Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 5 Episode 14

Operation: Z.E.R.O.

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • As a KND movie, perfect.

    This could possibly be one of the best things Cartoon Network has ever made. This captures the spirit of the TV show while at the same time, adding in slightly darker elements that merge very well. The story is full of twists and turns, action sequences that get really awesome, and still that very same spirit that made the show so good. Grandfather was defenitely one of the most evil villians in the entire series and I actually got really sucked in to the plot. Even though I first saw this movie years ago, I still love it as much as I did back then. That truly means a movie is good if it is timeless.
  • Informative!

    In this episode, Father uses a KND model to make his father, Grandfather, into the evil tyrant he was in the past, when Father and Numbah One's Father {who are revealed to be brothers in this movie} defeated him. Later on, we also learn that the Delightful Children from Down the Lane are the lost members of Sector Z. Now Numbah One must defeat Grandfather and save all of Earth. Will he be able to? Maybe with help from Numbah Zero, aka his father!

    A good episode, very informative and had an overall decent plot. My grade would be A
  • Whoa!

    This is definatly, the best work of Kids Next Door I have ever seen. Numbuh zero in Numbuh one's dad? Father is Numbah one's uncle? Whoa! Who saw that coming? I can't believe the Delighful Children used to be KND operatives. Well, besides that, I loved the action and suspense in this movie. The humor was great too. Numbah 3 and Numbuh 4 kissed, although it could've been a little more romanitc, but they still did it! Every second made you want to watcht it more, and almost every second made you laugh. Now, I think the ending was great; We Are Kids Next Door.

    This episode was so inspiering. Number 3 & 4 kissed (finnaly) and I about cried when Number 1 saw the recording of his dad. And I loved the ending "We Are Kids Next Door" This episode was the best in the whole series. It was full of twists and turns. Father is Number 1's uncle, The Delightful children used to be part of the kids next door. WOW! This episode had action, emotion, humor, and romance. Oh and zombies, don't forget zombies. And there were so many lines in this episode, especially Father's after the moon base crashes into his house "I hate everyone" LOL.
  • AWSM


    Stickybeard\'s pirate ship is named the Sweet Victory.

    Numbuh 363 is the younger brother of Numbuh 362. The taller brunette boy is named David

    Numbuh Two is Numbuh One\'s best friend since kindergarten

    Numbuh One saved Numbuh Four from bullies on their first day of school

    Numbuh Five was the one that got Numbuh One into the Kids Next Door.

    We Solved One Problem But Created another -Sensai from PR:NS

    Q: But What Relationship does numbuh one have with numbuh Three?
    A: She Gave Him Flowers When he was Sick

    Q: If the Delightful Children From Down The Lane were Numbuh Zero\'s team, shouldn\'t they be adults now?

    Q: How was Father able to use the Recomissioning Module on Grandfather if Grandfather wasn\'t a KND member?
    A: He\'s Numbah One\'s Grandfather! Remember!

    Q: When the Moon Base crashed into Grandfather, wouldn\\\'t the book have been destroyed?
    A: Maybe It\'s Actually The Core Of Lyoko Disguised as a Book, So Grandfather Didn\'t find Find The Book of KND, But could have Destroied The tooniverse for X-Tremebob(XANA and Grimlord)

    Q: In order for the KND recommisioner to work, Father waits for Numbuh 1 to show up to activate it with 1\'s KND DNA (booger). Looking back at operation GRADUATES, Tommy registered Father\'s DNA into the KND Code Module. So why didn\'t Father just use his own DNA?
    A: He Was Decomissioned In Operation: I.T.

    Q: If Monty Uno and Benedict Wigglestein (Father) are brothers, why do they have different last names?
    A: Maybe They were Half Brothers like Drake and Josh

    Q: Numbuh 101 said that he has got Numbuh 4\'s report that sickened Valerie in Operation: H.O.U.N.D., but wasn\\\'t the report eaten by her?
    A: Maybe He Used Nanotechnology to take it out Two seconds after Operation: H.O.U.N.D.

    Q: What are The names of those Other Delightfuls?
    A: If any Delightfuls Return, We\'ll Tell You
  • Well Done!

    I was excited to see KND was coming out with a movie, but I was skeptical how good it was going to be, since the show doesn't seem as good as it was a few years back. But I watched it the first night and was astounded by how much I liked it right away. I found the movie exciting and imformative, with some of the expected fun suspence. It was cool finding out that evil Father is Nigel's father's brother, and Nigel's father is the legendary Numbah Zero himself. The Delightful Children are the missing members of Sector Z. A lot is revealed in this movie, and I really liked ending.
  • Perhaps one of the best Cartoon Network movies I have ever seen.

