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AIRED ON 9/20/2007

Season 7 : Episode 3

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Cold Case Files is not just a show about solving crimes and getting the bad guy. It's about dedication from police and detectives. The never give up theory of the many who want justice for the dead and peace to those who have families who are left behind with so many unanswered questions. Many of the detectives go up and beyond what is expected of them to solve a case. Sadly many of the cases go cold. Especially some older case's where modern day technology wasn't available. But the never give up attitude bring many of these case back to life as we become more advanced in our ability to solve crimes through forensics. Because of the hard work from these people, even if it takes 20 years, families finally get answers to questions that lay in the back of their minds and haunt them. Cold Case Files is not a drama or fictional show. It shows stories of real people and real cases. Some have finality to them and some still lay cold. Cold Case Files airs in the U.K. on the Biography Channel at 11:00PM (Monday-Friday).moreless

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  • Today
    • need help with my aunts cold case file


      she never get a real chance to be found. all i'm asking for is the media to run her story. she never had her story covered. PLEASE!!!! give my aunt a chance to be found!!!!! the technological now a days is way more advance then when she went missing. thank you
    • Great show.

      Good idea to get the information out there. It is sad how many Cold Cases the police really have. It is to bad you can't say, "now everyone stop murdering people so I can solve the case" :)
    • Interesting and informative

      I LOVE watching this show. I've always had a fascination with criminology (I'm in the process of getting my bachelors in Crim) and love watching and learning about criminals and how they were caught. Bill Kurtis has a great voice, and he an excellent host for the series. I always learn something watching this series and it can be quite addicting. The way the episode is presented is great because it is usually done in chronological order so it is easy to follow what happened and when. This is my favorite non-fiction crime show! If you like this show, check out MSNBC's "Lock up"!moreless
    • I really love the show, because it lets people know that they can run, they can even hide, (in some cases a very long time); but eventually you will get caught and pay the tremendous price for your crime.moreless

      You know that lady who calls herself, "JUSTICE"? She shall prevail and claim the the accusers! I know it takes a lot of investigative tools and time to open such cold cases, but when the accuser is caught, it makes it all worthwhile. It is just so gratifying to see killers being brought to justice. There are times I find myself wishing there was a way that I could contribute to solving the crimes. I live in a very small town where we have a 10-year old case of a missing man. It's as though he just vanished off the face of the earth, car and all. Leaving behind a very young daughter who he so truly adored. He even had her name tattooed on his arm. Nothing has ever been recovered. I just have such high hopes of this cold case being solved in my little town. So then it can be explained to his family, especially his daughter, who now does not even remember her father, just what happened to him. Maybe Lady, Justice will decide to show us a visit!

    • Cold case a subject near and dear to my job.Working in the forensic sciences field is sometimes rewarding sometimes perplexing. The show in general terms is fabulously put together but as in all shows of this nature sometimes biased. See reviewmoreless

      the review I speak of is of the episode concerning the Texas case the death of Sharon Reeves. I will state right now I believe the right man was convicted my problem is how. The woman was found almost dead in bed of an apparant self inflicted gunshot wound. In this particular cold case episode they showed how the woman could not have done this because she wouldnt be able to reach the trigger with her toe. but the angle of the entry wounds does not coincide with this theory.

      check my review of bodies in the bay/til death do us part. I am in no way trying to change the verdict but meerly to imply fudging the evideance to support conviction is the best way to get an OJ verdict. Look at the current case in the news the anti freeze/ suffocation of the wife made plausible by the testimony of an incarcerated cellmate who was given access to the coroners report while being interogated for 221 pages of testimony in the jail no doctuments should have been permitted in there. Though the officers say he didnt see them they where there (reasonable doubt the defense attoryney's dream) still love the showmoreless
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