Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 1 Episode 11

Operation: P.I.A.N.O. / Operation: Z.O.O.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Feb 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Has anyone noticed that some of the KND villains resemble animals?

      Mr. Fibb: Walrus
      Mr. Wink: Buffalo
      Professor XXXL: Turtle, Lobster, and other animals via his kooky experiments.
      Ms. Goodwall: Ox

    • Real tranqillizers wouldnt work that quickly,in reality they would stagger around for about 5 seconds.

    • At the end of Operation: P.I.A.N.O., when the Hamsters Next Door run to the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W., 5-Hamster has the 5 backwards and 4-Hamster is tilted 90 degrees and has part of its number 4 missing.

  • Quotes

    • (doorbell rings)
      Numbuh 1: (answers door) Yeah?
      Mrs. Goodwall: Hello. I'm looking for.......(looks at clipboard) the Kids Next Floor?
      Numbuh 1: That's Kids Next DOOR.
      Mrs. Goodwall: Oh, right. Are you one of them.
      Numbuh 1: I'm their leader.
      Mrs. Goodwall: My name is Mrs. Goodwall and I'd like to invite you and your friends to my children's zoo.
      Numbuh 1: (uninterested) Yeah, like I really want to spend my time petting a goat (turns and walks inside).
      Mrs. Goodwall: Wait, you don't understand! (door slams shut). Oh, how impolite.

    • Numbuh 5: Wind it again!
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: It's broken!
      Numbuh 5: WIND IT AGAIN!
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: Okay, okay. But we're telling you this is a waste of time.

    • Numbuh 1: So, ya want to go back home?
      Numbuh 5: Nuhuh! Numbah 5's startin' to like the zoo!

    • Numbuh 4: It's about time!Someone should have put you Delightful Children From Down The Lane in a cage years ago!
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: You mean like...your self?
      Numbuh 4: (Sheepishly) Oh, yeah. I hate it when they do that!

    • (DCFDTL and KND in fighting stances)
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: (Through gritted teeth) much! (Straighten and relax) Kids Next Door.
      Numbuh 1: You're (Cocks his head) wel-come?

    • Delightful Children From Down The Lane: Now we're stuck in here without music!

    • Delightful Children From Down The Lane: But we are good children! Please release us!

    • Numbuh 5: Yo! Delightful dorks, you guys wanna get outta here?"
      Delightful Children From Down The Lane: Of course we do, you stupid girl! This place is humiliating!

    • Numbuh 1: Okay Kids Next Door, quick question: what did we learn today?
      Numbuh 2: Do not deviate from plans.
      Numbuh 5: Teamwork is the key to mission success.
      Numbuh 3: Operational proceedures are important.
      Numbuh 4: Pianos are heavy!
      Numbuh 1: Ah, close enough!

    • Numbuh 2: Wow, he's cute and smart!
      Numbuh 5: Oh yeah baby! You got it goin' on!

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