    One of the most illustrious organizations in the battle between kids and adults was the Kids Next Door. These kids would stop at nothing to put an end to the tyrannical rule of adults. One day, an ancient Kids Next Door adversary rose again and became determined to turn the Kids Next Door into senior citizombies. Numbuh 1 fled the attack to try and find a solution to the problem. So he decided to track down Numbuh 0, an operative that most didn't know existed. The KNDNA Tracer was already linked to Numbuh 0's DNA, which ironically led him back to his own house. He had found a secret passage in his house and discovered one of the KND's hidden treasures: the Book of KND. Using the recomissioning device, Numbuh 1 discovered that Numbuh 0 was his father. Numbuh 0 agreed to help Numbuh 1 stop the menace and led him to another secret: the DCFDTL were actually Sector Z. They would help take out the stragglers at the Moon Base, while Numbuh 1 set the moon base to crash into the earth and Numbuh 0 would try to hold off the killer. Unfortunately, Numbuh 1 found that his teammates had been infected and shortly after Sector Z took them down, they began to transform back. Numbuh 1 launched the DCFDTL into deep space and used the Birthday Suits to almost turn his teammates back to normal. Working together they were able to send the Moon Base into the earth and put decomission the assassin. However, they lost Numbuh 0 in the process. Afterwords, Numbuh 1 made his mark in the Book of KND. He only wrote six words: We are the Kids Next Door!
  • numbah 0

    a code name kid next door movie where #1 tells the story of how number 0 saved the world from one of the evilestb adults ever papi who forced kids to work in his tapioca factory. #1 must fight off all the villians from the past including the space pirates. papi is rebborn and turns everyone into senior citizombies and #1 must find #0. #362 and #86 are made at #1 because didn't help them first even though it was a direct order and he said he had to protect the museum and #101. #1 learns that his dad is number zero and about the book knd. papi tries to get that book to destroy everything. #1 is able to save the world and return both goodguys and villians back to normal and is awarded the promtion that #86 had recieved. 101 kept trying to get number one's autograph in red but #1 writes george washington instead. during the time #3 and #4 where zombies they loved eachother. #1's uncle i Down s also attempting to be evil and he is the father of the Delightful Children from down the lane. a okay movie that could've of been better. coolchris44 out. i love gloria and kelly lombardo.
  • movie? come on!!!more than a movie!!!

    if you watch KND because you love it... you actually loved the movie... and if your a KND fan, (like me) then you expect another movie for sure... but actually the movie was great... nigel`s cousins are the missing sector Z his uncle the great "FATHER" and his dad was "numbuh ZERO!!!!" come on!!! if you didnt like it then or your a completely boring person or you just don`t like great action joking movies... who didn`t love the dissgusting numbuh 3-4 kiss... and of course the bothering numbuh 101... the annoying 86, the "always right" 362... the "heroic" numbuh 1... and of course... PAPI the most greatly evilry villain in the whole world (made in the old England for sure) anything else to say than 5 words only:"we are kids next door" and of course:"there is a story some kids tell not so long ago of when the world was ruled by an evil adult a story about a boy, his dad a book and a tree(...)"
    after that numbuh 0 & numbuh 1 became legend... just more than a movie...
  • Is it possible for a ten year old to have a heart attack? Because I thought Nigle was going to have one! This is a brallors of laughs and its just so cool! One thing for serenty Numbah one is in need of therepy!

    I can't stop laughing this was so funny! I mean I loved it when we kids find out the nasty skeltons in the closet! I mean we can choose so much in life but we can't choose our family! So it would seems Nigle is the son of the greatest KND agent ever! Like father like son! Still could the kid just learned to have fun without all the drama? Oh it just so cool! The DCFDTL actually KND they looked much cooler as regual kids then creepy souless children! I swear I thought Nigle was going to faint or have a heart attack or something! It got to have a lasting impresson knowing all this about his blood! Oh and for that stuff in the trvia and quotes section I have something to say! IF it works in the story don't sweat the small stuff people! It wouldn't make much of an impact on the story if Father used his own DNA would it? Numbah won't be guilt tripping would he? OH it is possbile for Monty Uno and Benny Wiksplu or whatever to have differnt last names, its called going to court and getting your name legelly changed! Come on people be a little creatve. And the sector Z are pobbley still kids because of whatever happen when Father made them TDCFDTL! Try thinking outside the box people! It nice what they worte in the book. And Nigle realzied something very imporant his dad may not be the super cool Numbar Zero anymore but he still his hero his father and making sure Nigle grow up to be a good man is just as impornat in stopping the evil adults! So time to end tranismish! Kid next door oprtieve 101487 out!
  • Numbuh 1 tells the story of a legendary KND member and then after words father unleashes a super strong villain that almost takes over the world but the legendary KND member is discovered and he and Numbuh 1 help stop the villain and save the world.

