Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 1 Episode 3

Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. / Operation: T.E.E.T.H.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. / Operation: T.E.E.T.H.

Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H.: When Numbuh 3 releases the hamsters powering the treehouse, Gramma Stuffums attacks! Will the Kids Next Door be able to fend off this foody fiend?

Operation: T.E.E.T.H.: When the KND get attacked by Knightbrace on the way to the candy store, they must use the evil dentist's own abilities against him!


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  • Best episode ever - Operation t.e.e.t.h.

    I absolutely love Knightbrace. my favorite quotation from him has to be: "What in the name of fluoride is going on here!?!" i even speak with a lisp despite not having braces or a retainer. (though i really want one.) this episode introduced us to Knightbrace and his insanely huge red toothbrush and mechanical and hysterical laughter. (which i think is so cute, but not as cute as his singing voice from operation v.i.d.e.o.g.a.m.e.)moreless
  • Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. After the Hamsters go on vacation, the KND have no power to fight off the new villain, Grandma Stuffum. Operation: T.E.E.T.H. A mysterious new menace is forcefully cleaning teeth, and the KND need tomoreless

    Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H.

    After the Kids repel a mass attack of adults with their high powered 2x4 technology, and Numbuh 2 doesn't go further than using a giant rubber band, Numbuh 1 shows his friend (and us viewers) the central power-supply for the Kids Next Door Treehouse - a huge network of running hamsters on wheels that provide the KND with power.

    But when Numbuh 3 lets all the hamsters go on vacation, the KND are left in the dark.

    Meanwhile, the Delightful Children From Down The Lane recruit the maniacal Grandma Stuffum to fatten up the "skinny" Kids Next Door.

    Without power for their 2x4 weapons, the Kids must fight the new villain's feast head-to-head, and the enemy forces itself upon the kids, and into their stomachs.

    Only Numbuh 2 seems immune to Grandma Stuffum's disgusting food, but even he can't beat back so many courses.

    At the last minute, the hamsters return, devour Grandma Stuffum's feast, and the evil ogre is catapulted out of the Treehouse and back to the "skinny" Delightful Children, who she then feeds the rest of her arsenal to.

    Operation: T.E.E.T.H.

    Numbuh 3 was just a happy-go-lucky, candy-loving girl whose teeth were as rotted out as all the other Kids Next Door, but one afternoon when she was sent to get candy for her fellow operatives, she was attacked by some phantom adult that turned her teeth pearly white!

    After going into the neighborhood where she got cleaned, the kids are accosted by Dr. Teef, a charming dentist who offers them free check ups. Naturally they turn him down and head to pick up their candy. He grits his teeth, but lets it go.

    Though it's after closing time, the nice owner of the candy store gladly opens the door to his shop. Then on the way home, Numbuh 4 gets nabbed and fitted with braces, while Numbuhs 2 and 5 get roped together with Dental floss.

    Returning to the scene of the crime, the Kids run into the Enamel Avenger, Nightbrace! Though convinced he's Dr. Teef, it turns out to be the Candy Store owner, a Dental school drop out who wanted to correct the damage he'd done through selling cavity causing candy to children.

    Dr. Teef lends the kids a hand and Nightbrace is subdued, but the kids still blow him off on the free check up.moreless
Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Numbuh 5, Delightful Children from Down the Lane #5

Benjamin Diskin

Benjamin Diskin

Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Delightful Children from Down the Lane #1 and #2

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Numbuh 4, Delightful Children from Down the Lane #4

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Numbuh 3

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Mr. Jelly/Principal/Liver/Nightbrace

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Mad Dad/Dr. Teef

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Mid Western/Mom/Grandma Stuffum

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The KND didn't chew the food, so how come they didn't vomit when the food stuffed themselves down their throats?

    • When Numbuhs 1,3,4 and 5 all get fat from the food, their clothes still fit them when they should actually be too small on them.

    • The DCFDTL's mansion seems to be close to the KND treehouse when they meet Gramma Stuffum, but when Gramma Stuffum is thrown out of it, it's in a different position then before.

