Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 6 Episode 14

The Grim Adventures of the KND

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Cartoon Network's first crossover.

    The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door was the Cartoon Network's first crossover, and I have a funny feeling that it is not going to be its last. I found it to be an excellent show, and it was good to see Mandy finally meeting her match. It was a real scream when Numbuh 1 was constantly mistaken for Billy, and Mandy poses as him in order to take over the organization and then the world. Only a moron would mistake her for Nigel, and there are a lot of morons out there. I hope this inspires the Cartoon Network to produce more crossovers soon.
  • Stupid episode

    Okay, first of all. The plot is stupid, they are trying too hard to be funny and the two shows fusing in one episode is plain unoriginal. Okay, first the plot. Ripping of the lucky pants. wow. sounds so interesting. Not! Okay, it is seriously stupid. I mean yea its a lucky pants so what? If it's immune to mustard, god knows what than why did it tear because of grim's stupif toy?
    The comedy? Lame. Man, this is as bad as Hannah Montana jokes. the jokes were predictable. And people called Jimmy Timmy Power Hour lame. I think you've gotta check you brains people. one lame joke:
    Mandy: I wanted a new look
    Numbuh 3: Oh yea? Well, i didnt like the old one anyway
    and this is not even the lamest joke i've heard in this episode.
    Two shows fusing into one episode is completely unoriginal. I mean like they make good shows like Jimmy Timmy power hour and those Lilo and Stitch casts meeting from other disney shows look bad. Sure, the fusing thing i think strted of with Flinstone and the Jetsons. But Jimmy Timmy renewed it and everyone went 'I want to fuse to shows together!'
    Worst episode ever!
  • Operation: O.H.M.Y.G.O.D.T.H.A.T.W.A.S.G.R.E.A.T. "Ominously Hilarious Movie Yells Greatness On Delighted Televisions Here As That Was Absolutely Stupendously Genuinely Really Entertaining All Together".

    Ah, the titans have clashed in this one. And they clashed excellently. Honestly, aside from the Justice League and Marvel Vs. Capcom, this crossover was just amazing and stood out beyond expectations. IMHO I have always considered the TGAoB&M and KND the BEST Shows on the Network to this very day. None of the new ones could ever compete...yet. But still, sometimes when two great things come together, it would possibly fail. But this didn't, the crossover was able to keep everything that makes their respective shows. The compelling KND action combined with B&M's side-splitting, sorta "rated T for Teen" humor was put together in such a way as if they put the shows in a blender and...uh...made a really delicious crossover...shake...yeaaaaaaaaah. Anyway, seeing all the characters meet each other, clashing personalities, and the unlikely team ups just made this show just as great as Operation Zero despite its half-hour runtime. Congratulations Mr. Warburton and Maxwell Atoms, you two are geniuses who will sadly be missed.

  • Billy breaks his dad's lucky pants and asks the Kids Next Door for help...

    First things first, I totally love crossovers (I've seen Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator and the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. I also have enjoyed both Super SMASH Bros games and the first Kingdom Hearts) so when I heard about The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door, I got interested!
    I at first had trouble getting the episode (living in Sweden, the episodes usually air months after it's shown in the US... and we always have to stick with horrible dubs!) but then I found a link to it and watched it!
    Both are really cool shows, so I was certain I'd like it, and I did! The jokes are clever and the script's awesome!
  • The Codename Kids Next Door's worst enemy might just be someone who's Not an adult, but a kid just like them! :D

    The K.N.D. get a call from a kid in Endsville for help. Normally, they stay away from that city as they know a bunch of weird things happen there. But they don't ignore a kid's call for help. Unfortunately the kid this time is Billy, and he winds up getting the K.N.D. into a most excruciating problem, more difficult than any other they've had to overcome before! The K.N.D. are supposed to just remove a scythe from the Lucky Pants of Billy's Dad which Billy is wearing while Nigel Uno stays in Billy's place. Unfortunately, Mandy discovers and tortures Nigel while the other K.N.D. must stop a new plot of the Delightful Children From Down the Lane. The K.N.D. must stop from the Delightfuls from using a newly improved Delightfulization Chamber that can turn normal kids into creepy kids! But Billy's stupidity complicates matters! Billy shoves himself and the Delightfuls into the Chamber! And the powerful mixing of Grim's scythe and the Chamber's technology merges the Delightful's and Billy as never before! They become the Delightful Reaper, a being bent on forcing all kids into its being! Needless to say, the K.N.D. could really use Nigel's help now. Unfortunately, Mandy has Literally had him all tied up and decides to go to the Moon headquarters in his stead, bent on world domination! Fortunately, Grim finds Nigel and frees him. When he learns that someone's stolen his scythe (again!) Grim isn't going to take it laying down! Nigel and Grim make an unlikely team-up to track and stop the Delightful Reaper! But the bigger problem might be Mandy, who's going mad(der) with power! She imprisons Numbah's 5 and 362 on false beliefs, and forces everyone to wear her hair (figuratively.) But when she learns of the Delightful Reaper's threat to her goals, she somehow knows Billy is involved. A knockdown fight between the Mandroid and the Reaper begins. At first the fight is even, then it occurs to Mandy: why fight when she can merge? So she does, but Grim and Nigel are determined to stop her! And they will! 8)
  • Wrath of the Spider Queen wasn't too good ... Boogey Adventure was awesome ... Operation Zero was alright ... crossovers are usually lame ... but I liked this one!

