Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 1 Episode 10

Operation: T.O.M.M.Y. / Operation: C.H.A.D.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Feb 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Operation: T.O.M.M.Y.: It begins when the team is attacked by the Common Cold, a villain who has the ability to spread his sickness to kids. When Numbuh 2 uses his orange juice attacks, his brother Tommy Gilligan interrupts, who wants to hang out. Numbuh 1 asks him to stop playing. Just before Numbuh 2 attacks, the sickness hits Numbuh 5. When Numbuh 2 is ready for his attack, his brother interrupts again, which he takes off his shirt, and puts on a cape to become a superhero. Then, the shot missed. Numbuh 2 tells Tommy that he and his friends were the Kids Next Door not superheroes. Common Cold shots a blast at Tommy, and Numbuh 2 gets a hit. The orange juice hits the villain, and the team congratulates Numbuh 2. When Numbuh 2 asks Tommy to get his own friends, Tommy exits the park, and went to the bus stop. Tommy began to feel hatred for the KND, because he just wanted to hang out with Numbuh 2. At the bus, Tommy sits with the Common Cold, which they became friends with a sinister laughter. At the treehouse, the team is sick, which they spend some time of blowing their noses and watching T.V. Suddenly, five flying plungers attacks the team. The team is captured except Numbuh 2. When Numbuh 2 went to the rooftop, he saw the Common Cold in his contraption, who re-names himself, The Flu Bug. When Numbuh 2 wonders that how Common Cold gets that machine, Tommy tells him that he builds that contraption for him, which Numbuh 2 tells him that their mom has one rule: They are not allowed to make super weapons for bad guys. When Tommy is happy that the Common Cold defeated the KND so that he and Numbuh 2 can hang out together, Common Cold double-crosses him by putting him to his machine, who has planed to spread his flu around the world. When Numbuh 2 used orange juice attacks, the machine is protected by that attack because Tommy's machine is designed to protect him from orange juice. When Numbuh 2 fires orange juice that contains Vitamin C, the machine is not defeated. Numbuh 2 runs for his life, the machine in pursuit, shooting at him at every chance it gets. Numbuh 2 asks his mother for help, who uses chicken soup to defeat the machine. Then, the team (all under the weather, even Numbuh 2) have chicken soup at Numbuh 2's house, especially the Common Cold (against his will). Tommy is now happy that he and Numbuh 2 can hang out together.

Operation: C.H.A.D.: The episode begins with KND operatives running from something. A mysterious unseen thing shoots them with a petrifying ray that leaves them motionless and trapped in a yellow glowing force field. In their treehouse, the Sector V team are watching scenes of the mayhem on their monitor. Numbuh 1 suspects that they are the last operatives on Earth (Note: On Earth, meaning operatives at moonbase are not counted). The KND receive a call from a strange person who appears to be a KND operative. Though the message is garbled, the stranger can be heard saying he is in trouble. So the KND head off in their KOLOSSALINER to rescue him. On the scene, the KND find the stranger, who turns out to be legendary operative Numbuh 274, who is being attacked by a robot villain named Mega Mom. She is the one firing the petrifying rays. The KND fight her, but she gains the upper hand (figuratively and literally; she hovers on jets above the battlefield), and Numbuh 274 says they can't fight her here, so Numbuh 1 orders a retreat. Claiming the KND "haven't been excused from the battle yet", Mega Mom blasts Numbuh 5, but only hits her leg. She is rescued by 274. On the KOLOSSALINER, Numbuh 274 explains that he has been chased by Mega Mom wherever he goes, and whenever he tries to seek help from other operatives, she blasts them. He asks them to drop him off somewhere, but they refuse, saying that it's KND policy to protect operatives in need. Back at the treehouse, the KND head to the Med Lab to see if they can restore Numbuh 5's leg; Numbuh 3, meanwhile, asks Numbuh 274 why there is a Mega Mom, but no dad. Just as 274 realizes he forgot all about him, Destructo Dad bursts from inside the treehouse, asking it they want to spend some "quality time with Destructo Dad!" The KND fight him, but just as with his wife, Destructo Dad is able to overcome them, just as Mega Mom arrives. The KND, all except for Numbuh 274, are petrified by the duo of Mega Mom and Destructo Dad. 274 prepares to fight them, just before they unmask themselves and reveal themselves to be his parents, dressed in suits made to look exactly like them. They explain that their motive was to stupify every KND operative except 274 (whom they call by his real name, Chad) so that he could be Numbuh 1. Enraged, Chad reaches into his pocket. Mega Mom and Destructo Dad cower, but instead of a 2x4 technology weapon, Chad pulls out a cell phone. He calls several important people (e.g. his football coach, the director of the school play, etc.) and tells them to cancel his part in whatever he was doing with them. Each call hits his parents just as hard mentally as a physical attack would (they even act like they are hurt whenever he calls). Just as he calls Joe's Tattoo Parlor, Mega Mom and Destructo Dad surrender and promise to revive everyone. The KND thank Numbuh 274 (Chad) for rescuing them, but all he says is that "it's what I do". At that point, Chad's parents show up, flying not in their villain technology suits but in a flying car (think Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and tell him he's going to be late for violin lessons. After 274 leaves, Numbuh 4 remarks that, even though he told Chad that parents are weird, he says "Chad's parents are freaks!" and everyone agrees.