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  • Love it

  • Looking back this show is a tad bit sillier than I remember...

    Sure the show never put much emphasis on character or story. Sure the writing wasn't exactly Shakespeare. But the show knew who its audience was and how to entertain them with endless fun, action and creativity.
  • This is Awesome!

    I love that show when I was kid.
  • Not bad.

    I hated it when I was 7 years old. Liked it when I was 12.
  • ignorant show

    It just teaches little kids to be uneducated spoiled brats and not listen to anyone but kids of their same age. Teaches kids to not care about anything, not knowing about future responsabilities and lack of obedience. Teaches kids to hate older people, making them think adults and teenagers are bad people, they try to make children think they can make their own rules. Who made the stupid idea to divide kids from adults making everyone a rebel even if its just a cartoon? Pointless.
  • Ok the last review was a joke

    Now for my real review. The characters are diverse and even the stupid characters are charming. Seeing Toilinator fail is hilarious. Honestly I don't mind toilet humor if done right and here it was done right. Honestly I don't mind Count Spankulot or the delightful kids and I love Father and the other villains. The idea was great. Also the animation is decent. Also the over exaggeration of this show is *** hilarious. Also I remember as a kid I hated brushing my teeth and loved candy so yeah I love the villain knightbrace. Also this show had great story arcs and I love them. Yeah my last review was a complete joke and this a great show and to be honest I don't care about the morals or violence in this show I still love it. Although occasionally it grosses me out and the animation while it isn't horrible is nothing special but those are only a few flaws in this other wise amazing show.
  • Good show for entertament but can teach bad lessons.

    This show is about a group of kids waging war against adults, this is meant for comedy, and it can I admit have a lot of bad messages, but still was a great childhood cartooon

    Only a show with talking ponies could be bettter. I'm 14 and I still remember Season 1 entirely (I WAS 2) I miss the Numbuhs entirely because they had a bit of humour
  • Teaches Bad Stuff

    Whats wrong with teenagers and adults? Teenagers and Adults help kids and this show is teaching kids that Teenagers and Adults are bad!!! Some of them are yes, but this show it too much!! Vegtables bad?!?!
  • Seems A Lot Of People Here Are Alien To The Idea Of A Joke...

    Many of the negative reviews of this show are repeating the same "Arrggghhh this is teaching kidz to be spoilt, lulz" argument. Folks. This is a comedy-action show. It's not meant to "teach kids anything. It holds a rating of Y7, which the FCC themselves described as "appropriate for children who have acquired the developmental skills needed to distinguish between make-believe and reality". So kids who are smart enough to know that it's fake won't actually be intentionally trying to get themselves cavities just because the kids on the TV were doing it. Apparently, people think kids are a lot dumber than they actually are. And people think that, shows like the Breadwinners appear. So give children a bit more credit.
  • ZeeQ Kids Channel in India

    Best education channel for the kids . My kids love watching this channel.
  • Love This Show

    One of CN's best shows. Though I wish CN would release the entire show on dvd.
  • CN at it's best

    I don't hand out 10's that often but man does this show deserve it.

    Comedy - Every episode made me laugh and still to this day

    Action - Over the top on the newer episodes and keeps me entertained

    Originality - Those weapons and gadgets are so detailed with the junk they're made of it's epic

    Characters - Every character is filled with personality and you actually care for them.

    I recently got back into this show thanks to Cartoon Planet and it still holds up very well to this day. Back when I was a kid I always wanted to be in this world that no other cartoon has yet to recreate in any way. This is my second favorite show of all time and on CN next to The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. I think this defines a "boy" show as it has so much action and epicness. I don't know how to put it in words but I HIGHLY recommend you watch this show and gets my "Buy Collection" rating.
  • My childhood

    Man I miss this show
  • here is my only review that i should be saying a very special favor to all of the knd fans...

    i am sorry that i hated this show, but i'll be forgiving you all for about those past days i don't like this show.. this show should be awesome and not horrible. sorry about being disruptive about this show, i can't help it when i liked to flag this show... this show deserves the best rating of all time cartoons. i will be positive about this show for now on, and i'll be forgeting all the hatred posts. my wish would be saying, i will not force this show off air, it will be staying the bestest show on earth.

    also, numbuh 86, numbuh 362, and numbuh 83 are my favorite female knd operatives of my life.

    cartoon network, you make my life become fantastic of these cartoon days.
  • So, Is This Childhood?

