Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 2 Episode 4

Operation: M.O.V.I.E. / Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Oct 24, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Operation: M.O.V.I.E.: The KND and many other kids are watching a movie starring Rainbow Monkeys, in which more than half the dialogue seems to be about either having (more) fun with everyone or that Rainbow Monkeys theme song. Everyone seems to be enjoying this movie (especially Numbuh 3)... all except Numbuh 4, that is. In fact, Numbuh 4 despises the movie so much that he starts banging his head on the seat in front of him and also gnawing on that same seat. When the movie ends, the KND leave. Numbuh 4, of course, starts complaining about the movie, saying that he'd rather have his arms yanked from their sockets and jammed into his ears than sit through more of that junk. Numbuh 3, on the other hand, adored the movie. The movie they saw is actually part of a double feature, the second half of which is about to start, so they better start going back in. Numbuh 4 refuses, saying he's going to see a real movie. Numbuh 4 heads outside. He overhears an adult buying a ticket for "Violence: The Movie". Numbuh 4 gets interested. Then he sees a poster depicting a muscled man with two cork guns and a woman in the background delivering a flying kick. The two flashing captions read, "All Action!" and "No plot!" It is titled, "Violence: The Movie". He goes to the box office outside and asks for a ticket for that movie. But the ticket seller refuses to give him a ticket, because that film is rated R for adults only. Naturally, Numbuh 4 is disgusted, complaining about adults keeping good movies for themselves. He tries several attempts at sneaking into the theater showing "Violence", but gets caught each time, with an usher taking him back to the theater showing the second Rainbow Monkey movie. Finally, Numbuh 4 tries one last attempt. Numbuh 4 approaches the box office dressed as an admiral (he's on stilts and wears a hat, a trench-coat and a fake mustache and beard) and asks in an adult's voice for a ticket for "Violence". The ticket seller falls for the disguise and gives him the ticket. Numbuh 4 then heads for the theater showing the movie. He tries to hand his ticket to the ticket taker at the door, but he drops it. Since he's on stilts, he can't reach down to pick it up. But then a real adult picks it up for him and they go in. They pass by several adults who are all dressed up in thick coats, find a couple of seats and sit down. To Numbuh 4's surprise, there's no movie. Suddenly, Mr. Boss steps out on a stage in front of the theater and tells the audience the coast is clear. The audience members take off their coats and to Numbuh 4's shock, they are all villains the KND had faced in the past (and some villains that weren't seen in earlier episodes)! It turns out that "R"-rated movies are really meeting places for supervillains! Not only that, but the person sitting beside Numbuh 4 (the one who had picked up his ticket for him) is the Toilenator! The meeting commences, with the day's topic being, as usual, the utter destruction of the KND. The Toilenator then speaks up, suggesting that they capture one of the stupider KND, namely Numbuh 4. They could use him for bait to trap the other KND and destroy them. The villains actually like that plan, especially the part with the "stupid Numbuh 4". Numbuh 4, in his adult's voice, asks if he can go to the bathroom. Mr. Boss tells him he doesn't have to ask permission, since he's not a kid. So Numbuh 4 tries to squeeze out of the aisle. As Numbuh 4 tries to leave, all the parts of his disguise fall off, revealing who he really is. The villains all attack him. He tries to fight them off, but is soon overwhelmed. Big Brother grabs Numbuh 4 and brings him before Mr. Boss, who asks him if he has any last requests. Numbuh 4 asks for some candy called Chewy Pellets, which he gets from a snack cart. He chews on some of them, then spits them out at Mr. Boss and then Big Brother. He then battles the other villains using the cart's snacks. Then he uses the cart to escape while the adults pursue him. He abandons the cart as he goes before it hits a wall and covers the adults in ice cream. Numbuh 4 jumps up into the projector room, tauntingly telling the adults that they will never be a match for Numbuh 4 of the KND. He then proceeds to leave the projector room, when suddenly, the Toilenator enters first and confronts him. He tells him that everyone loved his plan and he actually thought he'd made a friend... until it turned out that his "friend" was his greatest enemy. The Toilenator then proceeds to "flush" Numbuh 4 by tying him up in toilet paper. The Toilenator is pleased to learn he had captured Numbuh 4, who suggests that he be in the movies. The Toilenator then thinks maybe he would make a great actor. Meanwhile, Numbuh 4 activates the projector, which grabs a hold of the Toilenator's toilet paper and drags him in, finally flinging him out into the theater with all the other villains. Numbuh 4 unties himself and leaves the room and meets up with the rest of the KND outside. Numbuh 1 asks him how the movie was. Numbuh 4 replies that it was okay and adds that adult movies are overrated. Then Numbuh 3 starts going on and on about what she thought of the Rainbow Monkeys movie, describing what had happened: the Rainbow Monkeys found a magic ball and how they got really happy bouncing it.

Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.: It's Numbuh 3's birthday! All the Sector V operatives sing "Happy Birthday" to her and she blows out her candles. Numbuh 1 tells Numbuh 3 to make a wish. In the background, Numbuhs 2 and 4 are whispering about how she will probably wish to go pick flowers with a pony. She then wants to lead a mission. Numbuh 4 is incredulous that she would ask such a thing, but Numbuh 1 complies. The operatives take Numbuh 3 to a restaurant, and convince her that buying a Happy Meal is a mission. So, she happily goes in and asks the guy at the counter, who turns to face her (revealing himself to be Chester from "Operation: CAMP"!). He asks her why she's there, and after a bit of dialogue, decides she'd make a perfect happy meal. Numbuh 3 gets knocked out and stuffed in a happy meal box, which Chester proceeds to sell to a bunch of sharks driving a car, in exchange for cash. After the KND, waiting outside for Numbuh 3's return, notice what's going on, they pursue the car in the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. 2.0. However, it is no use: the car dives under the sea, and the operatives mourn the loss of their friend. Inside the restaurant, Chester talks about his plan that he plans to become rich by making kids become his kid meals. Once a kid is now a kid meal, he/she will get eaten by hungry sharks. Numbuh 3 intervenes, and Chester worried that the sharks want their money back. He and Numbuh 3 fights, and Numbuh 3 puts ketchup at Chester's eyes. After she beats him up, she sends him through his own "Happy Meal"-making machine, which ends with him landing in a "Happy Meal" box. Outside, the KND make to rush in, but they pass Numbuh 3, who says "Hi, guys!". They rush up to her and cheer at seeing her alive! The episode ends with Chester waking up and finding several sharks circling the restaurant in cars, in classic Jaws fashion.