Cold Case Files

Season 1 Episode 14

Reconstructing Murder/Fire Flicks

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 1999 on A&E

Episode Recap

On the beach in Baraboo, Wisconsin body parts were found. It appeared to be a woman who was killed about seven days earlier. What was so disturbing and horrific was that the body was dismembered with determined accuracy and a few of the body parts were skinned. The killer mostly skinned her face. Probably for making identification almost impossible. Facial reconstruction was suggested but that involves removing all the tissue from the face. Thinking that that is to risky the district attorney refuses to have that done. They are afraid to loose crutial evidence but without it the victim is unknown and the case goes cold.

Still frustrated, the detectives look out into the forensic world for help. They found a group of people working on facial reconstruction but using a new technique called rapid prototyping. They were able to reconstruct her face and finally found out who she was. The detectives find clues which leads them to the killers door. But the police would need a lot more to prove their case.

It was in the late 80's when San Mateo, California seemed to be the place to move to. Houses were going up in this quiet neighborhood left and right. Some of the people in the neighborhood didn't like this concept. One of the neighbors took matters into his own hand and began to set fire to the new million dollar houses that were being built. The arsonist left hand written notes saying "Neighbors revolt! No more homes" Even though the police kept trying the case remains unsolved.