    As a crossover between Billy and Mandy and the KND, I thought this crossover was going to suck ... because usually, crossovers aren't too good. I was also expecting it to be longer, but it was only 30 minutes. However, it was a good crossover. There were many returning funny characters, like Fred Fredburger and shows that Endsville and the town the KND lives are right next to each other. I wonder if the Eds ACTUALLY helped the KND out ... that would of been cool ... I'm gonna try to write this out ...

    Eddy: Hello ... you need help? YOU'RE BROKE!!!
    (Billy finds a quarter on the floor)
    Eddy: Uh ... hello again ... oh yes ... you ... WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!! You have a quarter? Great! Come to our house immedietly!
    (Billy goes to the Eds' house)
    Billy: Please help me with my lucky pants!
    Ed: Okey dokey smokey!
    (Ed tries to take them off but instead has them on)
    Ed: Uh guys! I'm stuck inside these lucky pants!
    Eddy: Hmm ... I wonder if that golden paint will work ...
    (Eddy tries to run, but can't find the golden paint)
    (Then Eddy runs to Courage)
    Courage: Uh ... hello?
    Eddy: AAH!!!
    Courage: AAAH!!!
    Eddy: What are you doing here dog?
    Courage: I dunno ...
    (Courage comes with Eddy)

    Hmm ... that's just a script I just thought ...
  • Best Crossover EVER!!!!

    WARNING: Contains Spoilers
    I've been very exited to see this ever since I read that it was going to be made. I never thought CN would actually make a crossover as exiting as their 'Cartoon Network Invaded' mini series but when I saw this, I was very wrong. This was alot more exiting then I expected it to be. This crossover had more exiting crossover things then just the GAoBaM gang meeting the KND gang, it also fetured the Eds in one part in the beggining of the episode. I was very exited when I saw that part and it was funny too then when the KND first appeared, Billy expected it to be the Powerpuff Girls. XD It was also funny when Fred Fred Burger was on TV and he described shows that he liked which obviosly where 'Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends', 'Camp Lazlo' and (if I remember correctly) 'My Gym Partner's a Monkey'. The way the enemies where in the crossover was done very well and it cracked me up when the giant Grim was destroyed where all the charactors come flying right out and you see the Powerpuff Girls breifly and I think the Eds where there too (I think I saw Eddy) and it was funny when Mandy said "And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you medeling Kids Next Door!". That was a hilarious way to end the crossover episode! Wait, the special stuff isn't over yet! During the credit sequence, it shows pics of some Cartoon Cartoons (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, the Eds, KND and Grim and Evil) and some fake Cartoon Cartoons (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Samurai Jack, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Camp Lazlo and Class of 3000) merged. I'm very pleased that Cartoon Network added in some stuff for their older shows (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack) in even though those shows aren't running anymore. I'm glad that CN still do some stuff for the fans of their older shows.
  • Much better then I expected.

    After the Timmy/Jimmy Power Hours, I was turned off cartoon crossovers. But this one was funny, and not ha ha funny, but rolling on the floor funny. I loved the EEnE cameo in the beginning LOL, and when Billy opened the door and said "Hey, You're not the Powerpuff Girls" I about died laughing. Nothing in this episode sucked, and it was 1,000,000 times better then the stupid Timmy/Jimmy power Hours, those plain sucked. I mean come on, different universes? OMG. Not only was this crossover super funny, it made sense. And during the credits, they had other funny crossovers such as My Gym Partner's a Mandark, and Samari Mac. Best. Crossover. Ever.
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