    This is a really cool movie, since they made the villain really difficult altough it would have been kind of cool if when Father had gone mad against Grandfather, if he were to have faced him showing Grandfather that he wasn\\\'t as weak as Gradfather thought he was but it was still cool.
  • One heck of a movie

    Even though I thought it could of been better at first, it got better the second time around. So many plot twists and turns. It was revealed that Numbuh 0 is Numbuh 1\'s dad, Father is Numbuh One\'s uncle and the Delightful Children are the missing members of sector Z. It would have been cooler if we saw more of the other guys instead of just focusing around Numbuh One but oh well. It had a lot of action and like I said had a lot of plot twists. This movie did change the way I see Kids Next Door forever
  • A lot is learned about Nigel, his dad, and the Kids next Door.

    What can I say about this episode but WOW.

    It starts off buy showing us what the world was like when The ultimate evil named Grandfather ruled the world and how one kids courage lead to his downfall.

    That kid is Numbuh 0, legendary in the Kids Next Door so much that most believe him to be a myth, only numbuh one and numbuh 101 believe he exist.

    So when Father steal the recommissioning module to return his papi(Grandfather) to power Numbuh 1 takes it upon himself to try and stop him...but fails, so its him DNA that is used to bring back Grandfather and purge the world into darkness, a 20's look-alike and every KND treehouse into tapioca factories.

    Numbuh one's only hope is to find and recommission Numbuh Zero so he can put an end to Grandfather's reign once and for all.

    Numbuh 1 gets an unexpected surprise when he finds out that his dad is numbuh 0, that Father is his uncle, and that the delightful children are the missing KND members of Sector Z.

    With time running out and most of the kids next door turned into Senior Citizombies including his team, he travels to the moon base with Sector Z as a diversion so Monty and Benedict can deal with Grandfather, and after Father blows up then simmers down he leaves Monty to deal with Grandfather.

    He holds him off long enough for Numbuh 1 and the rest of his team, part of them are still zombies, to crash the moon base right on top of Grandfather, It dones't kill him but lands him in a decommissioning chamber along with Numbuh 0, and is decommissioned, ending his terror once and for all.

    Unfortunately Numbuh 0 is also decommissioned, and before Numbuh one can recommission him, the recommissioning module breaks and a heartfelt message is played for numbuh 1.

    This episode was amazing, it revealed alot, about Numbuh 1's family and about the delightful chldren from down the lane, who would have thought they where once Kids next Door members.

    The animation for this episode was great alot of 3d graphics not seen much on regular cartoon shows.

    This episode was not shy on a little romance thought vague creepy Numbuh 3 and 4 finally kiss and twice, I say vaguely creepy is because they where senior citizombies.

    This episode did not disappoint, it had everything, including a great ending.

    "We are Kids Next Door".

    KND was always my favorite action CN original, next to the Justice League of course. At it's pilot premiere I always had high hopes for this show to impress me well enough, and it definitely has, and has shown much unrequested and unexpected improvements over the years giving it a place on my "My Shows" list. This 90-min movie was as big as its timeslot and exciting as the teaser trailer made it. Just seeing all those characters from the whole series being brought to war is just a spectacle. And so many pieces used from previous episodes made it even more interesting. This episode definitely packs a big wallop of KND-type violence and humor than ever before. Oh and so many things they even revealed to us, my eyelids were raised so high my eyes fell out. I would also like to say this beats the JLU series finale in the face!!! A Buh-million times (exaggerating...)! This episode gets 5 thumbs up and a mandatory must-see request for the fans.
  • Why did they release this on T.V. I would have went to the theatre for this!

