Cold Case Files

A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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  • i love watching every episode that they have. Its just so addicting.

    ok everytime i see this show it just gets better and better everytime! i got to see this one episode about an african american young teen recieving life in prison for a murder of an old white woman. he kept saying that it wasnt him he was nowhere near the woman. but all the evidence pointed to him. i think it was 45 years later when this attorney got hold of the case and thought that this man was telling the truth and tried to prove his innocence. wow, she finally did. it turned out to be some other african american thug who was already imprisoned. the man was proven innocent but would not be released due to the fact that the state didnt want to retract what was already clarified as guilty. the attorney had yet another battle to do. the man said to just leave it alone that he gives up. but she said no! youre innocent and ill make the state say it and release you. finally the day came that the state did retract and pardoned him with money and respect. it was sad though cause the guy was there his entire life. by the time he was released, he was like 70 years old and ended up dying 2 years after. but after that episode i continue to watch all the interesting stories that come from this show.