Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 6 Episode 14

The Grim Adventures of the KND

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Operation: O.H.M.Y.G.O.D.T.H.A.T.W.A.S.G.R.E.A.T. "Ominously Hilarious Movie Yells Greatness On Delighted Televisions Here As That Was Absolutely Stupendously Genuinely Really Entertaining All Together".

    Ah, the titans have clashed in this one. And they clashed excellently. Honestly, aside from the Justice League and Marvel Vs. Capcom, this crossover was just amazing and stood out beyond expectations. IMHO I have always considered the TGAoB&M and KND the BEST Shows on the Network to this very day. None of the new ones could ever compete...yet. But still, sometimes when two great things come together, it would possibly fail. But this didn't, the crossover was able to keep everything that makes their respective shows. The compelling KND action combined with B&M's side-splitting, sorta "rated T for Teen" humor was put together in such a way as if they put the shows in a blender and...uh...made a really delicious crossover...shake...yeaaaaaaaaah. Anyway, seeing all the characters meet each other, clashing personalities, and the unlikely team ups just made this show just as great as Operation Zero despite its half-hour runtime. Congratulations Mr. Warburton and Maxwell Atoms, you two are geniuses who will sadly be missed.