Cold Blood - Season 3

Thursday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Nov 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Death of Dentist
    Episode 1
    A sleepy Pennsylvania town is rocked when a popular dentist is discovered lying in a pool of blood. Police uncover few clues but plenty of rumors. Was the motive money or passion? And can the police be relied upon to investigate one of their own?
  • 4/20/11
    The Trial of Amanda Knox from the Investigation Discovery TV show Cold Blood takes an in-depth look at the Amanda Knox case. Knox, a 22-year-old American living abroad in Italy was tried and convicted of brutally murdering British exchange student Meredith Kercher. After serving four years, Knox had her conviction overturned. This episode of Cold Blood goes back to the scene of the crime to analyze the evidence and attempt to uncover the truth.moreless
  • Deadly Inferno
    Episode 7
    Spring Hill, Florida, is rocked by a series of violent crimes. All signs point to a serial killer with a taste for elderly women and fire, but police and the FBI find little evidence to solve the case. Can investigators track down the culprit?
  • Gainesville Ripper
    Episode 6
    A serial killer is on the loose in the college town of Gainesville, Florida. And although police close in on their prime suspect, they fail to establish a forensic link and the case goes cold. But can they find the culprit before he strikes again?
  • Hollywood Homicide
    Episode 5
    A photographer from Switzerland is brutally murdered in his Los Angeles home. Blood has dripped from the ceiling, glass is everywhere, and the body of 37-year-old Roland Kuster lies face down on the floor. Can forensic science eventually solve the case?
  • Ties that Bind
    Episode 4
    Parceled into a series of plastic bags, the dismembered body Karyn Slover is found floating in an Illinois lake. An autopsy reveals she also suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head. After 2 years and no leads, can forensic science crack the case?
  • 11/2/10
    In Boston, a white couple is carjacked and shot. The husband calls 911 and describes their assailant as an African-American male. Racial tensions are high as police pin down two suspects, but is there a third suspect?
  • Murder in Modesto
    Episode 2
    A mother, Debi Whitlock, is found brutally murdered in her California home. Police discover that Debi's life was anything but peaceful. For six years Debi's mother leads a media campaign that is key to finding her daughter's killer.
  • Rotten to the Core
    Episode 9
    "Rotten to the Core", episode 9 of season 3 of the true crime series Cold Blood, originally aired 04/27/11. In an isolated orchard located in Michigan, the strangled body of an abducted 15-year old girl is found. The police have a long list of suspects, but are never able to present a solid case against any of them, and eventually the trail -and the case- goes cold. Ten years later the case is reopened by a grand jury, and the evidence is examined again. This time, investigators realize, the answers they were looking for were hidden in the evidence they already had.moreless
  • Burning Betrayal
    Episode 10
    The show stars Matthew Kelly, John Hannah, and Jemma Redgrave. The plot has remains of a college student from Brooklyn being found after she was reported missing. A list of murder suspects is created, and one of the suspects is the ex-boyfriend of the deceased. Matthew Kelly stars as an ex-serial killer helping police solve this murder mystery.moreless
  • Seven in the Cooler
    Episode 11
    Near Chicago, seven fast food workers are gunned down and their bodies left in the restaurant's walk-in freezer. With the community's residents reeling, and the media clamoring for answers, police struggle to piece together the deadly puzzle.
  • Fast Food Fatality
    Episode 13
    A McDonalds restaurant manager is murdered in a small Tennessee town and the police force goes into overdrive. But with a big list of suspects investigators are baffled and the case goes cold. Two years later, a tip brings them to Delma Ramsey's killers.
  • Date with Death
    Episode 12
    When the body of a San Diego man is found in his burned car, investigators begin a bizarre murder mystery. Many people are possible suspects, but the case goes cold. A woman makes a confession, and a tale of jealousy and cold-blooded murder is revealed.