Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 8

A Hitchhike to Murder/Never Forgotten

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 2001 on A&E

Episode Recap

Kathy Devine set out to visit her cousin, she put her thumb out and went for a ride with a man in a truck, This was the last time she was seen alive. The police have a suspect in mind but no real physical evidence. The case goes cold. The case is looked at again in 1986 but no results were had. It would take till 2001 for new technology to kick in and help find a killer.

10 year old Heather Coffin is awoke by a crash of a lamp. She can tell nothing more as she is murdered, she was raped and strangled in the room next to her sleeping parents. Her whole family ad friends were tested for DNA matches but to no avail. It would take .

15 years to match DNA samples and get a killer to confess.