    Well, we all had our share in family arguments and child mannerisms, but who would've thought that a mere complaint from a child could lead to an all-out war between children and adults? Would it be a certain Mr. Warburnton? Yes, only he would have the idea of pitting children against adults in a war and put it on TV as a children's cartoon. From what I've seen, the villains were for the most part based creatively on everyday childhood dislikes and fears.

    Suppose that a kid is afraid of going to the dentist. That's where Knightbrace came from, who is a supposed vigilante who hates sugar and applies often disturbing braces on children. And how about all those complaints about cafeteria food? Let's leave that to Grandma Stuffum, whose goal is to feed children with strange meals that only a food-loving cartoon character would eat until they get "I wash myself with a rag on a stick" fat for the sake of keeping them out of trouble. What about spanking? That would be left for a certain Count Spankulot, who happens to enjoy spanking other children as much as normal vampires like to steal blood from people, hence his name being a corruption on the phrase "spank you a lot".

    I also have noticed that the main five children happen to have accents based on their ethnicities. Numbuh 1 happens to be British while Numbuh 2 happens to be American. Wouldn't Numbuh 3 happen to be Japanese? Or would Numbuh 4 be an Aussie? Lastly, I see quite a nice hint of African American on Numbuh 5.

    Well, looks like it's time to close the case on this show, with a nice 20 points on it. Inspector Marc out!
  • Its a lame Bond knockoff

    I dont really get why the humans take sides mainly by age. It was not that thrilling and I personally think it was overratted. It feels like James Bond only with the weapons violence dumbed down and the plots and missions are stupider. This is defenently a fail.
  • ahhh memories of being a kid

    Its just... I don't know it just works for me.
  • Overrated Pile Of Garbage

    OK, so what's the plot of this show? A group of children are trying to stop the world from adults, as well as prevent things that children don't like from happening. How stupid. If you think preschool shows like Dora and Barney were enough to beat your child over the head, think again. This show is jam-packed with plots that will teach children that it's OK to be lazy, stupid, fat, and spoiled. There is so much that is wrong with this show- it is nearly as unwatchable as My Life As A Teenage Robot. The animation is terrible, the characters all DESERVE to be attacked by the villains of this show, and the overall plot is just F---ING STUPID AND INEPT! No real child is this sick in the mind like the characters in this show. Please, don't watch this show. It is a horrendous and miserable pile of sh--!
  • Loved this.

    One of the best cartoons, CARTOON NETWORK HAS EVER AIRED!
  • Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows

    This Cartoonetwork is In my top 10 best because All the action Like I said in my other cartoonetwork show reviews I love Action Packed Cartoons and this is about kids This was a close second from not being interestiing for me Because if they gunz and weapons they used in this show were high tech it would be less realistic to me because how can some kids gets some stuff like that but they didnt they made there own weapons with things more in a childs grip and I really loved and it's really shows like these that cartoonetwork can't produce anymore Thank You Tom Warburton
  • A.W.E.S.O.M.E (A Wonderful Enjoyable Series Of Memorable Episodes)

    This Series was no doubt a childhood Favorite of mine and even as a Young Adult I still love this Show! My Favorite Character has got to be Number 1, cause he is so Determined and Hardworking, even if he has a Temper and rushes his Team, he still cares about them and that is what I like about him. I also like #2, #4 and #5, but #3 I really don't like, cause I think she is annoying and a big Crybaby, and the Villains are Great aswell, such as the common cold, sticky beard, Mr. Boss and the Toiletnator! Toiletnator is so Pathetic yet so Funny! XD

    Now for the Good, the Bad and the Funny:

    The Good:-

    - All of the Machines have their own code names of some computer talking about how it works (You know what I'm talkin about) ;)

    - Each Episode Name has it's own Side scrolling Sentence

    - Each Character has a fair amount of episodes about them (Even #3) -_-

    - The Characters have their own Occupations: (#1- Leader) (#2- Pilot / Mechanic) (#3- Radar / Assistant) (#4- Strong-Willed Fighter) (#5- Second-in-Command)

    The Bad:-

    - The Teens are always so Fucking Evil and Ruthless! (I hate that)

    - Their Boogers are used for Registration and Identification! (That's Gross)

    - The Adults never remembering about their Childhood with the KND (Like #1s Father)

    The Funny:-

    - The Characters seem to have their Eyes always covered: (#1- Sunglasses) (#2- Goggles) (#3- Mostly Closing her Eyes) (#4 Hair Blocking) (#5- Hat Blocking)

    - The Delightful Children from Down the lane are always together; even in the Bathroom, Going to Sleep or just talking all together like they have one mind.

