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  • More newer shows needed

    I love the concept of the show but the only thing I would like to see more of are more current solved cases. Some newer shows. I am sure there are many more cold cases that have been solved that they could make and show instead of what seems to be the same 50 shows or so. I think this program could have a much greater viewing audience if it was updated and current. I love the way cases are shown in their solving. It is very interesting to see that. Its also great to see that some cases are never really forgotten.
  • the show shows you mystery murders, it's great.

    this is about cold cases, and it show's you murders that been solved until the solve them and the real mystery murder episodes are always compelling, and sometimes shocking, the show is great for anyone who like's murder mystery, it's a good show, and the mysteries are great too, it's a great show.
  • "The show that started it all" is their tag-line...and, indeed, I did watch this show before there was suck a thing as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation...before Katheryn Morris & CBS' Cold Case...before NCIS. So, I guess it's true.

    The show is an interesting one. If you're into real crime stories...if you're into forensic methodology...if you're into Bill Curtis, this is the show for you. It's like CSI without all the bull and drama and David Carruso taking long, long pauses and not looking at the other actor he's talking to.

    The stories truely are fascinating. I'm worried, however, that this new trend in TV will teach criminals how to get away with anything. By watching, a criminal can see the techniques used to catch all those who stole, raped, burgled and murdered before them. Be carefull out there.
  • Even when a case goes cold, it can heat up again

    Bill Kurtis hosts/narrates numerous cases across the country and a few outside about some truly baffling, serious, and usually infamous cases with all leads that dried up. Eventually folks grow consciences, new techniques/sciences/technologies are discovered/adopted, new evidence found and so on. Not only is justice found and offenders put away but innocents are rightfully declare not guilty. Still there are a few that are open/unsolved just waiting for the right person's memory to be jogged and give a call. Always facinating.
  • I can remember vividly the first time I ever watched Cold Case Files, it was the show that really got me into other crime shows and forensic shows.

    I first saw this show when I was 12 or 13 years old, around that age anyway. I was so fascianted by it and I learned a lot about solving crimes even after years of being cold.

    Although I waas young when I watched the show I still surprisingly understood most of what was happening during each case because each case was presented in a clear and concise manner.

    This show really started my love of forensics and crime and opened doors to many television shows I may never have even considered watching before then. It is a truely groundbreaking show and definitely worth watching if you love to see how real crimes have been solved before. It's not like all the glitz and glamour you see in the fictional shows like CSI, it shows crime solving for what it truly is...

    It's very cutting edge and I will never get tired or bored of watching this show. It's just too intriguing...
  • Cold Case files is a show that takes you through typically a homocide that has not yet been solved and shows how the trail heats up again and the case gets solved with some gritty detective work. Graphic yet tactful. Real cases. Real people.Real Dr

    I love the premise of this get what you pay for kinda show.
    I love trying to delve into the mind of the killer and try and figure out what drove them to it. While this show is a little less dramatic and more documentary it seems to hold my interest.
    Its captivating knowing these things happen and sometimes you're so appalled its like.
    ..."what were they thinking"
  • Good show. It's so interesting the many ways and methods they use to solve a crime.

    It's unfortunate that someone's horrible situation would capture my attention the way it does. But I think it's an informative show. God it's like impossible to get away with anything, yet people still try to. And the many years that pass until a crime is solved. It's kind of funny (not ha ha) to see how they really do forensics and compare them to the cop procedural shows.
  • Interesting and informative

    I LOVE watching this show. I've always had a fascination with criminology (I'm in the process of getting my bachelors in Crim) and love watching and learning about criminals and how they were caught. Bill Kurtis has a great voice, and he an excellent host for the series. I always learn something watching this series and it can be quite addicting. The way the episode is presented is great because it is usually done in chronological order so it is easy to follow what happened and when. This is my favorite non-fiction crime show! If you like this show, check out MSNBC's "Lock up"!
  • Cold Case Files is where all the other TV crime shows come from. It is a definite look into how crimes are solved, no matter how much time has passed.

    In Death of a Deacon, I do not understand how a jury could find Scott Harrison not guilty! Can someone please explain to me how this was done? From everything I gathered from the show, he was the man who kidnapped and killed the deacon. Carl Ditomaso is serving time for asking someone to scare the deacon only? This is a definite miscarriage of justice!!!!
  • A documentary concerning crimes gone cold. The worst is when you see a town close by yours on the screen that it really makes you pay attention.

    A documentary concerning crimes gone cold. A new lead can bring a case that has been dead for 40 years alive again. Bill Kurtis is perfect voice for this show to create a dramatic setting. The worst is when you see a town close by yours on the screen that it really makes you pay attention. If you like the process of a crime being solved and seeing criminals put behind bars, this is the show for you.
  • Great show, great acting, great writers, great production team.

    Cold Case is one of the best dramas on tv. Spare, evoking underlying emotions. The photograhy images and montages fusing past and present are beautiful. The theme of loss and redemption and accepting of life's events tugs at me every week! I would like for Katryn Morris to return to her edgy, secretive, wild hair style self of earlier seasons. I am sorry the inter-relations of the detectives has been minimized. However, the overall movement of each hour is really beautifully written. I hope this show lasts several morw seasons. You have a great acting/production team. Thank you very much!
  • I really love the show, because it lets people know that they can run, they can even hide, (in some cases a very long time); but eventually you will get caught and pay the tremendous price for your crime.

