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A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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  • Cold case a subject near and dear to my job.Working in the forensic sciences field is sometimes rewarding sometimes perplexing. The show in general terms is fabulously put together but as in all shows of this nature sometimes biased. See review

    the review I speak of is of the episode concerning the Texas case the death of Sharon Reeves. I will state right now I believe the right man was convicted my problem is how. The woman was found almost dead in bed of an apparant self inflicted gunshot wound. In this particular cold case episode they showed how the woman could not have done this because she wouldnt be able to reach the trigger with her toe. but the angle of the entry wounds does not coincide with this theory.
    check my review of bodies in the bay/til death do us part. I am in no way trying to change the verdict but meerly to imply fudging the evideance to support conviction is the best way to get an OJ verdict. Look at the current case in the news the anti freeze/ suffocation of the wife made plausible by the testimony of an incarcerated cellmate who was given access to the coroners report while being interogated for 221 pages of testimony in the jail no doctuments should have been permitted in there. Though the officers say he didnt see them they where there (reasonable doubt the defense attoryney's dream) still love the show