Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 6 Episode 2

Operation: S.A.F.E.T.Y.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • awwwww i LUVED wally!!! he kept me laughing through the eppy.

    Wally was so hilarious. he always plays this big(yet short)tough guy, but he's just a big softy. he really surprized me. i always new he wasnt as tough as he trys (but fails) to be, but wow. i loved how squeemish he is around blood. and how much he loves and protects his baby brother. wow. and i also can see joey (in ten years) being a super awsome knd member. that kid is brilliant. putting ketchup on his cheek to make the safty bots explode with confuson and guilt. that kid rocks out loud! i loved it.
  • a saftey freak builds robots to make kids safe, but it all backfires.

    The show opens with a butt smashing contest, and Numbuh 4 who is a five time winner loses when he slips on his brother's diaper.

    Meanwile a saftey freak builds saftey robots after seeing this contast, to make kids safer, but his plan soon backfires when the robots turn on all adults because they claim them to be a saftey hazard to kids, so with numbuhs 2 and 4, numbah's 4 brother Joey, safley breaks into the robots main base to shut them down for good.

    This episode was different in the since that it only focused on two KND members 2 and 4, and those two together make a great comedic team.

    I liked how numbuh 4 really cared for his brother at the end, even though it was just ketup, it shows that numbah 4 isn't that bad.

    Not the best episode, but still really good, I like when it just focuses on two KND members, maybe they will do more in the future with other members.
  • Coulda' been better--but I still liked it anyway...

    This episode could have been much better and less grosser, but when I first saw the scenes about the government meeting, it made me wonder that maybe there was a person out there who cares about kids; then later on he just became a psycho safety freakazoid. I kinda liked the robots, if they weren't so bent on safety. I found it odd that the robots considered sdults to be a safety threat! I also actually gasped when Numbuh 4 said that the main robot had hurt Joey, and he was bleeding; and I wondered whether it was real or not, because it was pretty convincing until they said it was ketchup. I found it very odd also, that Numbuh 4, the Tough One, was squemish of blood! He fainted after scraping himself!