    You know that lady who calls herself, "JUSTICE"? She shall prevail and claim the the accusers! I know it takes a lot of investigative tools and time to open such cold cases, but when the accuser is caught, it makes it all worthwhile. It is just so gratifying to see killers being brought to justice. There are times I find myself wishing there was a way that I could contribute to solving the crimes. I live in a very small town where we have a 10-year old case of a missing man. It's as though he just vanished off the face of the earth, car and all. Leaving behind a very young daughter who he so truly adored. He even had her name tattooed on his arm. Nothing has ever been recovered. I just have such high hopes of this cold case being solved in my little town. So then it can be explained to his family, especially his daughter, who now does not even remember her father, just what happened to him. Maybe Lady, Justice will decide to show us a visit!

  • Cold case a subject near and dear to my job.Working in the forensic sciences field is sometimes rewarding sometimes perplexing. The show in general terms is fabulously put together but as in all shows of this nature sometimes biased. See review

    the review I speak of is of the episode concerning the Texas case the death of Sharon Reeves. I will state right now I believe the right man was convicted my problem is how. The woman was found almost dead in bed of an apparant self inflicted gunshot wound. In this particular cold case episode they showed how the woman could not have done this because she wouldnt be able to reach the trigger with her toe. but the angle of the entry wounds does not coincide with this theory.
    check my review of bodies in the bay/til death do us part. I am in no way trying to change the verdict but meerly to imply fudging the evideance to support conviction is the best way to get an OJ verdict. Look at the current case in the news the anti freeze/ suffocation of the wife made plausible by the testimony of an incarcerated cellmate who was given access to the coroners report while being interogated for 221 pages of testimony in the jail no doctuments should have been permitted in there. Though the officers say he didnt see them they where there (reasonable doubt the defense attoryney's dream) still love the show
  • need help with my aunts cold case file


    she never get a real chance to be found. all i'm asking for is the media to run her story. she never had her story covered. PLEASE!!!! give my aunt a chance to be found!!!!! the technological now a days is way more advance then when she went missing. thank you
  • Great show.

    Good idea to get the information out there. It is sad how many Cold Cases the police really have. It is to bad you can't say, "now everyone stop murdering people so I can solve the case" :)
  • It is amazing how such a small partical of something can be enough to convict someone of a crime.

    The ability to find DNA from a hair, salivia, or a speck of blood has made it much eaiser to find and convict criminals that years ago got away with a crime. The way some of these crimes have been reopened and the killer found by way of new DNA techniques should make the criminals rethink before trying to outsmart the detectives ability to find them. Some of the cases have been solved after 30 or 40 years. I think the show is an eyeopener for anyone who wants to do wrong. The chance of getting caught is greater now than ever. I love this show and think it has helped many families have closure in the death of a love one.
  • i love watching every episode that they have. Its just so addicting.

    ok everytime i see this show it just gets better and better everytime! i got to see this one episode about an african american young teen recieving life in prison for a murder of an old white woman. he kept saying that it wasnt him he was nowhere near the woman. but all the evidence pointed to him. i think it was 45 years later when this attorney got hold of the case and thought that this man was telling the truth and tried to prove his innocence. wow, she finally did. it turned out to be some other african american thug who was already imprisoned. the man was proven innocent but would not be released due to the fact that the state didnt want to retract what was already clarified as guilty. the attorney had yet another battle to do. the man said to just leave it alone that he gives up. but she said no! youre innocent and ill make the state say it and release you. finally the day came that the state did retract and pardoned him with money and respect. it was sad though cause the guy was there his entire life. by the time he was released, he was like 70 years old and ended up dying 2 years after. but after that episode i continue to watch all the interesting stories that come from this show.
  • a sort of documentary about unsolved cases including rape and murder. with loads of interviews from witnesses, detectives, criminals and more.

    This show really is faboulous. Sometimes it sends shivers down my spine it's so good. The stories are real, the plots are real, everything is real about this show, and it makes it that much better. you'd be surprised at how many men try to murder their wives instead of getting a divorce! This show has alot of insight.
  • Ever had one close to your hometown?

    Cold Case Files, is original and fascinating. This show goes down a sometimes, decades long road to find an answer. We start when the crime began maybe anywhere from 5 to 30 or 40 years ago. Then we learn that the case grows cold. Then some detective or “cold case squad” brings the old case back to life!

    Complete with interviews from victims family, investigators, lawyers and sometimes the accused. Having never lost someone to violent crime, I cannot relate directly. But I am sure that they families of the victims are grateful that their loved ones were never forgotten. And it reminds us that real crimes are not committed and solved in an hour.

    Great show could use some new episodes.
  • Cold Case should not be mistaken for a show like any other of its genre. There is nothing mundane about the show, and the choice of soundtracks immediately gives the viewer the "feel" for the period in which the episode is set.

    Cold Case has great characters and soundtracks, but it also utilizes clever irony and references to the time-frame in which each episode is set. True fans of TV, movies and music will be delighted. I've been a DJ for 21 years and I look forward to the soundtracks on each episode, which immediately transport the viewer into the '30's, '50's, '80's or whenever the decade is in which the episode happens to be set. The references to the decade aside from the soundtracks are accurate as well, from the clothes to the hairstyles to timely little things the characters say that you can miss if you don't pay attention. One feature that sets Cold Case apart from others of its genre is that it shows the main characters (not the detectives) of each episode the way they look "now" and the way they looked "then". This makes it easier for the viewer to keep up and makes the show even more interesting in that you can really feel the past as well as the present through the eyes of each character. Although the private lives and dramas of the detectives aren't made the main focus of the show, they are interestingly blended in just the right proportion. This show pays attention to detail. Expect plot twists that will keep you interested. The only thing predictable about Cold Case is that every episode is a treat.