Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 1 Episode 4

Operation: P.I.R.A.T.E. / Operation: C.O.W.G.I.R.L.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Dec 20, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Operation: P.I.R.A.T.E.: A pirate ship is moving through the neighborhood (and leveling everything in its path). Meanwhile, in the KND treehouse, Numbuh 5 opens a treasure chest full of candy and gives it all to the rest of the KND. Suddenly, gum wads start coming through the wall and hitting the KND. It's the "Sweet Revenge" pirate ship. The pirates aboard the ship all board the treehouse. Numbuh 5 quickly hides the treasure chest full of candy. The pirates and the KND fight. The KND manage to defeat some of the pirates with their SLUGGUHs, but the pirates soon overwhelm them. Having secured the treehouse, two of the pirates, Chewy and Gooey, signal this to the chief pirate, Stickybeard, who promptly comes in. Stickybeard is a candy-obsessed pirate, given the lollipop stick he has with him (that is, it's just the straight part of the lollipop) with gum on the end of his peg leg, some candy is stuck in his beard, a candy cane for a hook hand, and his teeth are in really bad shape). He demands all the candy, and Numbuh 5 refuses, saying he can have anything except the candy. But the pirates still take all the candy and take it to their ship. The pirates are about to leave, when Stickybeard notices the hidden treasure chest of candy. He takes it, too, and Numbuh 5 manages to burst out from beneath the pirates (that were holding her and the other KND down, dogpile-style) and grab the treasure chest. She says there's no way she's letting go of the candy, so he just takes her and the chest and warns the rest of the KND not to follow them. The ship "sails off" (in other words, moves away and destroys everything in its path). Chewy and Gooey bind Numbuh 5 to the mast with licorice, but she just eats it and gets free. She sneaks around and tries to take the treasure chest with her. The pirates notice her and try to attack her, and she's about to get away, but the weight of the chest pulls her down. Stickybeard takes the chest and throws it into the hold of the vessel with the rest of the candy. Seeing how much Numbuh 5 likes candy, he offers to make Numbuh 5 his first mate, and that they'll rob kids of their candy, and that she'll get all of his candy when his teeth are completely rotted. He tells her that she'll have all the candy for 200 miles. He adds that the 200 miles is in nautical miles, which he believes is more than normal miles. Numbuh 5 thinks about it, but then rejects Stickybeard because she doesn't want to leave the KND. Stickybeard makes Numbuh 5 walk the plank, but the KND arrive and save her in the nick of time. The KND had reconfigured their treehouse into a flying ship and they proceed to attack the pirates. This time the KND manage to take out the pirates. During the course of the fighting, Numbuh 5 tries to find her candy and finds it deep down inside the ship's hold. She's about to leave with it, but Stickybeard interferes once again. Numbuh 5 says she will see Stickybeard at the dentist. Then the two engage in a classic sword fight using candy cane swords, but Stickybeard manages to destroy Numbuh 5's sword, much to both of their displeasures (NUMBUH 5: "Aw, man, that was perfectly good candy." STICKYBEARD: "What a waste.") and he pins her against the wall. Meanwhile, Numbuh 2 and Chewy and Gooey are fighting over the steering wheel, causing the ship to move about in different directions. The steeple of a building smashes open the hull of the vessel, releasing all of the candy and stopping Stickybeard from finishing off Numbuh 5. A bunch of kids all see it and start eating the candy. Numbuh 2 asks Numbuh 5 if she's okay, and she says she's feeling sweet. The episode ends with Stickybeard, Chewy and Gooey sadly rowing off into the sunset in a really small rowboat named the "Bittersweet".

Operation: C.O.W.G.I.R.L.: The KND are all retreating from Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb's Superchair robot. Numbuh 2 is holding some kind of glowing rock in his hand. Suddenly, a rope appears and grabs the KND, saving their lives. The robot stops and Fibb and Wink don't understand what happened. The person who saved them resembles a cowgirl (we don't see the person, only their figure). The mystery person tells them they can have the KND and the glowing rock over this person's dead body. So Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink fire some missiles at her, but she jumps away. However, the KND lose the glowing rock thingy they had from before (it should be noted that it's encased in a small dome). The KND all wake up in a treehouse... but it isn't theirs. This one is a fairly broken-down in a strip mall. The cowgirl from before appears. She introduces herself as Lasso Lass. She claims to fight adults (never mind the fact she looks like she's almost at retiring age) and that she's the last member of the Cowboy Kids Club, which seems to be some KND-organization. Lasso Lass shows the KND around, except all of her "technology" she has is really outdated. But everyone except Numbuh 1 is absolutely amazed at it for some reason. (When Lasso Lass shows her tin can phones, she says, "Hello, is anyone their?" Numbuh One: "No. Would you like to leave a message WITH THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!!!") Meanwhile, Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb are arguing about whether or not they should open the dome (they're referring to the thing that KND was running with earlier). Back at Lasso Lass' treehouse, while the rest of the KND are continually impressed by everything, Numbuh 1 gets impatient. Numbuh 1 notices a picture of what were some ex-members of the Cowboy Kids Club, and Lasso Lass says they were really good adult-fighters... until they grew up. Then she says that with the KND they can reform the Cowboy Kids Club. But Numbuh 1 points out they're not cowboys and that you can't really fight adults if you are an adult. Lasso Lass gets mad and says she's not an adult. The two argue about whether she's an adult or not and Lasso Lass claims she can do anything the KND can, so Numbuh 1 challenges her to go get the dome. Lasso Lass leaves on her horse (named Clip-Clop). Numbuh 1 wants to leave, but the rest of the KND insist on staying and waiting. A whole day passes, and Numbuh 1 says they should leave. They're about to leave when Lasso Lass calls them on this old radio. She starts saying that they're having a pizza party at Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink's house, but then says that the KND shouldn't come and it's a trap. The KND are wondering what they should do. Meanwhile, Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink have Lasso Lass and Clip-Clop tied up suspended over what seems to be a pool of acid. Numbuh 1 shows up with a pizza box, and says he has to check to see if there's onions on it, and then he has to "call this one in". Using one of those outdated telephone things, he calls the KND to scramble. The KND appear in the treehouse (not their treehouse, the other one), but it's now turned into a giant horse robot. Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb pull out their Superchair robot and they fight with the KND. Finally, the two robots collide and explode. Next thing we see, the KND are also tied up and suspended over another pool of acid. Mr. Fibb accuses Lasso Lass for never growing up, and Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb finally open the dome -- it turns out it was just a wig, which Mr. Fibb puts on. It turns out that both Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb were once members of the Cowboy Kids Club. Mr. Fibb is mad at Lasso Lass because she only liked people with a full head of hair, and he was bald ever since the age of 14, so she didn't go to the prom with him. The branch that was holding up the rope Lasso Lass and Clip-Clop was tied up in snaps and she is free. She says she thinks Mr. Fibb looks really cute with the hair (though she calls him "Timmy"), and says he's so cute she could kiss him. She's just about to, and he gets really scared and runs away. Mr. Wink also starts running from Clip-Clop, who seems to be in love with him. Lasso Lass and Clip-Clop gallop after them into the sunset, leaving the KND still suspended over the acid pool. The KND (except for Numbuh 1, of course) are all bidding them farewell using "wild west" terms (i.e., "May our trails cross again!"). Numbuh 1 frustratingly demands that they cut it out, but they don't listen.