Codename: Kids Next Door

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)





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  • C.L.A.S.S.I.C Creative Lovable And Super Sweet Ingenious Cartoon

    Kids, adults, and teenagers have to deal with a lot in the world. Kids have to deal with school, older siblings, and other things that hinder their fun. Teens deal with younger siblings, and their constant bothering. Adults have to deal with kids, and maintain them. Now imagine a show that took everyone of those, and put them into a TV cartoon, and you have Codename: Kids Next Door. The show is about an organization of kids fighting adult tyranny in the world, and making it a world where kids can rule. What I love so much about this show is how they parody everything a kid, teen, or adult does in their lives. A convenient parking lot has a teen hangout under it, a tree house being a kids headquarters, adults making a kids meal that is literally a kid on a bun, and so on. The show does a wonderful job parodying what everyone of all ages do in their lives or characteristics. Speaking of the characters they are all great. Everyone is given great background stories, and some like Father are shocking. The episodes are very creative, and interesting like the origin of adults, the ice cream lost flavor, and the point. Each episode has a great amount of humor, but it can get a little gross with the boogers, but it's a kids show after all. I was sad that this show ended, but it ended on a high note, and will go down as a classic forever. Kids Next Door is easily of the funniest, and most creative shows to ever air, and is a must see no matter how old you are.