 1, 2 and 3 move onto the scene with the KND UNDERPOUND and attack the Teen Ninjas. During the fight, we learn that the cheerleader is one of Cree's minions and the cheerleader kidnaps Maurice. Numbuh 5 goes after the truck, but upon reaching the truck, Cree infects her with chicken pox!

Then, you see a bunch of boats controlled by teenagers and the teens are cruising on the ocean, listening to a song called "I Hate Kids!" until Numbuh 5 attacks the boats and demands to know where Cree and Maurice are. One of the teens tell Numbuh 5 they're on Chickenpox Island and he refuses to give Numbuh 5 the coordinates to the island, but Numbuh 5 insists. The teenager gives the coordinates to her and Numbuh 5 blows up the boat with the KND MARBLE and takes off for Chickenpox Island. Part 3: Numbuh 5 reaches Chickenpox Island and goes inside a huge, metallic chicken. She searches the chicken coops, but there aren't any chickens there. Numbuh 5 wonders what they're up to and lands in the room where the Chickenpox Cannon is. Cree built the cannon. Cree tells Numbuh 5 she invited every last child to a Street Fair with pony rides and everything else kids love and all she needs to do is enter the coordinates in the targeting computer and every kid will be bedridden for 3 weeks and the teens are going to watch the kids get poxed during the Giant Pep Rally at the High School. Numbuh 5 manages to K.O. the teens who apprehended her, getting them thrown in the Chicken Pit in the process. Cree activates the cannon and the teens who apprehended her get sucked into the vacuum of the cannon. Cree and Numbuh 5 start to fight. The minute Numbuh 5 reaches the cannon, she tells Cree that after she blows the cannon sky-high, she will take Cree to finally be decommissioned. Maurice stops her and Cree tells Numbuh 5 he's one of them now and tells her that she wanted to wait for Maurice to be 13 years old so he can use her cannon. Numbuh 5 considers surrendering, because she says she will soon be a teen herself. Cree is proud of Numbuh 5 for surrendering and wants to hug her. An explosion occurs and Maurice tells Cree the KND have arrived and tosses a MARBLE at Cree, causing her to fall into the Chicken Pit and gets poxed herself. Maurice then says, "Never give up!". Numbuh 5 tells Maurice they must stop the cannon before it fires but Maurice tells her not to worry about it. The cannon fires but it misses the Street Fair-- it turned out Maurice changed the coordinates to aim the cannon at the Giant Pep Rally, getting the teenagers poxed! Maurice tells her he kept his promise after all these years, because the reason is that he got to stay in the KND organization after turning 13-- they act as a super-secret covert unit that infiltrates Teenager and Adult Facilities to gather the anti-kid information to KND Global Command. Maurice tells Numbuh 5 not to tell her friends about his getting to stay in the KND and if Numbuh 5 plays her cards right, she might be selected to join Maurice and the others after she turns 13. Numbuh 5 leaves Chickenpox Island with Numbuhs 1, 2 and 3 via KND SCAMPER. At the Lincoln house, while Cree and Numbuh 5 are recovering from the Chickenpox, Cree tells Maurice she's got a plan to get back at the KND and Maurice will do whatever it takes to destroy the KND. But he looks over his shoulder and slyly winks his eye at Numbuh 5, who winks back.