    The story is not unlike most of the episodes, which it starts off as, but in a much more dark time, when Kids are enslaved for creating Tapioca for an evil Villain named Grandfather. When a young boy only known as Numbah Zero uncovers an item called The book of KND, Numbah Zero starts what happens to be The Kids Next Door. Fast forward to years ahead, where a KND code Modulator, which is grabbed by Father, awakens Grandfather yet again, and now plans to destroy the entire world by turning everyone's youth, and majority of adults into "Senior Citizombies", soldiers of Grandfather, who with the transformation of the world, make the world look like it came from the 20's.

    With very little hope for the world, It's up to the Kids Next Door to find the rumored Numbah Zero and save the world from Grandfather.

    This will not disappoint. Where most TV Movies have a very poor ending, this one actually is very good. Not only does it have an awesome ending, but it doesn't leave you with some kind of dopey way of finishing the show, like going to fight an enemy right after saving the world, or having a character say something stupid, and the end shows everyone laugh at the end.

    This movie gives you just five words to this ending, and it's probably the best ones to hear.

    Now, it may be short, but compared to the 44 minute DP movies, or the almost 1hr. 30 mins. FOP movies, this one seems longer then the two.

    If your a fan of the show, No doubt you won't miss this. If you aren't a fan, watch this movie. It's well done.
  • We are the Kids Next Door!

    This was an amazing episode. Full of adventure from the very beginning to the very end.

    I couldn't believe that Numbuh Zero was Numbuh One's dad! And that Father is Numbuh One's uncle, and that the delightful children from down the lane were the missing kids from sector Z!

    It was very funny. I laughed at all the jokes, all of those except the ones Numbuh 2 made.

    The new villian... Grandfather, was really evil. More Evil than any other villian on Codename: Kids Next Door.

    "Whats so wrong with having a plan?"

    "HAng on to your underwear!"

    "Sorry, the lower half of my body is still evil."

    "We are Kids Next Door!"
  • Once, an evil adult named Papi ruled the world. When his 2 sons found the Book of KND, one of the sons defeated Papi. But Father, the other son, has restored Papi\'s power. Numbah One needs to get help from unexpected places to save the world.

    This was, in my opinion, the greatest episode ever. Usually, KND episodes are silly fun, but this was very different, in a good way. It had everything: complex plans, plot twists, entertaining banter, formidable villains, exciting fight scenes, a sweet ending, and even a few bits of romance between Numbahs 3 and 4, all wrapped up in an engaging storyline that put every other episode of \"Codename: Kids Next Door\" to shame. All those viewers who claim to hate this program and post bad reviews about it should watch \"Operation: Z.E.R.O.\" It may just change their opinions of the show.
  • Awesome... Simple awesome...

    Operation Z.E.R.O. almost exceeded my expectations (which of course are WAY too high). Much like Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle and Boo Haw Haw, I was disappointed because I had my expectation set too high. Operation Z.E.R.O. is no exception.

    Now that I've seen the movie, I'm convinced to see it over and over again. I had my doubts of it being anyone but Numbuh 1's dad, but it became apparent when Numbuh 1 reached his house...

    The main reason I watched this was for the kiss between Numbuhs 3 and 4, which, being the person who can predict everything on a T.V. show, I knew would happen when they decided to get Numbuh 2's Atomic-Ageulatorabob. Something in my heart told me when when they held hands to volunteer to go get it. Sort of like a heart-sinking moment, like you know something bad's gonna happen while something good happens. I think Tommy just got in the way of that. I just sat there wide-eyed the entire time waiting for it. When they got scared and ran into the room holding each other was very nice. And when they finally ran into the closet, I knew that Numbuh 3 had been citi-zombied, otherwise she wouldn't have offered to kiss. But I loved Numbuh 4's reaction where he just sputters incoherently and then suddenly says okay. Then, that kiss over the transmission: I swear I was blinded at that moment; it was so digusting. I'm glad Numbuh 86 shot the screen. I am now convinced more than ever that Numbuhs 3 and 4 did not have their first kiss because they were the influence of zombies (Hey--they sounds funny Hmm--KUIZ--Kissing while under the influence of zombies).

    With that, my conscience keeps quietly telling me that their first real kiss may never happen. My imagination, on the other hand, keeps violently telling my conscience that it's wrong, becuase Numbuh 4 was so willing to kiss her, which may lead up to something soon. But, if memory of the kiss resides in both their minds, I'm not sure how Numbuh 4 will ever trust Numbuh 3 again...

    Another part I found funny was the 100-year old hamsters jumping on Numbuh 1's bed. At that moment, something in my mind said: "Even 100-year-old hamster zombies need to have fun too!"