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A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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  • Cold Case should not be mistaken for a show like any other of its genre. There is nothing mundane about the show, and the choice of soundtracks immediately gives the viewer the "feel" for the period in which the episode is set.

    Cold Case has great characters and soundtracks, but it also utilizes clever irony and references to the time-frame in which each episode is set. True fans of TV, movies and music will be delighted. I've been a DJ for 21 years and I look forward to the soundtracks on each episode, which immediately transport the viewer into the '30's, '50's, '80's or whenever the decade is in which the episode happens to be set. The references to the decade aside from the soundtracks are accurate as well, from the clothes to the hairstyles to timely little things the characters say that you can miss if you don't pay attention. One feature that sets Cold Case apart from others of its genre is that it shows the main characters (not the detectives) of each episode the way they look "now" and the way they looked "then". This makes it easier for the viewer to keep up and makes the show even more interesting in that you can really feel the past as well as the present through the eyes of each character. Although the private lives and dramas of the detectives aren't made the main focus of the show, they are interestingly blended in just the right proportion. This show pays attention to detail. Expect plot twists that will keep you interested. The only thing predictable about Cold Case is that every episode is a treat.
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