Codename: Kids Next Door

Season 4 Episode 3

Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T. / Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I.

Full Episode: Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T. / Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I.


Full Episode Summary

Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T.: When Numbuh 4 finds a chicken nugget in a stream, there is suddenly a hunt for nuggets with other kids and KND operatives. Nugget Saloons and Bars all around. But when the Delightful children find out about this, they claim the land belongs to them and so the Nuggets belong to them too. Can the KND stop them from stealing the nuggets? Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I.: The KND trade the Toilenator to Mr. Boss in return of a KND operative that had been captured. Except the KND didn't know they were trading for Numbuh 13, a really unlucky operative, but with his help they discover the villains' plans to steal from Macaroni Arts for the Adults' Macaroni Dinner.moreless
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