    • Wouldn't Numbuh 2 die from rolling down the stairs?

      Reply: just because he fell down the stairs doesn't mean he would die he got lucky and escaped without a scratch

    • At the start of Operation: T.E.E.T.H., Numbuh 3 was at the end of a block, and went around it 3 times and then was on the same street she was before when she went down the alley.

    • How can the KND live next door to the DCFDTL, if the DCFDTL live down the lane from KND?

    • In Operation: T.E.E.T.H., the kids have rotting teeth when they are seen up close, but from far away, the teeth are normal.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Numbuh 5: What DO hamsters do on vacation anyways? (scene switches with hamsters having fun on a beach)

    • Numbuh 5: (fighting the sandwich monster) I'm gonna grill your chin! (Realizes the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. doesn't work)
      Aw, man!

    • Delightful Children From Down the Lane: Thank you for coming Mr. Toilenator, but you're not the type of villain we're looking for...
      Toilenator: Wait, I can do other stuff!
      (They throw a switch and he's catapulted out of the house.)

    • Liver: We're having hamsters for dessert?

    • Numbuh 2: Ahem.
      Gramma Stuffum: What?
      Numbuh 2: It's snack time, freuline.
      Numbuh 5: "Snack time, freuline"? You got to be kiddin'.

    • Gramma Stuffum: Ach! You are childrens! And so skinny are you! Gramma Stuffum make snack of liverwurst headchease casserole!
      (The meal in time advances toward DCFDTL)
      Delightful Children From Down the Lane: (Looking worried) But we've already eaten!
      Gramma Stuffum: Nonsense! You are so very SKINNY!

    • Delightful Children From Down Lane: But if we eat all of your delicious foods, there won't be any to feed those poor, hungry, Kids Next Door.
      Gramma Stuffum: Hungry?
      Delightful Children From Down the Lane: They're famished!. And they live right next door.....

    • Numbuh 2: We've had enough of your gross, slimy cookin', lady, so I'm sendin' this dish back to the kitchen!
      Numbuh 5: "Sendin' it back to the... "? Come on, man!

    • Numbuh 5: (Talking to Numbuh 1) Come on. What could happen?
      Numbuh 1: What could happen?!? (Grandma Stuffum busts through the wall, he points at her and looks at Numbuh 5) THAT COULD HAPPEN!!!

    • Delightful Children From Down the Lane: Really! We just ate! AAAAAHHHH!!!

    • Knightbrace: Maybe four out of five dentists can't stop you Kids Next Door... but I'M THE FIFTH!!

    • Knightbrace: What in the name of fluoride is going on?

  • NOTES (7)

    • First Appearance(s): Knightbrace, the Toilenator, Gramma Stuffum, and the Parent Teacher Organization of Eradicating Youngsters (P.T.O.O.E.Y. for short).

    • Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. stands for - New Orders - Pulverize Opposition Without Using Hamsters.
      Operation: T.E.E.T.H. stands for - Tooth Extracting Enemy Terrorizes Headquarters.

    • Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. is on the Codename: Kids Next Door GBA Video.

    • Knightbrace's real name is Mr. Jelly, who runs his family's candy store. He really wanted to become a dentist, but was kicked out of dental school for trying to put braces on babies. He took on the Knightbrace moniker to compensate for selling candy products that end up rotting kids' teeth.

    • Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. is a Numbuh 2 episode.
      Operation: T.E.E.T.H. is a team episode.

    • KND Technology: S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. (Solid Pine Loaded Artillery Nicely Kicks Enemy Rear), T.H.U.M.P.E.R. (Teddy Hurling Ultra Microwave Powered Ejection Rifle), S.C.A.M.P.P. (Soup Can And Magnified Photon Phaser).

    • Villains: Gramma Stuffum, Liver and Onions, The Parent Teacher Organization of Eradicating Youngsters, DCFDTL, and Knightbrace.


    • In Operation N.O.-P.O.W.U.H. Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 4 are making buzzing sounds and having a sword-fight with the light beams of their flashlights as pretend blades.
      It's an obvious reference to the lightsabers from Star Wars.