Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 5 Episode 5

Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 23, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Wintergreen shreded Numbuh 1's shirt, but after the KND's battle with Elfa Strike, it returns intact.

    • Goof: The Delightful Children seem to be instantly back in their regular outfits just after they remove their Kids Next Door masks.

  • Quotes

    • Santa: There's only one way to save your friend, Wallabee. (Rips the door open) And you're the only one who can do it!
      Numbuh 4: M-M-M-M-Me?!?
      Santa: You know what to do. Now get in there!
      Numbuh 4: Are you sure there's not another way?
      Santa: Do you think I'd be sending you in there if there was another way, kid?
      Numbuh 5: Just go! (Pushes him in)

    • Wintergreen: And what's your little friend gonna do with a...(opens gift and is shocked) Secret Santa Surprise Reindeer Monkey!?
      Numbuh 4: (to Numbuh 3) You got me a cruddy Rainbow Monkey!?
      Numbuh 5: Well, it's more than you got her!
      Numbuh 4: How do you know I didn't get her anything.

    • Miss Edna Jucation: Well, did you ever think of celebrating Substitute Teachers' Day for a change?
      Numbuh 2: There's a holiday for substitute teachers?
      Miss Edna Jucation: See? That is exactly what I'm talking about!

    • Numbuh 3: Wow! This thing can deliver presents to every kid in the world. Imagine, I could give even more presents to my friends. Yeah! Lots and lots of presents! (takes control of the Reindeer System) Even presents for ME!! (Muttering) Everyone was like "Oh, I forgot to get Numbuh 3 a present." Or "I was off fighting adult tyranny". Well, I deserve something for being the only one to think of others. I deserve EVERYTHING!!!

    • Numbuh 2: Well, that's one bunch of kids that won't be getting presents this year.
      Numbuh 4 (elbows him in the gut and whispers) Would you knock it of about not getting presents around Numbuh 3.
      Numbuh 2: Hey, where is Numbuh 3?

    • Delightful Children: Oh, hello, Kids Next Door. Is it time for your lesson already?
      Numbuh 1: We don't need a lesson to kick your butts under the mistletoe, Delightful Deviants!

    • (After he and Numbuh 3 are grabbed by Coniferous)
      Numbuh 4: Let go, you frostbitten freak!

    • Numbuh 1: Oh, why? Why does everyone always take my treehouse every single time?! Who's jumping on to take Nigel's pride and joy fan wagon now?!
      Wintergreen: Your worst nightmare before Christmas, that's who, bub. Now I don't want any trouble, kid. So I'm gonna tell it like it is. I want that gift little Miss Greensleves has got.

    • Numbuh 3: Well, it's really more fun to give than to receive anyway. Hey, you guys decorated for Christmas!
      Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 didn't do it. But whoever did went for the minimalest look. (The camera pans out to show that the treehouse is gone)

    • Numbuh 2: Hey, this tree is 560 years old!

    • Substitute Teacher:(after seeing her super-powered forces beaten) Don't make me call the Arbor Day Avengers for backup!

    • Numbuh 3(To Numbuh 4): Don't tell me you didn't get me a present again? Don't you like me?
      Numbuh 5: Yeah, Numbuh 4, don't you like Numbuh 3?
      (Numbuh 4 spittes on his french fries)

    • Numbuh 3 (When Numbuh 4 gives her his french fries): THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE (lets go of the Reindeer controls and becomes herself again) SWEETEST gift you ever got me! (Lands on him giggling) It's also the only present you've ever got me, but who's counting? AHHH!!! (Hugs him tightly)
      Santa: All right you two, take it under the mistletoe. I've got five minutes to deliver presents to all the good children of the world before Christmas is over.

  • Notes

    • N.A.U.G.H.T.Y. stands for Ninnies Almost Undo Greatest Holiday This Year.

    • Villains: DCFDTL, Miss Edna Jucation, and the Faculty Four.

    • Credits: Numbuh 3 is taking all of her Rainbow Monkeys off of her dresser so she can put Numbuh 4's gift (the French fries) on it. When Numbuh 3 leaves her room, Numbuh 4 sneaks in, looks around, grabs a fry, then takes the whole container and runs out.

    • This is the only full length episode that centers primarily on Numbuh 3.

    • For this special episode, the show's title uses a Christmas theme. First, the usual white background is replaced by the color green, snow is falling, and the logo is slightly changed with the KND bearing Christmas-themed items like Santa hats, candy canes, a stocking, and bells on leaves at the bottom with the show title in a more Christmas-like form of writing.

  • Allusions

    • The Nightmare Before Christmas
      Wintergreen uses this line in reference to the 1993 Tim Burton film.

    • Elfa Strike: X-Men meets Alpha Flight.
      The name Elfa Strike alludes to the Canadian-based superhero team in Marvel Comics called Alpha Flight. The 4 members of Elfa Strike, on the other hand, correspond more closely to four members of The Uncanny X-Men:

      Wintergreen (Wolverine)--short, burly, bad-tempered, likes to scrap, distinctive cowl style, 3 candy cane claws in each hand, bones laced with peppermintium (adamantium), calls people "bub".

      Nutcracker (Nightcrawler)-- German accent, born misshapen, acrobatic, teleporter, uses words like "fraulein" and "liebchen".

      Snow Angel (Storm)-- African-descent, white hair, serene, can control snow. (weather)

      Coniferous (Colossus)-- Russian accent, tall and well-built, transforms his body into pine needles (metallic material).

      Santa's Reindeer (Cerebro)-- No real reindeer are seen. Santa merely sits in a sophisticated computerized room similarly designed liked the Cerebro room at the Xavier Institute where he determines which kids have been naughty or nice. The latter get good gifts, the former, coal.

    • The Partridge Family
      At the climax of the Elfa Strike's Twelve Days of Christmas attack, a pear tree falls onto Numbuh 3 Three. The man seen emerging from that tree bears a strong resemblance to Keith Partridge, the oldest son of the family portrayed by David Cassidy from the 1970-74 TV music/comedy series.

    • The Fantastic Four
      The Faculty Four bear similarities to the superheroes who made their Marvel Comics debut in 1961.

      Thesaurus Rex (The Thing) having a monstrous exterior body and super strength.

      The Unintelligible Tutor (The Invisible Woman) whose rapidly speaking bad voice while giving lessons can't be understood. Also the only female of her respective group.

      The Human Text (The Human Torch) is lightweight, can fly, and use a nearly limitless amount of paper as projectiles.

      Mr. Physically Fitastic (Mr. Fantastic) can stretch his limbs, is very strong, and uses dumbbells as weapons.

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