    - Half of the Adults in the show have Goofy Voices.

    Is it recommended for all ages?! Most Diffidently! Is it Memorable?! Yes! Is it Funny?! You'd better Believe it! So Overall, This Show is Great but has it's flaws every now and then!

  • C.L.A.S.S.I.C Creative Lovable And Super Sweet Ingenious Cartoon

    Kids, adults, and teenagers have to deal with a lot in the world. Kids have to deal with school, older siblings, and other things that hinder their fun. Teens deal with younger siblings, and their constant bothering. Adults have to deal with kids, and maintain them. Now imagine a show that took everyone of those, and put them into a TV cartoon, and you have Codename: Kids Next Door. The show is about an organization of kids fighting adult tyranny in the world, and making it a world where kids can rule. What I love so much about this show is how they parody everything a kid, teen, or adult does in their lives. A convenient parking lot has a teen hangout under it, a tree house being a kids headquarters, adults making a kids meal that is literally a kid on a bun, and so on. The show does a wonderful job parodying what everyone of all ages do in their lives or characteristics. Speaking of the characters they are all great. Everyone is given great background stories, and some like Father are shocking. The episodes are very creative, and interesting like the origin of adults, the ice cream lost flavor, and the point. Each episode has a great amount of humor, but it can get a little gross with the boogers, but it's a kids show after all. I was sad that this show ended, but it ended on a high note, and will go down as a classic forever. Kids Next Door is easily of the funniest, and most creative shows to ever air, and is a must see no matter how old you are.
  • Still Obsessed.

    This show was the most watched show of my youth. i am now 15 and still obsessed with Knightbrace . i speak with a lisp despite not having braces. i made my own retainer even though i did not need one to complete my villain costume. Knightbracina is my villain name and i am leader of a group of villains. I even made a figurine of Knightbrace from scratch using bendaroos. It doesn't get more creepy and/or dedicated than that.
  • A Cartoon Network classic

    I loved this show when I was a kid, and I definitely still do. It has one of the greatest atmospheres I've ever seen in a TV show, I remember people asking me "if you could make life into any cartoon or vidya game, what would you be?" Definitely KND.
  • Not bad. Wasn't my favorite, but I could enjoy it when it was on.

  • Nice One

    I may be a teenanger and this show could make teens look as the worse, but I can't help it: I loved this show. And come on, at least admit the last episode was awesome. Anyone who likes kids just must like this show.
  • Classic.

    Yeah, this show gets mixed scores from reviewers because of its kids that revolve against adults which isn't right, but for those who likes some ironic or unique storylines, this is a must.

    Plot: This show tells that kids originated 1st before adults. They made adults, but all of their creation got mad when the adults felt overworked. The adults revolted against kids, the kids lost the revolution. So they retreated to the moon. But the adults and kids felt an incompleteness in their life; the adults can't have any help and are getting tired, kids can't get what they want. So they made a treaty. But the treaty didn't lasted for long! and another war lives on! This is quite smart actually, as it makes some references to the ecosystem.

    Characters: The characters are good, voicing is good, expect it to be a little annoying because they're kids! Not much of a back story but good. Animations are also great.

    Humor: It's also good, some innuendos, some are produced by the animations.

    Art: A little simplistic but great!

    Overall: 9. It's a must for those who have a cryptic and ironic sense of thinking.
  • Very original and very clever

    I really enjoy this show because it is a piece of satire of the life of a kid. ( Although it can also parody the life of an adult and a teenager as well.) I also feel that the characters are like able and can be very funny in their own right. Also, the voices of the characters greatly suit them for it would be very difficult to imagine anyone else doing the voices of these characters. I really miss this show but even with that being said I found the last episode to be a nice ending to this series. I highly recommend that you watch this show, it may seem a little childish but it actually very funny!
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