Cold Case Files

Season 2 Episode 2

Frozen in Time/Little Girl Lost

Aired Unknown May 28, 1999 on A&E

Episode Recap

Frozen in Time When Denise Huber got a flat back on June 3rd 1991, she pulled over to the side of the road like any normal person would. She had to change her tire. But in Orange County, CA that day there was nothing normal about anything that happened. Frantic about her whereabouts family and friends search for her. She was nowhere to be found. The case goes cold. In Yavapai, Arizona stubble across a freezer. When it was opened, the remains of Denise were found. They search the property where the freezer was found. Inside there was an abundant amount of clues which pointed to the suspect. Now the police have to piece all this together and re-trace the activities and movements of the cold case killer. Little Girl Lost Winters come early in Chicago. So on December 8 1999 a landlord was preparing his soil in his garden for winter. When he was digging he found more than he expected. He discovered bones in his ground. He called the police who knew this was out of their league. The call in forensic anthropologist, Dr. Clyde Snow, an expert in his field. He determined that the bones were from a child. A child who was malnourished and beaten. Guessing a time frame of death, Dr. Snow estimated the bones had been buried for at least 10 years. But could not be more precise than that. Working with the FBI the Chicago detectives worked on trying to find out more about the girl through forensics on her clothing she was wrapped in. Their findings were of a child who died sometime after 1968. Months of searching the detectives hit pay dirt. They find a family member. The tail this family member told was horrific and shocking. Finding out who the girls mother was, the detectives arrange a meeting. In their interview with the mother, she admits she had killed her daughter. However justice was never served as the mother died 2 days later.