Cold Case Files

Season 2 Episode 4

Bodies In The Bay/Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Unknown Jun 11, 1999 on A&E

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  • ther is one challenge I have for the so called forensic evidence I say this even though i beleive this mans guilt i have a major problem with his defense and the so called gun distance toe theory the angle of entry was not right

    here is my problem in detail though no one will ever see it The model Approx size of the victem held the gun in numorous positions except the one that applied to the angle of entry. 2 the women sat on a chair not the bed. Ny response to forensic evidence take a dowel rod the same length as the trigger to muzzle ratio. place it on your chest strait on mark the point where you finger reaches comfortabley with the muzzle two inches left of center then roatate the gun or stick to the right keeping it on the chest you add approximately ten inches to your allowed span this was the proper angle never shown