Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 5 Episode 5

Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 23, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Christmas Review #67

    When the Delightful Children From Down The Lane frame the Kids Next Door for raiding Santa's workshop, the KND must battle Elfa Strike to clear their names and find out what's really going on this Christmas. I thought that this was a perfect Christmas episode of "Codename: Kids Next Door". The storyline was very creative and handled very well. I'm super impressed with a Christmas storyline like this. The action was very good and can be quite dark in some parts. Some of the parts in this episode were pretty dark and the green faces that the sleigh give the Delightful Children and Numbah Four might frighten some young children. This episode did have some very funny parts that gave me a good laugh. Only nit-pick was that the substitute teacher villain was getting on my nerves just a little. It was nice for Numbah Three to give Numbah Four a present even though all he gave her as a present was french fries. The part that did make me laugh was when Santa Claus was reaching for Numbah Four's french fries then Numbah Four hits Santa's hand and says "Santa, get your own fries" then Santa says "Oh, just one" and then Numbah Four responds "no". Overall, a very creative and excellent Christmas episode of "Codename: Kids Next Door". 10/10
  • Kids next door Christmas special.

    When the Kids next door are framed for stealing Santa's gift making machine, the elfa strike team confronts them, but after finding out it they didn't do it, they travel to the North Pole to catch the real culprits.

    Good Christmas episode, giving a different twist on how Santa might visit all of the children of the world in one night, I liked the scenes between numbuh and 4, when numbuh 4 gave her the fries I thought she was going to get even madder, but she liked them. A great episode, just shows it doesn't pay to be greedy.
  • It's Christmas time again, but the Delightful Children from Down the Lane are panning to ruin it for everyone else! But not if the Kids Next Door and Elfa Strike have anything to say about it!

    I really liked how this episode was introduced by an announcer (Tom Kenny, I think) in the style of Stan Lee. And it was cool how they based "Elfa Strike" after specific X-Men, right down to the names! (Wintergreen - Wolverine, Coniferous - Colossus, Snow Angel - Storm [and from what I could tell maybe a bit of Angel and Iceman], Nutcracker - NightCrawler]. Plus, we got to see hints of Numbuh 3/4! This is defiently a great holiday episode!
  • I always knew Kuki and Wally liked each other.

    That was so hilarious when Wally gave to Kuki french fries for Christmas. It wasn't much of a gift, but at least Kuki liked it.

    This episode has been another proof of romance between Wally and Kuki. It's totally obvious.

    It was also funny when Santa wanted the french fries, and Kuki said, "Get your own!"

    I really enjoyed it. Romantic indeed.
  • Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.- The Kids Next Door are attacked by the Elfa Strike (X-Men Parody) for supposedly stealing Santa's "reindeer" but did the really? Or Is it just a trap?

    Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.- This was better than I expected. Personally, I thought it would be just another run of the mill, holiday episode. Yet I watched this a few days after Christmas and it doesn't feel weird too watch it. They made an episode with holiday spirit but no so much that you can't bear to watch it after the holidays are done with. It definitely was funny with the whole "12 Days of Christmas" defense mechanism and some other scenes. Yet when Kuki gets all power obsessed it got really freaky. Overall it was one of the better holiday specials. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. .5 off for how scary power obsessed people look!
  • This was so cute,.. but rather interesting....

    I enjoyed this episode of KND. I don't usually watch the show because by the time the episodes are halfway over I am so bored, but with "Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y." I watched the whole thing. I even watched it the second time it came on tv.
    I thought the little "X-Men" squad of super-elves was so funny. My thing is since I'm a BIG Marvel fan, I was just a tiny bit irked at first over them not making up their own good-guys and bad-guys. But it made it so... interesting. It was just so ... captivating I guess.
    I also liked how Cookie was gonna use the "reindeer" to give all her friends presents but then was corrupted by its power. That was weird. But I think the best part of the WHOLE episode was when Numbah 4 gave her the half-eaten box of french fries and she all-of-a-sudden was... err un-corrupted. That was hilarious! ^_~
  • Pretty good, could\'ve used a little more Christmas romance if you ask me.

    There should\'ve been some Kuki/Wallabee under the mistletoe action! There was a perfect set-up for it! Other than that, I liked the parodies of the X-Men as elves, that was pretty clever. Nice to see the Delightful Children put in their places. Also, Evil Possessed Kuki was scary as all get out.
  • A very Kuki Christmas...

    The KND are framed by the DCDL in a plot to make all the presents go to them and coal to the rest of the worlds children. Meanwhile Number 3 gets Number 4 but nobody else bothers getting her anything at all. The X-men-esque super elve squad was funny and the Fantastic 4-esque board of education was also funny. In the end Number 3 is corrupted by Santa's high tech reindeer belt and Santa sends in the only person that can bring her back, Number 4. He gives her a present; his unfinished order of french fries from earlier in the episode, Kuki returns to her normal self now that she has finally gotten a present and specially from her special guy...
  • Finally! Santa makes a little more sense!

    The device they came up with is pure genius! Santa would certainly upgrade, or maybe had it all along! he's magic! I found out when i was ten about the truth behind the Easter Bunny, Santa AND the Tooth Fairy... all at once! XD After that, questions come up: How does Santa get around the world in a night? How does he watch everyone? How does he know to skip the Jews, Muslums, etc? How does he know what everyone wants? And how does he know who was naughty or nice in ONE YEAR!? The computer answers all this and enters a picture! When he grabs the reins, he must have the actions of the children entered into his mind when he decideds who's naughty or nice. Once the child is decided to be nice, they get whatever was on their list and the others get coal. Now all we need is a way to explain the materialization and Santa is nearly plausible! The logic behind ol Santa Clause in this episode was genius and so original that I nearly couldn't get over the excitement! One day, Santa may actually exist!
  • This was a definate Character Builder episode for Kuki.

    This episode was soo cool. It was kind of like the Fantastic 4 and the X men. Numbuh Three kicked some Serious Butt in this episode. she's becoming a really strong fighter and it was really sweet & Funny that wally gave kuki his french fries as a christmas present when she turned evil because none of her friends got her anything for christmas and she got them all gifts. I find that sad that nobody cares about her, oh it was also funny when Wally came and ate the french fries he gave her at the end!